The Damsels Game, Episode 154 Obsessions and Ethics in Games

Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. It’s been a few weeks but we are back! Break’s over and now it’s time to talk about all the games we were playing on hiatus. The Damsels do love a good game sale. Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by the Skyblock Mall Experience. The Villagers have consensually relocated for your shopping convenience. Come on down to the mall and shop!  This week’s featured shop is:

Bob’s Beautiful Banners! We have rainbow flags, flower flags, banners with your castle colors. You dream it and we will darn it. Fly your freak flag now! With a flag from Bob’s Beautiful Banners.


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, September 26th. This is our 154th show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Podcast Addict, Our Website, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: I realized that video game bread crumbs tell the story behind the story of a game. I.e. When a game engine seems very similar to a game you already like…it might not be a coincidence.  
    • Myth:  We need an !. 
    • Sahba: The chair matters.

NEWS (maybe a rumor or three) and LET’S TALK (more in-depth about some games we played than what we cover in our two-weeks in gaming) 


  • DDO PLayers News News
    • Lessah and Rent were on DDO Players News – Gen Con edition
      • My one rant – why did Drac go??? 35000 people were there, and some were unvaccinated!!!!
      • Good episode, otherwise, as usual 🙂 Here’s the link.
    • Also, DDO Players News hit 300 episodes!

Mag news

  • From PC Gamer (Nov 2021) – 
    • A War Thunder fan thought one of the tanks was inaccurate so linked classified mil docs to prove it.
    • Tech Triumph – A stainless steel footbridge, weighing 4.9 tons, across a canal in Amsterdam, has been made using 3D printers.
    • Remember that Steam Deck we talked about, the Valve handheld with SteamOS with support for Windows games?  It’s going to have a battery life of two to eight hours.  Ummm, what???
    • Highs & Lows – Thanks to S. Korea’s Shutdown Law, Minecraft now has an adults-only rating and S. Koreans need to be 19 to buy it. This only affects PC downloaders, not handheld or console.  
  • Massively OP (online, 23 Sep 21) – ranked the GW2 professions from best to worst. This is not based on “playability, damage, or meta popularity. This ranking is purely based on originality and general design concepts …”
    • Mesmer
    • Engineer
    • Revenant
    • Necromancer
    • Guardian
    • Thief
    • Warrior
    • Ranger
    • Elementalist
    • Commando
  • GameInformer – according to the readers’ section, readers want more PC games on console.  OK, the only reason I can see for this is if you don’t have a PC, right???
  • Games I think we should give a go 
    • Wildermyth (9/10 IGN; 90 PC Gamer; 5/5 Eurogamer) RPG/Adventure game
    • Halo: The Master Chief Collection ($39.99 Steam) or Halo: Infinite (Dec 8)
    • Deep Rock Galactic – FPS with mining dwarves ($29.99 Steam) 
    • Path of Exile or POE2 (Free to Play)
    • World of Warcraft (Free to level 20)
    • Destiny 2 (Free to Play)
    • STO???
  • GW2 
  • LOTRO – free quests with coupon LOTROQUESTS2021 – quests, missions, and regions – through Nov 30th.
  • Medieval Dynasty is out of early access and on sale to celebrate.  Also, Toplitz Productions, the publisher, is going to have a Wild West Dynasty sometime in 2022.
  • Phasmophobia – the ghosts are now smarter in the newest update
  • Scrap Mechanic – underground digging and exploration but only in the new location, if I’ve read the devblog correctly.  But still, digging!
  • Valheim – new mod lets you put tamed wolves to work.

Question of the show: In the GameInformer Reader Response from last month, they asked if a game has taken over their life and become an obsession, so we’ll start with that.  Has a game taken over your life and become an obsession?  

  • Before we start!  
    • RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars – I just thought I would mention that I watched and it was GREAT as usual but since Lessah didn’t watch there won’t be any chit chat about it. I just wanted to say that it has moved (yet again) to Paramount ++. As far as I know that is the only place to watch it. I suppose maybe you can pay by the episode somewhere.
    • Future man. I loved the James Cameron Episode! The show is getting a lot better. I had forgotten about Corey Hart until I heard “Never Surrender” started playing in the background. I remembered most of it! 


We built a mall! Skyblock Mall is open and ready to supply all of your shopping needs. With 3 color coded buildings connected by a lovely glass enclosed walkway. The main building is located directly over the fishing hole. It hosts Fred and Frodo’s Fabulous Fresh Fish and is the hub for the pink, purple, and magenta wings. The pink wing is the home of Martel’s Marvelous Maps, Bob’s Beautiful Banners, Patrick’s Potent Potions, and Barry and Biff’s Big Little Book Store, The purple wing contains Alex and Wick’s Wonderful Armor and Weapons, Paul’s Perfect Produce Market, Felix Fletcher’s Accurate Arrows, and Meaty Meats by Maxx. Finally, the magenta wing boasts the delicious food court as well as Manuel’s Marvelous Masonry, Tony’s Terrific Tools, and Wolfe and Arthur’s Awesome Weapons and Armor. 

While I was finishing off the mall decor, Lessah went looking for a jungle. We wanted a jungle badly. She searched high, she searched low, she searched far, she searched wide, she searched about 8000 blocks away and what she found was a flower forest. While we still wanted a jungle very very very much we also like flower forests a lot! Plus it was quite a ways away and although we had already put up 2 Nether portals we had not yet found a fortress. So what was a girl to do I ask? I’ll tell you. There was only one thing she could do, the only logical thing … she made a portal!

To add to our Bastion find, Lessah found a fortress! So we set out forging a road/path from our new portal/safehouse (the 3rd one) in the flower forest to the fortress. This has to be the longest road we have ever built in Minecraft. It’s definitely the longest one in the Nether. We have pretty much taken the danger out of traveling to the fortress. Obviously we can’t remove all danger but this path has walls on both sides and proper stairs for your up and down needs. And many many torches to chase away the darkness. Building was, however, very dangerous! So much lava! Over and under and next to but that was the easy part. The worst part was dealing with the Gast’ and even though they don’t always drop a tear, I think we managed to come home with 9. There are still some fine touches I would like to do to it but it is travelable. Safehouse to safehouse. Just in case anyone is worried, Pineleaf found a very small jungle about 10,000 blocks away and has brought back samples of trees and bamboo so we can grow our own little jungle. The following videos ponder some ethical questions about the treatment of the villagers! If you are interested in finding out about abductions, terrorization, and subjugation these videos are a must see for you.

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village part 2

Damsels and DDO Players Episode 4

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • Minecraft with DDO Players
    • We are ready to raid…a fortress. 
  • 7 Days To Die
    • Shared Server
      • So much work to do. Our new house looks SO GOOD!
      • OMG Finding these new houses is so much fun! I just love finding a place I haven’t been yet and when it’s a place we are going to fix up and live in that all the better. This new place is turning out amazing! I can’t wait until 20 comes out but I hope that doesn’t mean we have to give this up. Is that unrealistic?
  • Satisfactory
    • In Rent and my game we have found a geyser and have a geothermal electric generator. We also have jet packs. They are fun but run out of fuel quickly. I am making a train to haul liquids but soon we will be making some…..ummmm……..let’s just say I just finished making Hazmat suits for us. hahahaha
  • Mass Effect Legendary (ME1)
    • My finale with the big boss finally arrived. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE! Just an explosion of joy at the end. Really great fight with a villain that had been building since the first mission. I had gotten to know my crew and the other NPC’s that are important in the game. This is the Mass Effect Movie I have always wanted to see. 
    • But that’s not what I want to talk about…
      • Paramour achievement.
        • Three Options (Human male, female, alien female/ gender neutral) 
        • What I didn’t realize is…afterward…my character has already checked out of the relationship mentally. 
  • Mass Effect Legendary (ME2) 
    • If ME1 is Cocaine, then ME2 is straight up Heroine. I literally can’t handle how much I like, and am enjoying it. This is a game done exactly right. They made some subtle changes to combat and movement that I had to get used to, no big deal. The thing I am REALLY enjoying is interaction between characters, how much I can manipulate the story, the opportunities to just…punch people in the face. 10/10 amazing so far. Can’t express enough how much I LOVE THIS GAME. 
      • Def play ME 1 first if you have never considered these games…playing ME2 first will ruin you. It’s like…tasting a hot fudge sundae before you’ve ever learned to eat vegetables. 
    • Just today, I did the mission where I cross paths with my love interest from the previous game. I was thinking: OMG, if he shows even the slightest bit of interest in him, I will not be strong enough to resist that temptation…then he started talking and ruined it all…for himself. I remembered how paranoid he was and he accused me of being on the wrong side of an argument so I was like…thank goodness. Now I can let you go on the basis that you are ANNOYING! 
  • Remnant
    • We had issues finding the Keeper’s Sanctuary but we finally did and now I am here for it! 
      • New mobs, new bosses, whole new …world? I feel like I’m part of Stargate SG1. 
    • It reminds me a little of Hellgate: London, some Division.  
    • I really like this game! I’m looking forward to seeing what is on the other side of all of the portals!!
  • Grounded
  • DDO
  • Neverwinter and Neverwinter Nights, no thank you.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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