2/20/15 – A Tale of Two Characters: A Life and a Death

Today I’m going to talk about two characters. The first is a brand new one, played by my sister, and the second is the death of Sahba V. Yes, another Sahba is now in the PD graveyard.

I finally convinced a member of my family to give DDO a go. Finally. After nine years. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with my family, that no one plays these kind of games <G>. Anyway, the Damsels made new characters to run around with what we are calling the Baby Damsel. Hi, Aubbrie! Aubbrie wanted to play a Human Wizard. To round out the party, I’m playing a Human Favored Soul, Myth is a Halfling Bard/Rogue, and Lessah is a Half Orc Barbarian.

It’s been quite a while since I played with a totally new player and hearing things from Aubbrie’s perspective is interesting. DDO is not an easy game to get used to. There are lots of things to learn even before getting into a quest. Making a character takes a bit of explaining – feats, skill points, enhancements, spells, and how these will affect the character later. Then, once the character is made, throw everything put by default on the Number 1 hotbar out. Really, search for a level one wizard? Oh, wait, what’s a hotbar? What are all these icons on my screen? Is that short guy yelling at me? How do I move?

We were able to get through all but two of the quests on Korthos Island after two sessions. Aubbrie was able to maneuver much better the second day and I saw her throw several more spells – sometimes setting up one spell with another. I don’t think it’ll be too long before she gets the hang of it. One thing she has to learn is she’s a Wizard, not a fighter. No matter how cool it is to swing that quarterstaff, you can’t take the pummeling from Sahaugin, Aubbrie!   So begins a new life.

Which brings me to another death. My static PD group, the Red Eye, headed back to the desert this week. We were all flagged for Against the Demon Queen, the pre-raid. We took it slow, since we were on Elite. After figuring out the riddle, we headed to each section in turn. Some were much more difficult than others so we had a few deaths, but no party wipe. We felt pretty good after we were done and decided to finish Queen Lailat off with just the six of us.

Things were going well. Everyone knew what they were to do – Rent would get the gnolls when they popped, Lessah or I would try to run the Queen around, while Myth and Daash spammed magic at her and ‘Let healed us. We did have a few deaths with the spinning blades but nothing our raisers couldn’t handle. Then Lailat went into rage mode. This happens when she gets to 15-20% health and she turns into a maniac. She gains Rage, Haste, and a Mantle of Invulnerability, where all spells level four and below are negated. Before we knew it, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. All dead.

Funnily enough, we didn’t feel as bad as we usually do when we party wipe and have to reroll. We had a really fun time with these two quests and had given the raid our best shot. Lailat was probably down to 5-10% health by the time the last character died. That’s how close it was. It could have gone either way. But, back to Korthos for us.

For our next lives, we are all going to be halflings and we rolled to see what style we would play – melee, spell, or specialist. We can multiclass, but our icon has to be a class from the ‘style’ that we rolled. Lessah and Rent are going to be casters, ‘Let and Daash will be melee, and Myth and I will be specialists. Myth decided to be an artificer, so she’s going to be the trapper this time, and I think I’m going Warchanter, with a couple levels of Fighter. I want to freeze things with my melee weapons. It should be interesting – especially with Lessah as a caster <G>.

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