8/22/15 – Trials of the Archons with the Damsels

I haven’t played much lately due to a very unreliable internet. It turns out I needed a new modem, which I received just in time for the Damsels on Tuesday. As we had planned, we went to Amrath to check out the new quests. My opinion hasn’t changed – I like the quests but they are much too easy. We were five levels underlevel (Lessah and I were 25, Myth 24 and we did them on normal) and we breezed through them. Someone in the Twitch chat mentioned there weren’t enough deaths. I don’t remember any deaths but there could have been. Anyway, that ‘someone,’ and you know who you are, will be banned from our Twitch feeds from now on :P.

After finishing the flagging quests, we stepped into the raid. I’ve done it a couple of times but it was new for Myth and Lessah. I totally forgot about the ballistas so we had a couple of deaths there but were able to recover. We made it to the safe spot before the closed door, with a couple of deaths. We were again able to recover but were then ambushed as we were buffing. Ding, ding, ding. We didn’t expect to finish but it would have been nice to get through the door, so Myth and Lessah could see the next area. Maybe another time.

I’ve been enjoying the buddy extra XP weekend (10% xp bonus for each additional party member, up to 50%). There have been a lot more LFMs, with people who normally solo joining or leading groups. Good idea, Turbine. Don’t listen to the naysayers. It’s a good thing.

That’s about all I’ve done. I’m still trying to get back into things, since I was gone for almost two weeks. Two very long weeks with little to no DDO. That’s Not a good thing.

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