7/30/15 – Trials of the Archons

It’s been three days since the new adventure pack, Trials of the Archons, came out and I was finally able to run the raid. I had flagged the first day, as there were many groups running the flagging quests, from normal to elite. Having read on the forums the quests were easy, I joined an elite PUG. Well, our group didn’t find the quests easy. There were many deaths but we did complete so I guess maybe elite was too easy. I think it should take a bit more, on elite, to complete. Perhaps a chance at party wipe. I can imagine those really good at the game Would find elite easy.

For the next three days, I watched the LFMs and my chat channels for raid groups and there was nothing. Anyway, today was the day. As most of us hadn’t run the quest before, and those that did said lag was horrific on hard and worse than that on elite, we ran it on normal.

I’m not really sure what most people were doing, as a warlock and I were assigned the job of defeating the reinforcements in the north. I imagine the waves are faster on higher difficulty levels so for normal, and learning the raid, I guess the pace was ok. Although, at one point, the warlock and I did get a bit cocky. He took a nap and I danced over his supine body. Of course, that’s when another wave of reinforcements came through the portal. Not a problem, with warlock around and before I knew it we were headed to the last fight.

I like the new pack. The quests and raid are a bit short but they absolutely have the Shavarath feel to them. I’m looking forward to a slow exploration of the quests with Mythery and Lessah. It should be fun smile.

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