7/06/15 – Sydneyy, on her way back to completionist

Syd is my completionist character. Or she was, until Warlock came out. At the release of U26 – Warlock’s Legacy, Syd was 17, on her way to getting her first Iconic (PDK) life. I mostly soloed her to 17 since I wasn’t in a hurry. That changed with Warlocks. I wanted to get Syd to 28 fast, so I could immediately TR. That meant either getting a little help from my friends or pugging.

I texted Myth and Lessah, checked with guildies, and nothing. No help from my friends so I went pugging. It’s been a while since I’ve pugged this much (just me, no other guildies; guildies and I usually put up LFMs to fill groups) and it was great. I quickly got Syd to 20, even more quickly to 25, and 25-27 seems a blur. (Thanks, Blade, for running the Eveningstar Challenges last night – we five starred all six challenges, under Blade’s leadership.)

Today, I just needed to run Impossible Demands and Von 3 on hard to get to 27. I soloed them and that’s when I noticed my 16 paladin, 4 fighter didn’t work as well as I thought she should. I completed and didn’t worry about damage too much but I thought things took much too long. Impossible Demands, for example, took me over 10 mins on EH. So, after Von 3, I texted the Paladin Guru, Lessah. I’ve mentioned this before but it is worth repeating. Lessah played Paladins before any kind of ‘fix’ to them and she was great. If everyone had followed the “Lessah Path for Paladins,” no one would have thought they needed a ‘fix.’

Anyway, Lessah is always willing to help with Paladin questions so we get on Skype and she talks me through everything I did wrong. As I’m messing around with enhancements and destiny points (I’m in Unyielding Sentinel at the moment), Lessah, besides telling me why this or that is good or bad, runs Impossible Demands on EH. During it, she has a phone call and answers questions from me and still completes in just over four minutes.

As soon as we get off Skype, I take Syd back to Impossible Demands. This time, on EH, I complete in 3m29s. So much better and I think could be better still if the boss fight didn’t happen in a slow trap smile.

Thanks, Lessah! The next time I play a Paladin, I’ll ask for help at the beginning rather than the end of her life hi.


Added 7/7/2015

Last night, I was able to get Syd to level cap by running slayers in the Orchard.  I was very excited and played around with Syd’s inventory quite a bit, getting ready to be level 1 again.  I emptied out her TR cache, sold things I hadn’t used for many lives, moved things to her bank storage, used a jeweler’s kit to extract her Master’s Gift from her epic level ring – that kind of thing.  I double checked that I had enough heart seeds and tokens of the twelve, bought my hearts of wood, and headed to the Life Shaper in the Hall of Heroes, all ready to start Syd’s Warlock life.  Except … I used an Epic Heart of Wood instead of an Iconic True Heart of Wood and went to 20, not 1!  What a colossal mistake.  Now I have to get Syd back up to 28 and then, hopefully, I’ll remember to use the Iconic True heart of Wood.  Having another epic past life isn’t a bad thing but I was really looking forward to Warlock.  Grrr.


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