5/20/15 – Heroic Orchard with the Damsels

I haven’t been able to play much lately, due to RL things intruding on my gameplay. Oh, to be a lady of leisure, like my fellow Damsels smile.

I was able to epic TR Maraa (16 monk, 4 fighter). I keep switching her class numbers, but always keep her as mostly monk. She’s been pure, a monk/pally, a monk/pally/fighter, and now a monk/fighter. Something just doesn’t feel right when she’s not a pure monk, although I really like the extra feats I get with fighter levels. I’m going to keep her at 16/4 for a couple of epic TRs and see how I like it. If I don’t, back to heroic TR and pure, again.

As I usually do when I epic TR, I started with the Lords of Dust and continued that chain, with a little side trip to Von 3. So far, so good. Nothing stands out as exceptionally good or bad.

Sahba is now level 27, just 1.2 million to 28 smile. If I can, I would like to epic TR her and get her back to 23, just in time to play with the Damsels. I think we have epic TRs scheduled for June 16. Plenty of time.

Last night, the Damsels and guest Mari finished up the Orchard quests. We started off with Ghosts of Perdition. Cholthutzz was a challenge, as we expected him to be. We were at the third wave, with his health down to about 25%, when things happened quickly, and not in a good way. Sahba’s Con went to zero, as did Lessah’s. Before long we were a pile of stones. We reentered and completed, but it took lots of Restoration spells to do it. It’s a tough end fight, whether on heroic or epic.

After Ghosts, we headed over to Inferno of the Damned. I don’t know the quest well enough to lead. I’m Very good at following someone. Our guide this time was Mari. She did a fantastic job (later I found out her directions can be found on the DDO Wiki – as usual, a great reference source of all things DDO) and, with very few mishaps (Lessah, when we say hold off on hitting a portal, that doesn’t mean run away from the portal smile), we completed.  Probably the smoothest run I’ve done with the Damsels. Thanks, Mari!

Now Sahba and the Damsels have done all the quests to flag for Litany of the Dead but we still need several more sigil pieces. Unfortunately, Sahba still needs the left frame so we’ll have to go back to Ghosts. Maybe she can survive on Casual smile.

See you next time!

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