5/10/15 – My First Mark of Death Completion

It’s taken a while but I finally finished the Mark of Death. I had entered the quest twice before. The first was with Mythery and Lessah, just to check it out. The second time, I joined a pug and the leader didn’t quite explain things so we had a party wipe.

This time, I ran with the Bringers of Darkness, on Argonnessen. They usually run the quest at least three times. I was ready as I had two raid bypass timers from daily dice rolls. Before the group formed, I was given a gist of what to expect. Honestly, it sounded like I was going to be a soul stone for most of the night. “Stay out of the pool or you will die.” “When Vol casts her Zones of Death, avoid the blue clouds or you will die.” “If you aren’t at the edge of the platform with deathblock when Vol casts her Mark of Death, you will die.”  Ok, it probably wasn’t explained quite like that but that’s what I heard – die, die, die smile.

Once we entered, I was given trash duty. The first run went very smoothly. I ran around assassinating anything that wasn’t CC’d. Before I knew it, we had killed the Abbott and I was awarded eight tapestry shreds in the chest.

The second and third runs didn’t go as smoothly for me. Somehow, I got the Abbott’s aggro both runs. I didn’t do anything to him. I swear. He started throwing spells at me, which I ran away from. I guess he didn’t like that because the next thing I knew, I was encased in stone. I let others know but whoever was getting the boulders didn’t have them yet and I slowly was crushed to death. Or suffocated. I’m not sure which.

Between the three runs, I received 22 masterwork tapestry shreds and no named items. At least I’ll have something to look forward to after my 20th run.

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