4/08/15 – The Temple of Elemental Evil, Parts 1 and 2

I haven’t played this module in PnP so had no expectations about the module itself; however, based on what Turbine did with The Haunted Halls, I had hoped it’d have more of a classic dungeon crawl feeling to it. I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve played heroic, with Mythery and Lessah, and epic, solo with my thrower, Caaryn.

Thinking about it a week later, this really reminds me of the old Wizardry games (my favorite is Bane of the Cosmic Forge), in which you didn’t know what you were going to see in the next room. There’s an overall goal to the adventuring, but you still explored each and every room just because they were there. TOEE is the same.

In heroic, Myth, Lessah, and I took three hours to explore part 1. I think we hit every nook and cranny but I’m not really sure. The place is huge, with several levels and portals, so we could have missed something. Well, we had to have missed something because I didn’t get all of Wil Wheaton’s orbs. Speaking of which, how cool was that – Wil Wheaton as the DM!!! I think he did a fantastic job. Thanks, Wil!

Back to Part 1. The four elemental areas were cool and I liked the end room, with the elementals divided into four areas. After we killed the four elementals, Falrinth called a Bebelith (I think that’s what it was) to take care of us. It was hilarious. For whatever reason, it really liked Lessah. It chased her all over the room, with me trailing after it, trying to hit it with my sword. Falrinth wasn’t too difficult after chasing the Bebelith all over.

In epic, I was able to get Caaryn through part 1, still exploring, in 68 mins. I learned a few things from the heroic version (get the elementals out of their areas in the last room) and that made things easier. I still didn’t find all the orbs. I guess a slow crawl is in order <G>.

Part 2, heroic, with Myth and Lessah went really fast. We had the dungeon alert in the two quarters to the right and left. Lessah ‘accidentally’ opened the left door before we were through with the right and the next thing I knew, she was being chased by a mob <G>.

Our goal was to find the Earth Node Portal Gem in the Water Node. It turns out, you can go right to the end fight without going to all the nodes. We didn’t realize this and wound up at the end fight without exploring everything. The end fight – wow. That was fantastic. We ran it before the patch, where Zuggtmoy’s AoE was doing epic damage. Due to this, we died a couple of times but were able to finish. It was fantastic.

In the epic version, I ran Caaryn through all four nodes, thinking it might help in the end fight. It didn’t. Zuggy hit Caaryn will all kinds of AoEs. I died, but I used a cake (I had brought several, just in case) but, after that, once I saw the sheltering mushroom pop, I immediately ran to it. I didn’t see any cleansing mushrooms. Then it was just a matter of killing the trash, cowering under a mushroom, and throwing shurikens as fast as I could.

I received, in chests and as end rewards some interesting loot. For heroic, the upgradable melee weapons have an elemental type. I think these will be great for heroic leveling. I’m not sure about the caster items. There are also named items that are not upgradable. I have a quarterstaff user that would really like – The Elemental Bloom. It has lesser elemental bane, bodyfeeder, paralyzing, bewildering, a purple augment slot, and mythic weapon boost +2. Pretty nice for heroic leveling.

For epics, Sahba would like the Assassin’s Kiss – Improved deception, purple augment, greater dispelling, and Assassination +6 (a couple of other things, as well). As far as I know, it’s the only item/weapon with assassination +6. Awesome!

For those that don’t have Thunderforged weapons and items, I think these are pretty nice.

If you haven’t tried The Temple of Elemental Evil, I encourage you to do so. It was fantastic fun and I know I will run it many more times – some zerging and some exploring, depending on my mood. Plus, I need to collect some mushrooms to upgrade my items.

See you next time!

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