4/29/15 – The Month of Elemental Evil: Earth Week

It’s week three in the Month of Elemental Evil and that brings double Commendations of Valor and a double Mysterious Remnant boost. I appreciate both but they haven’t been my focus in play this week. Monday brought some tweaking to the rogue enhancements. I’ve been going through all my rogues, to see if I wanted to make any changes based on the new enhancement trees.

For Sahba, my level 22 Assassin, I think she’s going to just stay int-based for now. I’m going to epic tr her several more times so will play a dex-based assassin next life and see which I like better. At 22, with some not-so-great gear, I think Sahba is doing OK. I have her running in Fury of the Wild, because I want to max out primal karma.

Today, I ran the Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overlord, at level, so EH, and she was able to sneak attack (she has 20d6+3 sneak attack) for 2,000+ several times. In Lords of Dust, she did 4,619 points of sneak attack piece damage against Marideth.

As a halfling, I have Sahba using the Halfling (14 pts), Assassin (41 pts), Harper Agent (22 pts), and Thief-Acrobat (3 pts) enhancement trees. She has some situational weapons but she mainly uses the Sacrificial Dagger and the Polycurse Dagger.

My one concern is mana. I did run out during Lords of Dust and had to use the shrine. I guess Wizardry VI is just not enough smile.

Maarajaade, my BF Rogue/Pally/Monk will need a total revamp but I’m not really too worried about her. I’m just trying to get the BF iconic past life. Once she gets to 28, I’ll immediately iconic TR her. With her current build, I don’t really worry about healing or defense, as she has plenty due to her paladin levels.

When I get her back to a halfling, she’ll be a thief-acrobat/henshin mystic build, as she was her first few lives. I’m excited to check out all the new goodies in the thief-acrobat tree so I may have to play her more. Plus, I have her old halfling build on my hard drive and I’m curious to see how different she’ll be with the revamp.

I redid the enhancements on Caaryn, my halfling thrower build, to check out the changes to the Mechanic tree. I ran her through an epic hard TOEE, to see if she could sneak through things and survive. It was fun. There were a few places I had to fight – like coming out of a portal with mobs on the other side. If there’s a trick to that, I don’t know it. My invisibility and sneak are removed as I travel through the portal.

I did get a devious (I think that’s what the bonus was, but I can’t find it on the wiki) bonus in part 2 (57 total kills) but not part 1 (53 total kills should have qualified for a bonus but I didn’t get one). I didn’t expect to find anything useful for Caaryn, in chests or as an end reward, but I hoped to find the Assassin’s Kiss for Sahba or the Elemental Bloom for Maarajaade. No such luck.

So what do I think about the changes? I’m not sure. I really didn’t think my rogue builds needed a revamp. They were always able to handle their own in EE groups but not so much solo EE on the higher level quests. I do think patch 2 is better, as things seem more focused. For example, making Lethality for one-handed weapons only and 20% doublestrike in Cartwheel Charge for quarterstaves only.

I like that each tree focuses on a different weapon style – ranged in mechanic, quarterstaff in thief-acrobat, one-handed weapons in assassin. I also like that ‘powerful’ items are not given away at low levels – again Lethality and Cartwheel Charge both requiring level 18 rogue.

I’ve always thought it should be a difficult decision, when making a character, to choose between pure and multiclass. What will I give up by not staying pure? What will I gain by multiclassing? Am I willing to do that? And the decision should be tough enough that for some, staying pure will be the better option, for others it will be multiclassing. I think for the Rogue revamp, they did a pretty good job of this. I’m already planning both pure and multiclassed mechanic and thief-acrobat builds (I prefer my assassins to be pure) and I think both will be equally viable.

::Begin rant:: I’ve also always thought a multiclass should never be as good at one thing as a pure. It just doesn’t make sense that someone who focuses all their time at something should only do it as well as someone else that spends just part of their time doing that same thing. Just ask Myth. I’ve said over and over that a splash rogue should NEVER be able to handle traps as well as a pure rogue. That goes for other specialties as well. A fighter/cleric should not be able to heal as well as a pure cleric. Etc, etc, etc. ::End rant::smile.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for reading and have fun questing!

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