4/21/15 – The Month of Elemental Evil: Air Week

It’s Air Week, in the Month of Elemental Evil. Adventurers will receive an extra 30% guild renown. Also, the Degenev Brothers are back as well as the Festival of the Traveler.

I took advantage of the extra XP from Fire Week to get Marabarb to 27. It’s her first life, so her epic destinies are barely started, although I was able to cap one in the primal sphere so she could take Perfect Two-Handed Fighting at level 26. I’ve mostly been soloing with Marabarb from 25-27.  She does a fair amount of damage but her healing is a problem. I have to take a hireling along. Part of the problem is her gear. She has a few items from the Orchard but needs more, especially the belt.

For those that know more about Barbarians, should she, as a dwarf, go strength or constitution to damage?

Last night, the Damsels played their G.I.M.P.s for the first time. Geeze, who’s idea was this? It was a lot of fun, because we have fun playing together, but were we ever underpowered. We had a guest Dandy with us, Rent, who also had a level 7 G.I.M.P. He played a 3 Bard, 2, Barbarian, 2 Fighter build. Mythery played a 3 Favored Soul, 2 Cleric, 2 Bard build. Lessah played a 4 Favored Soul, 2 Sorcerer, 1 Ranger build. I played a 4 Wizard, 2 Artificer, and 1 Bard build.

After a couple of Coin Lord Favor quests, we headed to The Legend of Two-Toed Tobias, in Three Barrel Cove. Not a difficult quest, normally, even on Heroic Elite. Ha. Not so for the G.I.M.P.s.   I guess we were too cocky, striding in as if we’d easily defeat whatever we faced. I put down some webs and then alternated between damage-dealing spells and firing my crossbow. I didn’t think I did that much damage but several times I felt I had all the aggro. I would get swarmed and down I went. Over and over and over. I tried to heal myself. Rent tried to heal me. Lessah tried to heal me. It was never enough. I think I died half a dozen times in this quest. I wasn’t the only one. I’m not sure anyone made it through unscathed. There just wasn’t enough damage dealing to take things down fast nor enough healing to go around.

Even so, we headed to Prove Your Worth next. This, even with the traps, went a little better. My arty has a terrible search (no tweak items for these characters) so even though I could spot the traps (and, yes, I spotted them before I ran into them with my face smile), I couldn’t find them. We had some deaths, but not nearly as many as in Two-Toed Tobias. I didn’t die until the very end, trying to get through the flame traps to the end room.

So, again, who’s idea was this????

With the extra guild renown, our Damsels of DDO guild is now level 3 smile.

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