3/31/15 – Sahba VI, errr VII

The last time I posted, I debated on the level split for Sahba VI. I knew I wanted her to be a Warchanter, and she had 3 Bard and 2 Fighter levels. I just didn’t know how to proceed. Well, it doesn’t matter now. Sahba VI died in STK, part 1, just before the end fight. Some big, mean, hulky thing came out of nowhere (yes, invis) and ‘ding’ Sahba VI died and Sahba VII was born!

Sahba VII has the same restrictions as VI – Halfling, specialist icon but not rogue or arty. Currently, she’s level 4, with 3 Bard and 1 Fighter levels. The rest of the Red Eye are level 6, so I still have some catching up to do, and I have a little time to decide how I want to build her.

I guess, since it’s been over a month since my last post, you could say I haven’t played much lately. Too many other things to do – binge watching Foyle’s War with my mother, getting dragged into Minecraft with Mythery and Lessah, sleeping. Work is in there somewhere.

Mythery, Lessah, and I did manage to epic/heroic TR and are working our way to Eveningstar. I think I’m going to take Sahba on the entire journey this time, instead of getting to 28 as quickly as I can. There are some quests I haven’t done in a while and it’ll be nice to revisit them.

Next week, The Temple of Elemental Evil (Update 25) comes out. Between that and taking Sahba through Eveningstar, I have a feeling Foyle’s War, Minecraft, and sleep are going to have to drop down on the priority list.

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