2/26/15 – The Red Eye Meets a Mimic

The Red Eye characters just turned five, after doing the first quest chain on Korthos and running around the Harbor, repeating some quests, but mainly doing whatever we could for Coin Lord Favor. For some in the group, that extra backpack space is a priority. You get to know the hoarders fairly early in a group. They always complain about not being able to loot a chest. Pass it to me! I need the plat hi.

Speaking of chests, it’s the mimic hunt and we had quite a bit of excitement. When the mimic attacks, it can leave an acid spell, doing damage over time (DOT), on a random character. We had several close calls and one unfortunate death. No one brought along an heirloom resurrection cake so back to Korthos for Lessah.

Most of us had level 2s or 3s in the guild, to run around with Lessah’s new level 1 sorcerer. Things were going well and then we opened the chest in Information is Key. Not only does Lessah’s character get a DOT, so does mine. Mythery, on her baby cleric, had no chance of healing us – the damage was ticking away faster than she could cast her spell. So, back to Korthos for Lessah.

What have we learned from this? If you are doing quests on elite, above your level, on a PD character, use the mimic repellant smile.

I still haven’t quite decided what I want to do with Sahba VI. Definitely a Warchanter, I like freezing our foes, but how many levels of Bard? How many of Fighter? Right now, she’s 3 Bard and 2 Fighter. Her icon, that shows in the party area, has to be from the specialist group which means Ranger, Rogue, Bard, and Artificer. Since Myth is our trapper, I don’t want to take any Rogue or Artificer levels. So, Bard/Ranger/Fighter? Bard/Fighter? Bard/Fighter/X?? I just can’t decide.

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