2/24/15 – The Harbinger of Madness with the Damsels

The Damsels finished up the Harbinger of Madness series tonight. What a crazy chain. Some maniac is kidnapping Stormreach citizens and turning them into Taken. It’s kind of Doctor Moreau, in reverse. Before the final battle with Yaulthoon, we cleared out a warehouse, saved some citizens from turning into Taken (unfortunately, we had to kill them to save them), killed Pykzyl, a beholder, killed the undead Pykzyl, solved a light and wheel puzzle (There are FOUR lights!), and watched a fashion show (if you do this quest, you’ll see many of the models are sporting headgear worn by Lessah – creeeeeepy!).

The last fight, against Yaulthoon, is tricky. Yalthoon is invulvernable to all damage, due to his kinetic armor buff (easy to see). Throughout the chamber are cocoons. As Yalthoon does his ranged attack, if you stand behind the cocoons, the blast will hit them instead of you. After enough are destroyed, Yalthoon’s buff goes down and he’s vulnerable. Basically, it’s have Yalthoon destroy cocoons, beat on Yalthoon when his buff goes away, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Every once in a while, Yalthoon will throw a mind attack, which looks like beams emanating from him and flowing outward. If you are caught in the attack, you can save yourself from the force damage, but you need to make several saves in a row. Unfortunately, Sahbawolf didn’t and she died. Not long after, I heard the dings of Myth and Lessah as they died. Three resurrection cakes later and we were back at it – hide behind a cocoon, watch for the buff to go away, beat on Yalthoon, repeat until he’s dead.

I know just before the mind attack, small vessels appear near Yalthoon and if you can destroy them, he is stunned. I never saw them this time. I think I was running around like a nut too much to notice them. Even so, we completed and had a really fun time. If you haven’t done this chain, I highly recommend it. The loot isn’t bad, either smile.

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