2/13/15 – The Sane Asylum

Last night and today, I’ve run Galaadriel, my level 19 Pale Master through The Sane Asylum. It’s a level 17 normal, level 19 elite quest that you pick up from Horace Neble, in The Twelve. If I am on a character who I want to get to 20 as quickly as possible, I usually run this quest once the character gets to 19. It’s very short – with a good group it can be done in a few minutes – and gives nice xp for the time. Plus, there’s bonus xp for solving the puzzle.

This is Gal’s 4th life. She started out as a Pale Master, reincarnated to a Sorcerer (for the past life only), and then reincarnated into a Druid. I thought that would be her last heroic life but when The Damsels decided to have a wolf pack, I reincarnated Gal back to a PM, since I don’t want two wolf Druids. It’s taken a little while to get back to 19 but that’s not really what I want to go on about.

At the holidays, I received a new keyboard – the Razer Black Widow Ultimate – and a new game pad – The Razer Orbweaver. I had been looking at these for months (or at least Mythery says it had seemed like months, as she went with me to Fry’s and tapped her foot while I stood in the aisle, playing with both but not getting them). I love the keyboard but I just can’t get used to playing DDO with the Orbweaver. Other games, such as Diablo III, are fine but in DDO I hit the wrong keys all the time. Instead of healing myself, for example, I’ll toss a magic missile or change weapons. It’s made me feel very clumsy while playing.

So, for DDO only, I’m going back to my old keyboard – the Steelseries MERC Stealth. I would have gotten another of these at the holidays but they are no longer being made. I’m a little hesitant about getting a used one on eBay and I just checked the prices on Amazon. It’s half again what I paid for mine. I have two used ones in my closet, which will have to do until I win the lottery (Myth, you have the tickets, right?). I’ll buy several, to put in Lessah’s attic on the shelf next to the backups for my trackball, and will never have this problem again.

For these runs through The Sane Asylum, I used the new keyboard and keypad. I was able to finish two elite runs (love the bonus XP this weekend), two hard runs, and a normal run. I took a rogue along for the elite runs since I wasn’t confident Gal could get through the fire trap without being scorched.   That worked well but I couldn’t keep the rogue alive for the rest of the quest. Dang this keypad!

With all the XP bonuses, my voice, and an XP pot, Gal is now very close to 20. Woohoo. Back to epics and back to the old keyboard.

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