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Damsels of DDO Episode 72, You’re Welcome Eveningstar!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Missing dwarves are now a specialty of the Damsels! You’re Welcome Stormreach…and also Eveningstar! We are happy to help those dwarves back to the mine that they got captured in to begin with! Thanks so much for listening!  


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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, July 23rd at 2AM Eastern. This is our 72nd show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps [zzzzz]:

    • We are heroes!
      • Lessah sleeps at the position of attention in full armored regalia because you never know when you need to jump up and smite some evil.
    • There are a lot of discarded banana peels in the Necropolis.
      • Also…hey guys, have you seen Gerard Dryden’s mace? It’s the coolest thing ever!
      • I’ll do a level 7 quest with a level 2 named weapon, whynot?
    • Let’s talk about dwarves…
      • We rescue them constantly. They seem to be always in trouble.
    • Paladins are awesome!
      • I was so awesome last night, I died and Mythery had to run half a quest by herself. I was so good, I didn’t need to fight.


  • Rumors, News, and Lies
    • Sahba Jade DDO Cast guest
    • Lessah and Myth in reaper
      • Level?
      • How often do you twitch?  
      • What’d you do after I left?


  • Before we start!  
    • Female Doctor! Get hype.
    • Dinna Fash Sassenach


    • You don’t want to talk about Shadowhunters anymore? 🙂
    • Salvation?
    • I want to eat everything on the British Baking Challenge!


Third Time’s a Charm

We were running around in the Tethyamar Mining Outpost, there is a really nice tavern over there, and Lessah starts talking to this guy named Eluf the Steadfast. What’s up with dwarves and their names anyway? Apparently this guy can’t keep up with his bros and is not any better at finding them once they are lost either. So of course, being the helpful pally that she is, Lessah tells him that we will go and find them for him. It was really quite nice looking for a mine, clean and spacious. I’m not real sure why these dwarves were so hard to locate. I think it was more that Eluf the Steadfast was more interested in saving his skin than he was saving his fellow dwarves. That place was loaded with mean and awful red eyed drow, deep crawler spiders, draegloth, umber hulk, and dretch. I guess there was an ogre but there was so much going on I didn’t notice him and I hear there is an elemental named Flare but we didn’t run into him. We found some of the dwarves in a  chamber surrounded by lava and they were all ready for us to get them out of the place but most of the missing dwarves were held together at one end of the place and had been charmed to think they were part of the Drow crew and they fought that way too! Unfortunately, the combination of the charm spell they were under and their rather gung ho fighting ability caused many of them to lose their lives during the final squirmish. Eluf still gave us something for our trouble and then continued on to tell us that we weren’t done with our obligation yet. What has Lessah gotten us into this time?!?!




Item Type Enhancements ML Bind Quests
Legendary Entropic Heartstone Docent +13 Enhancement Bonus

Physical Sheltering +45

Quality Reconstruction +45

Quality Physical Sheltering +11

Repair Amplification: +72

Green Augment Slot

Mythic Armor Boost +4

28 Bound to Account on Acquire Third Time’s a Charm, End chest
Legendary Shimmer Cloak Insightful Enchantment Focus 4

Quality Enchantment Focus 2

Spell Penetration VII

Charisma +17

Yellow Augment Slot

28 Bound to Account on Acquire Third Time’s a Charm, End Chest
Legendary Sojourner’s Cowl Helm Quality Constitution +4

Fortification +185%

Combat Mastery +14

Insightful Doublestrike 9%

Blue Augment Slot

28 Bound to Account on Acquire Third Time’s a Charm, End chest
Legendary Thunderstrike Rapier +13 Enhancement Bonus

Armor-Piercing – 23%

Weapon’s Critical Lightning Effect +18

Weapon’s Lightning Effect +8

Quality Seeker 4

Red Augment Slot

28 Bound to Account on Acquire Third Time’s a Charm, End Chest


Reaper Babies!

Our reaper babies have started necropolis! After necro 1 we only have to go to the circus and then it’s on to level 6 quests. When do we need to take another level. Seems like it should be close. ::thinking….. firewall firewall firewall::




  • All Things Mythery:   (thanks Bonnie Bew for the kick-butt theme song!)


      • Why do you hirelings hate you?
      • Why are you not paying your hirelings?


  • Mythery Says:  


    • “I have too much Sea Fog”

I have a game called How Southern is Lessah? Want to play?


  • Summer session finals are creeping up on me, I have a lot of big projects due. Not a lot of twitching or show editing is going to go on this week.
  • Mythery – Fix the cold spells
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – July 22th, 2am EDT
    • Podcast – July 23th, 2am EDT


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