Damsels of DDO Episode 36, A Study in Sable

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Welcome to a very special show!   Tonight we have an amazing special guest joining us!  Cordovan, the DDO Community manager gets taken to task about why the Damsels aren’t more famous!  The nerve!  Thanks so much for listening!  



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Welcome to a special damsels!  Special night, special time!  

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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 at 7:30 PST. This is our 36th show.  (Even though I said 37!)  
  • And tonight we welcome Cordovan!  Didn’t think you’d ever make it!  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Sahba corrects and Myth sleeps:

    • I have added Don’t Drink the Water to my list of quests I’m willing to ransack.  We did it on Epic Elite.  And lived to tell the tale.  
    • Epic Completionist.  
      • remember that time I said I was going to surprise Sahba Jade?  It didn’t go so well.  
        • Fighter!!!!  
        • Challenges, ty Cordovan for making another 50% ingredients weekend.  I made 2 suits of Epic Mourloude FP  
          • For all the good it did me…  
          • Also, I need the five minute heal pot  
      • How to get XP without really trying, by Mythery Inferno.  
        • Get PDK favor for some inexplicable reason.  
        • Secret Squirrel operation that Sahba Jade will shake her head at.  (HE)
    • Technical 13 is the Bob Ross of DDO.  He gives things away most Tuesday Mornings.  Set your alarm or listen to him at work!  8am EST
    • Rumor about Sahba Jade… She facepalms every time Myth and Lessah say something that embarasses her.  It’s a wonder she can even see to play the game.  


  • Rumors, News, and Lies
    • First up, a lie – Sahbajade STILL makes Lessah pug
      • Speaking of pugging, did Lessah pug?  
        • Pugging, have you ever noticed how Pugging VON 5 is like Cruising at a rest stop in the 50’s?  No names, no talking, all business.  
        • The Sahba Jade guide to pugging….  this could be big!  
    • Which are these, rumors, news or lies:
      • Sahba is in the doghouse 🙁
      • Lessah cruises DDO RAIDS as a guy
      • Sahba Jade asks, “Lay on Hands Please” hehehehe
      • Mythery is an owlbear hunter
      • Cordovan is a troll
      • Lessah has already bought DDO points during the double bonus point special.
      • Sahba refuses to use shownotes.
      • Mythery was spotted in front of a mirror, trying on owlbear fur cloaks.
      • Lessah is no longer a Paladin
      • According to Mythery, revenge IS sweet, as she blew up Lessah in Made to Order
    • Forums and Misc
      • Vote for DDO – best online fantasy game – DDO #1 in poll
      • Should there be more metrics (damage taken, damage dealt, hp healed, etc) in the game?  Does it matter?
      • How difficult is it to moderate the forums


  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Whooooooooooo!  
    • Thanks Cordovan for sending me the Dr Who video!  
    • Shadowhunters!!!!
      • Silent Brothers explained
        • The Grey Book
    • OMG loved the opening scene – She says, That was amazing. He says, 50 shades of amazing? She says, Pon farr amazing. !!!! LOL


A Study in Sable

Winnie Harker, Ebermund Harker


Golem’s HeartBlue AugmentUnbound – End chest (Epic Elite only)

  • ML28: 2% chance on being hit for 20d6 healing to you and 50d6 Electric damage to nearby enemies.

Hunter’s SlayerGreat SwordBound to Character on Equip – End chest



I don’t like this quest… you need a guide.  Usually we can figure things out, but we bit off more than we could chew.  



  • All Things Mythery:   (theme song by the amazing Bonniebew!)


    • Mythery Says:   “Do you ever wonder that someday you’ll just be running along and fall in a hole because FF’s not real?  
      • Sahba:  Myth, can you dot him?  
      • Myth:  Firewall is a DOT.  
    • Mythery Thought: These slaves are getting annoying and REALLY why are they saving? How much will can they have with those collars on and all?  
  • Ask Cordovan!  Where we take Cordovan to task with important burning questions!  
    • Are you aware that there are way too many owl bear skin rugs in the Sable Mansion?  
      • As a side note, have you fixed Owl Bear PRR yet?  
    • Kobold Education, We can’t get rid of them, so why not make them smarter and force some Democracy on them?  
    • Ravenloft next module, coming out around Halloween?
    • Where were you when you first heard of Mythery Inferno?  
    • When will you get some more fabulous outfits to sell in the DDO Store?  
      • Are the Devs purposefully making robes that look awful so that we will buy cosmetic gear?  Mythery has 20 robes in her bank looking for one to glamor and they just aren’t pretty enough!!
      • Mythery has a dozen Invisible Stalkers following her, can you confirm?  Sometimes they bite.
    • When are cold spells going to be fixed?
    • Will the cold spells be fixed soon?
    • How long do we have to wait for the cold spells to be fixed?
    • If the cold spells were fixed I wouldn’t have to ask anymore.
    • Is it true that Turbine has trademarked the word ‘soon?’



  • Fanservice Experiment , I must apologize because last Sunday I was still working on challenge gear and asked the grp to postpone.  They enabled me, so we will try again this weekend!  
    • Ummm, errr, can we NOT do it this week?  I made plans, forgetting about Fanservice.  How about next time a week from Sunday?
    • Great – but that makes you in TWO doghouses :P.  
  • Mythery – I have no business.  
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – Mar 8, 11 PST
    • Podcast – Mar 9, 11 PST




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