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The Damsels Game Episode 148, Your Game is Dead

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We do more than talk though, we also make videos that we post on our YouTube Channel! The Damsels Game posts gameplay content there as well as podcasts! Thanks so much for listening. 


This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by Chickens! They will knock you out and eat you. Get yours today! .   


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, May 30th. This is our 148th show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Our Website, DamselsofDDO.com, or our home at Podcast Garden.com. Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • None
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • Ark 
    • MHC Series (May)
      • Canceled due to my daughter’s hectic life. 
    • Our 7DTD POV Series
      • Sahba POV 13
      • Lessah POV 13
        • Breetai Beerloaf: You Damsels are great.  Thanks for making my weekend.
      • Mythery POV 13
        • Breetai Beerloaf: Dear Lessah, I am Mythery’s union rep. Mythery is entitled to take at least 2 15-min breaks when she deems necessary.  Also, after watching this video, we will renegotiate Mythery’s hazard pay.  I will also be in touch with management about the destruction of unlooted containers, in which Mythery will be compensated for her losses.
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: I am addicted to raising babies. Literally can’t stop.
    • Myth: I never knew what a thrill it would be to have all of the colors of the rainbow in Sabertooth Tigers! So much vicious cuteness.
    • Sahba: …  

Rumors, News, and Lies 

  • 7DTD
    • Alpha 19.5 stable is out!
    • Forum – Motivation to continue playing
    • Forum – Sleeping at night time
    • Forum – 72 minute playthrough critique
  • Ark
    • Forum – Ark is dying
  • GW2
  • Raft is celebrating 3 years on Steam with two weeks of giveaways  and contests on their discord channel, through June 6. 
  • Satisfactory
    • Forum – If you could add anything to Satisfactory, what would it be?
  • Subnautica Below Zero
    • Forum – Frustration vs Challenge 
  • Question of the show – How many Steam games do you have? How many have you actually tried?  My numbers are 77/60 (I have a news story about this, which is why I’m asking these questions <G>)

Lessah: 117/55/ Active playing Now: 4 (5 if you count MC)

  • Before we start!  
    • Dark Matter
    • The Nevers

We killed some dragons!

We finally finished our personal stories. We thought we were leading up to killing the elder dragon Zhaitan since we had been killing his eyes and mouths for weeks. But when we arrived on the airship for the final battle several minion dragons were sent in for the fight and wow what a fight it was!!

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • 7Days to Die 
    • POV Series
      • We go house shopping and then back to our original location so Mythery can make me a jeep! 
    • So much fun!
  • Ark Survival Evolved, Ragnarok 
    • Babies first cave exploration 
      • Currently breeding canon fodder for the adventure. 
        • We also tamed a T-Rex
      • We have lots to do! 
        • Bullets, cats, making saddles for all the cats. 
      • CHICKENS! (More little birds called Micro Raptors) 
        • So much harder to catch than pretty much everything else we have tamed. I find them when they knock me off my bird and give me a concussion. 
  • Ark is a job but right now I love my job. 
  • GW2
    • WE KILLED A DRAGON! Or three. 
      • The very satisfying conclusion to our personal stories! It was pretty epic. Now onto the desert for pie! 
  • Satisfactory
  • Scrap Mechanic with Tae
  • Subnautica BZ
    • I pushed the story forward accidentally and found lots of new plants. I really like the mean NPC, Marguerite, she hates Altera but I also know that she doesn’t trust anyone and pretty much screwed over her party in the first game. 
    • So worth the 60 bucks, you get all three games with updated graphics and combat system. Driving and shooting from the Mako is no longer as tedious as it used to be. (It’s really fun actually.) 
      • I keep making all the same mistakes over again more than ten years later. Wrex (the Krogan) is now my favorite character though. He’s so snarky. 


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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