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The Damsels Game, Episode 136, Thankful for All the Games

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. It’s Thanksgiving Week and we might take a moment to give thanks to all the games that have helped us escape reality for a few precious moments during this awful pandemic. Seriously, our sanity has been salvaged. Well minus Mythery who wasn’t sane to start with. But she is intact at her baseline! Thanks so much for listening! 

Here is the show!



This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by The Damsels Game! That’s right and this is not a joke ad. I want you to consider 2 things right here right now.

First. Subscribe to our Podcast. You can get a podcast app on your mobile device and listen in the car on your way to…. Quarantine. Listen at your job… which if it’s at your home is easier. Links are in every single description in the show notes on our website: Damselsofddo.com.  I’m seriously considering putting the show back up on youtube.

Speaking of that, go Subscribe to my Youtube Channel so you can watch the Highlights that get published from our gameplay. One day I might talk Sahba into forging her own youtube videos and playlist. That day, I will be unhorsed as the main video maker/ editor but until that day, let’s all pretend I know what I’m doing and go watch our highlights!   

The Damsels Recorded Live on Saturday, November 21st. This is our 136th show.  

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Did we get any Email this week?  yes!
  • . I’ll bring the elephant into the room because we have yet to really talk about it on our podcast. 
    • How many people do you personally know who have had Covid? 
      • Does anyone else feel a bit exhausted? Like you can’t do anything else to “stop the spread”. My City got an Emergency alert about the rapid spread and I was like… what else am I supposed to do? 
  • What we learned:
    • Lessah: I learned that Oreos are going to have a Gluten Free option in January. 
    • Myth: We did accidental science!
    • Sahba: The telescope at Arecibo will be dismantled.  

Rumors, News, and Lies 


  1. The Icebrood Sage: Champions Chapter 1 – Truce is live
  2. The Roadrunner Raptor is born – to Run!
    • You’ll have a fine feathered friend to help you traverse the harshest Tyrian landscapes! This enormous bird is an eye-catching delight with colorful feather tips and a subtle crest.
    • The Roadrunner Raptor Skin can be purchased individually or found as an uncommon drop inside Black Lion Chests.

Ark: Survival Evolved

  1. Genesis: Part 2
  2. There is no 2.


  1. The next DDO Expansion!
  2. Your most hated quest

What makes a good quest???

Extra Rumors for Sahba Jade: 

  1. The Damsels Game Presents: Very Vanilla
    1. New episodes every Saturday until Lessah gets tired of doing it. 
  2. Bauldor’s Gate 3 Early Access? Is this real life? 
  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 
  • Animaniacs on Hulu

To All The Games We Loved This Year


Blurb of Inspiration about what a shit year it’s been and how we should be thankful by Mythery! 

List all the games that have kept us sane this year and say THANK YOU! 


  1. Dungeons and Dragons Online
  2. 7 Days to Die
  3. Subnautica, BZ
  4. Far Cry 5
  5. Guild Wars 2
  6. Outlaws of the Old West
  7. Among Us
  8. Ark Survival Evolved
  9. Civilization V
  10. Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  11. Minecraft
  12. *ahem* Farmville 2 Mobile version 


Sahba Jade: ?? how many hours did we have to play ??

  1. Dungeons and Dragons Online
  2. 7 Days to Die
  3. Civilization V
  4. Guild Wars 2
  5. Outlaws of the Old West
  6. Pandemic
  7. Ghost Recon Wildlands
  8. The Division 2
  9. Minecraft
  10. Raft
  11. Medieval Dynasty
  12. The Bard’s Tale
  13. Transport Fever 2
  14. The Game of Life
  • Our two weeks in gaming


  • The show is going great, if only we had our new artwork… speaking or artwork. You can have the Damsels artwork as part of your desktop background if you like! Posted with our last show are downloads for 1920×1080 original artwork. 
  • The new show is up. That’s what I get for not doing it immediately on my first day off. 
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  • Mythery – Do stuff.  
    • When is Next time?  
      • Dec 6, Midnight CST :).

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! 

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