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Damsels of DDO Episode 126, The Lost Gatekeepers

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Hey, remember that time our lives went pear-shaped? It’s like the entire world tried to use the teleport spell and ended up in space over the marketplace. Anyway, we ran some new quests for some reason! Let’s talk about plot holes that you can drive a truck through! Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels have a new/ extended sponsor. 

Is your home/ guild hall/ quest line haunted by spirits and or ghosts? Well, our team of experts will put those apparitions back inside the dungeon where they belong. Stormreach Spiritual Relocation services is a small, yet hard-working offshoot of Stormreach Burial Services. Send us a message in-game today. Available only on the Argonnessen server for now but we are expanding. Send an In-game message with a scroll of the Black Moon or Pit Restart Guide to Fierce Fred and we will do our best to fit you into our schedule! 

Stormreach Spiritual Relocation services, We put the “ED” in dead. Dead without the ED is just Da. 




The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, May 10th. This is our 126th show.  


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps


  • I’ll bring the elephant into the room. 
  • Soooooooo… that time the whole world sucked even though we were all at home. 


    • The store is awkward. Lines to get in. 
    • No standardized protocol for testing. 
    • All I do now… touch my face. 


  • What we learned:
      • Lessah:  You can make potatoes in like…a million different ways.   
      • Myth:  I learned that Netflix needs to update my billing information, Apple needs me to change my password, and someone has a naked video of me and is going to send it to my whole contact list unless I pay them $3000! My life as I knew it is over and will never be the same. ::sob:: 
      • Sahba: Minecraft 10 installation sucks

I don’t know where to put this but the DDO wiki has ads that are about an ⅛ of a page size on top of the page so you can’t read what is there and when you click the close button it asks why you want to close it and gives 4 options, 1 of which is that it is covering the page and then thanks you after you click it. Google then tells you it has closed it and I suppose that is technically true because the ad is gone but a big blank white spot is left in its place which is still covering the page. Just thought I’d say something just on the off chance whoever controls such things might hear this and want to know. 😛


Rumors, News, and Lies 


  • Question(s) of the show – 
    • So, no GenCon? 


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 


  • RuPaul’s Drag Race is back!!
    • We have a guest who is here to talk with us JUST about this! 
    • Celebrity drag race. 
      • AMAZING! 
        • Favorite drag queens coming back as mentors. Bob and more Bob, Allyssa Edwards, Trixie Matel. 
        • I gagged so hard over the host from American Gladiator. 
    • This has been an amazing season! These girls can still be shady but you can tell that they genuinely like each other. Or at least don’t hate each other. 
      • Jada Essence Hall is a clear front runner. Love Hedi, she’s a fan favorite. 
      • Gigi Goode is going to be in the top three for sure. 
      • I agree with you about Crystal. Burt and Ernie Drag. 
      • Heidi is a big time FAN FAVORITE. 
    • Who is your fav so far?
      • Everyone seems to be okay so far. I think my favs are Gigi, Jackie, Brita, and Widow. I haven’t made up my mind about Nicky yet. Not a fav but I can’t decide if she is mean or just uncomfortable. I like Crystal but her kind of drag is not my fav. I think she is VERY insecure and hiding behind all of those costumes. I’m pretty sure when she isn’t in drag she is hiding behind those giant glasses and has no idea what a hottie she (he) is.
    • Predictions
      • So, up there were my thoughts after the 2nd episode. This season has been so good it’s unfortunate that we didn’t get to talk about it after every couple of episodes. These queens are really pretty amazing this time. Final 3; Gigi Goode, Jackie Cox, and Jaida Essence Hall (I’m wavering between Jaida and Crystal). Winner: Jackie/Gigi???


RuPaul Cheat Sheet


Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Aiden Zhane 29 Acworth, Georgia 10th
Brita[a] 34 New York City, New York 9th
Crystal Methyd 28 Springfield, Missouri TBA
Dahlia Sin 28 Los Angeles, California 13th
Gigi Goode 21 Los Angeles, California TBA
Heidi N Closet 24 Ramseur, North Carolina 5th
Jackie Cox 34 New York City, New York TBA
Jaida Essence Hall 32 Milwaukee, Wisconsin TBA
Jan[b] 26 New York City, New York 8th
Nicky Doll 28 Paris, France 11th
Rock M. Sakura 28 San Francisco, California 12th
Sherry Pie 27 New York City, New York TBA
Widow Von’Du 30 Kansas City, Missouri TBA


The Lost Gatekeepers

The Home of Memory

Heart of the Problem

Rosemary’s Ballad

The Sacred Bounty


Loot – 

The Home of Memory

Item Type Enhancements ML
Bottle of Shadows Trinket 3
Bottle of Smoke Trinket 3
Ring of Changes Ring 3
Legendary Bottle of Shadows Trinket 29
Legendary Bottle of Smoke Trinket 29
Legendary Ring of Changes Ring 29


Heart of the Problem

Item Type Enhancements ML
Battleworn Medal Trinket 3
Clockwork Boots Boots 3
Legendary Battleworn Medal Trinket 29
Legendary Clockwork Boots Boots 29
Legendary String of Ears Necklace 29


Rosemary’s Ballad

Item Type Enhancements ML
Belt of Sure Strikes Belt 3
Bronze Figurine Trinket 3
The Willbreaker Short Sword 3
Legendary Belt of Sure Strikes Belt 29
Legendary Bronze Figurine Trinket 29
Legendary Deep Promise Onyx Trinket 29


The Sacred Bounty

Item Type Enhancements ML
Conduit of the Arcane Trinket 3
Corroded Iron Figurine Trinket 3
Ironclad Armbands Bracers 3
Sickle of Vile Attunement Sickle 3
Legendary Conduit of the Arcane Trinket 29
Legendary Corroded Iron Figurine Trinket 29
Legendary Dagger of the Liturgist Dagger 29
Legendary Ironclad Armbands Bracers 29
Legendary Sickle of Vile Attunement Sickle 29



Item Type Enhancements ML
Bone Figurine Trinket 3
Book of Spirits Trinket 3
Silver Blade of the Flame Long Sword 3
Spectre Striker Dart 3
Stone-forged Gauntlet Gloves 3
Legendary Bone Figurine Trinket 29
Legendary Book of Spirits Trinket 29
Legendary Silver Blade of the Flame Long Sword 29
Legendary Spectre Striker Dart pj 29
Legendary Stone-forged Gauntlet Gloves 29



  • Other games


  • 7 Days to Die just keeps popping into our hearts. I have a little to no zombies game where I am building a… bird cage. 
    • I made an airfield for Rent2PWN



  •  Green Hell 


      • This game wants to be fun. Why you gotta make it so extra? Let players make things and explore. You don’t have to kill me every 5 minutes. 


  • Rust 


      • So….you know how every once in a while you want to go the club, dance, drink too much and bang a stranger in the bathroom? Well in this instance, the stranger murders you with a large rock and takes your stuff. You respawn back on the dancefloor nekkid. That’s Rust. 


  • Subsistence


      • Greetings Convicts! Great changes to this game. 
      • Seasons! 


  • Subnautica BZ


      • Hella Construction. Buy it, don’t play it yet. 


  • Dragon Age Origins


      • Remember how awesome this game was? It’s still game awesome! 


  • Portal (1)


    • Mythery needs Cave Johnson in her life. 


      • Fun awesome times (swapping weapons)


  • Division 1


    • Mythery needs to get familiar with the layout of New York…. Cause you know… virus’. 
  • Borderlands 2
    • Mythery had a lot of fun lllin’ stuff and riding around on cars tossing bombs at stuff. 
  • What game do you want to play that was fun and might still be fun? (Guildwars 2) 




Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! 


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