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Damsels of DDO Episode 110, Sharn Part 1

Masterminds of Sharn

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Damsels finally went to Sharn! It was the coolest thing any of us have done since Damselcon. Good story lines and great villains for everyone! Thanks so much for listening!

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The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Thursday, May 30th at the crack of 11PM Eastern time. This is our 110th show.  Woohoo!!!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

    • Eyes of Stone: Why not ask the Coin Lords for more money when you have the Salve?
      • My otto’s box woes, in for a penny, in for two otto’s boxes at full price…
    • I don’t know where this fits in but I thought it was funny. ***I will tell you before the show about listening in the car to “When you share a brain.”
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: I learned that When you dye your hair green, it means you will be called for a professional interview exactly 48 hours later.
      • Myth: Stuff is hard and I’m tired of it! I might have a container problem.
      • Sahba: I missed my comfy chair.


Rumors, News, and Lies


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!!


    • RuPaul’s Drag Race



Drag Race Cheat Sheet


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A’Keria C. Davenport[a] Gregory D’Wayne[5] 30 Dallas, Texas TBD
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Brooke Lynn Hytes Brock Hayhoe[8] 32 Nashville, Tennessee TBD
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Scarlet Envy Jacob James[14] 26 New York, New York 10th Place
Shuga Cain Jesus Martinez Jr.[15] 40 New York, New York 7th Place
Silky Nutmeg Ganache Reginald Steele[16] 28 Chicago, Illinois TBD
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Jose Cancel[17] 26 Los Angeles, California 5th Place
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Kahanna Montrese Tyrone Hardiman 25 Las Vegas, Nevada 14th Place
Soju Hyunsoo “Tony” Ha[19][20] 27 Los Angeles, California 15th Place


Reaper Babies in Sharn – The best of both worlds!


A Sharn Welcome

We traveled to Sharn last week. Why haven’t we been here before? This place is nice. Someone here has taken the Stormreach beacon and we mean to find it. I think we know from past experience that bad things happen when that thing isn’t out where it belongs shining brightly. When we arrived we talked to Summer Korranor, strange little dwarf, and he say that we should find someone named Lucian Vaunt and that Issabet Tremont could help us with that and pointed her out to us. I need the name of her taylor! She has pretty pretty clothes. She asked us to meet her at the top of this building, told us to take the elevator. HA! I think it was supposed to be some kind of boarding house but I never saw any actual bedrooms and the place was falling apart. We ran into a guy who tried to get us to invest some money into the place so maybe he wanted to fix it up. I’m not really sure. They had some ‘elemental’ problems in the laundry room too. We did end up meeting Vaunt briefly but I can’t say he was any help to our cause. Quite the opposite I think, actually. It was quite a welcome though.


Side note – Keith Baker was the Dungeon Master, he was the creator of the Eberron campaign setting and has a really nice voice. Great job Keith!

He is also Dungeon Master in Just Business, the last quest in this chain.


Loot ml 15 BTA


Item Type Enhancements
Cloak of the City’s Champion Cloak
Pendant of the Azure Sky Necklace
Rising Sun Tower shieldd
Turncoat Outfit
Creeping Dust Conduit Quarterstaff


Red Rain

Of course as long as we are here we might as well get involved in some other peoples business so we decided to help with a murder investigation that was happening deep down in the ooey gooey sticky stinky slums of Sharn. Who knew? They hid it so well. We took a skycoach to Cogsgate and met Zeleth Crowspire at her office. Apparently several murders had already taken place and she gave us locations to begin to gather our clues. Dun dun dun can you hear the music? We started in the gambling hall. He looked like he had been poisoned but one of his palms had been slashed which was kind of weird. The next murder took us to an apartment. The body here looked very similar to the first one. Did I mention that this is all in gang territory? There is the Boromar Clan and there are the Daask. Since there seemed to be Daask poison slingers around everywhere and these guys were poisoned things were sort of pointing in the Daask direction. But doesn’t that sound too easy? I mean, wouldn’t it make more sense that the Boromar were setting them up? We met up with Zeleth again to trade info and then took off for the pawn shop. Again the body was very much like the ones before it, as we were leaving the pawn shop we saw Zeleth standing near a gate just ahead of us. This is when she finally decides to tell us that she thinks her brother might know something or have something to do with all of this and of course she doesn’t want to confront him. So of course we talk to him and quite frankly, I think he’s as much of an ass as Vaunt. We end up getting in a fight with him, kick his butt, gather some more clues, and finally figure out that the slashed in the palms of the victims spell out I R K and is the name of the guy who is doing all of this. Pretty cocky if you ask me. His name was Irk. What kind of name is that anyway?


Loot ml 15 BTA


Item Type Enhancements
Firestorm Conduit Quarterstaff
Moonguard Buckler shield
Stone Shoes Boots


Best Laid Plans

To be perfectly honest, one foray into the slums is quite enough for me. Back in the city where all of the pretty clothes and this-n-thats live, a member of the twelve came up to us. I think he recognized Sahba from Stormreach, although it’s beyond me why he thought she would want to help him. He wanted a copy of Vaunt’s blueprints and wanted us swipe them out of a warehouse for him. Lessah wanted to know why he didn’t do it himself, I just giggled at that, but he said he wouldn’t get anywhere without being recognized. Or something like that. I guess he isn’t the sneaky type. As far as snatch and grabs go I’m going to say this one was pretty easy. The warehouse manager had his own agenda going on, that’s for sure. Actually, it seems like everyone I have met over here has had some sort of hidden agenda of their own and they all have the most interesting names (says Mythery to Lessah and Sahba). Victor Dabonaire is no different. Well, except for one thing. We let him go.


Lootml 15 BTA


Item Type Enhancements
Order’s Garb Outfit
Celestial Sapphire Ring Ring
Resplendant Fury Orb
Shadow Sprinters Boots
Sunstone Gauntlets Gloves
Moonbeam Quarterstaff


The Same Old Song

Finally, we get to go somewhere that might be fun! We are going to the club, Club Clawfoot that is. I guess we have stuck our noses in so many people’s business that the City Councilor, Savia Potella, found out and decided that it should be up to us to go over to this club that happens to be run by the Boromar and try and talk the manager into breaking ties with Vaunt. This place is kinda swanky and you don’t get in unless you are invited. Fortunately for us we were able to get our names on the list. See, sticking your nose in other people’s business goes both ways. So we did get in and they did check the list but I don’t think they were actually open yet. The singer was on stage just running through some stuff so we went around and checked the place out. There is definitely some shady stuff going on here. We helped out with everything which turned out to be a good idea because they helped us in the end.


Lootml 15 BTA


Item Type Enhancements
Attunement Gauntlets Gloves
Nightshade Shooter Light Crossbow
Stygian Wrath Orb
Watch Captain’s Platemail Heavy Armor
Celestial Ruby Ring Ring


Just Business


OK, so the least amount of club type fun ever. After leaving the club we saw Casper Tremont, who is Issabet’s dad, and he says that she is off to meet up with Vaunt and he’s worried about her. None of us blame him one bit for that. So he asks us if we will go keep an eye on her for him. I’m pretty sure I was looking at my feet when I nodded and mumbled something about trying. Lessah is much more confident. The whole thing started with us hovering outside a window on a sky barge spying on Vaunt having a meeting with a gnoll and some others. What happened after that. Well, …..many deaths including (and finally) Irk and poor poor Issabet but not Vaunt. This is not over.


Lootml 15 BTA


Item Type Enhancements
Celestial Topaz Ring Ring
Mastermaker’s Fingers Gloves
Standard Issue Faceplate Helm
Ironheart Docent



  • Other games
  • The Rift-S


      • Holy catfish matchdotcom! I thought I would never escape reality and get my virtual on! The cameras are in the headset they said. Only 2 plugs they said. SO! First of all, don’t think you’ll be contacting Oculus to tell them this thing arrived damaged and if you do you better be ready with a picture of the truck that ran it over. Mine  came shipped straight from Oculus and they aren’t playing around when it comes to shipping containers. The cardboard on the outside box was a half inch thick with molded foam cradling the black retail box and that thing is really nice too. So unless I just got a lemon, I knew there wasn’t anything wrong with it and it was just me and my lack….no it was them and their lack of instructions on what to do if everything didn’t just work automatically.

OK, I want to say it was worth the wait but seriously I just don’t like to wait! It is a beautiful thing to behold. Everything I hoped for!! It’s splenderful, fascinazing, and delightfully exquizzling. I didn’t have words to describe how I felt so I had to make up my own. I think the controllers will take some getting used to but I don’t have any complaints. Let’s play!

  • 7DTD
      • I LOVE THIS GAME!  
        • Hoard night now comes with BLADES!
          • I flipped the truck with Mythery in it.
  • Tom Clancy Division 2
    • This is a great game!
    • More more more! 🙂


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