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Damsels of DDO Episode 107, You can’t take the dwarf out of the mine.

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Damsels kidnapped an elf with great hair this week and used him as camouflage while they tried to search for missing dwarves in tunnels that are apparently lined with gems. Fun times were had by all but the dwarves are still in those tunnels. At least we tried! Thanks so much for listening!


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The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Saturday, April 5th at the crack of 11PM Eastern time. This is our 107th show.


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

    • I am so happy this week! I can’t even imagine why.
      • I crashed guys night!
    • I have an idea!
      • I think the Damsels should be part of a DDO bingo game. If we mention your forum post, it counts as an X!
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: If you mix whiskey with honey and a little lemon juice, it makes cough syrup. If you add a splash of water and some ice, it becomes a delightful cocktail!
      • Myth: Why we don’t add our pics to our stream. OK, I didn’t just learn this but this is a good time for out new friends to learn it.
      • Sahba: Syd loves having company.


Rumors, News, and Lies

  • Anniversary Code Week 6 – lordofcloaks


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!!


    • RuPaul’s Drag Race!


    • AP Bio



Drag Race Cheat Sheet


Contestant Name Age[3] Hometown[4] Outcome
A’Keria C. Davenport[a] Gregory D’Wayne[5] 30 Dallas, Texas TBD
Ariel Versace Bryan Philip Neel[6][7] 26 Cherry Hill, New Jersey 11th Place
Brooke Lynn Hytes Brock Hayhoe[8] 32 Nashville, Tennessee TBD
Honey Davenport James Heath-Clark[9] 32 New York, New York 13th Place
Mercedes Iman Diamond Curran[10] 30 Minneapolis, Minnesota 12th Place
Nina West Andrew Levitt[11] 39 Columbus, Ohio TBD
Plastique Tiara Duc Tran[12] 21 Dallas, Texas TBD
Ra’Jah O’Hara[b] Benni Miller[13] 33 Dallas, Texas TBD
Scarlet Envy Jacob James[14] 26 New York, New York 10th Place
Shuga Cain Jesus Martinez Jr.[15] 40 New York, New York TBD
Silky Nutmeg Ganache Reginald Steele[16] 28 Chicago, Illinois TBD
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Jose Cancel[17] 26 Los Angeles, California TBD
Yvie Oddly Jovan Bridges[18] 24 Denver, Colorado TBD
Kahanna Montrese Tyrone Hardiman 25 Las Vegas, Nevada 14th Place
Soju Hyunsoo “Tony” Ha[19][20] 27 Los Angeles, California 15th Place


Electric Dreams


  • Other games


  • 7DTD
        • We started a new world and it was just me Mythery and Cadimere. Nothing much happened that day and I had to log off. The next day I get a message from Patrick and he says, “I am about to log in and I am an unclaimed man in the apocalypse.”
          • BOOM! I got yo boyfriend!
          • I proceed to log in and wander away with Patrick. We found a town and honeymoon began.
        • The good with the bad.
          • Patrick is a loot god. He get all the things, kills all the things. You level quickly but he expects a lot in return.
          • I would argue I am a better player because he has pushed me to be so. I can make motorcycles now, before anyone else, even Rent2pwn and Mythery and I decided to form a biker gang and go riding around last night. It felt good man.
          • I am also building a maze that I can’t wait to test on hoard night!
      • I found a place to put my new bunker!! Finally! I am sooo happy. 🙂 Vrooooommm Vroooommmm
  • Tom Clancy Division 2
    • Main story missions give 5 SHD and if we swap the leader and repeat we can earn again.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
    • We need to schedule this in.


Reaper Babies________________________________________________________________

All things Mythery!

  • Mythery Says:
    • AM I EVER going to see you again?




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