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Damsels of DDO Episode 105, Do Over

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. The Damsels went back and did all the quests that they were recently unable to complete this week. Well… maybe not all the quests. We only have so much game time! Anyway, things turned out great unless count the fact that no one got any loot or leveled up or learned any valuable lessons. Success? Thanks so much for listening!

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Sahba: Welcome to the Damsels of DDO Podcast. I’m Sahba Jade and I’m here with Lessah and Mythery. We are three lady gamers who like to talk about things that are important to us in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. This week, we had a do-over of all the quests that we weren’t able to finish recently. Was there loot? Not really, but I think we all learned a valuable lesson here. Thanks so much for listening!


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The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Saturday, March 9th at the crack of midnight Eastern time. This is our 106th show.


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

    • So we had a do-over and I still didn’t get any loot. 🙁
    • How hard can it be to get a Jibbers Blade? Really? How long has Sahba been looking for it?
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: I learned that I control the DDO Servers because whenever I think I want to log on and play, everything is down.
      • Myth: Eggs smell terrible.
      • Sahba: DDO withdrawal sucks!


Rumors, News, and Lies

  • Anniversary Code Week 2 – STORMREAVER    


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!!


    • RuPaul’s Drag Race!
      • This show gets better and better every season. Episode 1 I got to see my baby, Adore :)! Who are your favs, top 3 or 4, and how long do you think it will be before Vangie gets kicked off?
      • LOLS, What is Vangie…Vangie…Vangie…doing there?
    • Riverdale
      • You need to watch this sh.. It’s crazy!!
      • Really? Sell it to me. I stopped watching cause it was hard to keep up.


    • Sex Education
      • I’ve seen 2 so far and they were pretty funny. That poor kid.
      • His mom is played by Skully.
    • AP Bio
      • Started off with a bang!
      • LOVE THIS SHOW! I love that he went out of his way to throw his students a bone with college letters and then cut that karate teachers ponytail off. That was great.
  • Did you know there is a PLL sequel coming out?
  • A couple of new shows worth checking out, Fam (CBS) and Whisky Cavalier (ABC).  


Drag Race Cheat Sheet


Contestant Name Age[3] Hometown[4] Outcome
A’Keria C. Davenport[a] Gregory D’Wayne[5] 30 Dallas, Texas TBD
Ariel Versace Bryan Philip Neel[6][7] 26 Cherry Hill, New Jersey TBD
Brooke Lynn Hytes Brock Hayhoe[8] 32 Nashville, Tennessee TBD
Honey Davenport James Heath-Clark[9] 32 New York, New York TBD
Mercedes Iman Diamond Curran[10] 30 Minneapolis, Minnesota TBD
Nina West Andrew Levitt[11] 39 Columbus, Ohio TBD
Plastique Tiara Duc Tran[12] 21 Dallas, Texas TBD
Ra’Jah O’Hara[b] Benni Miller[13] 33 Dallas, Texas TBD
Scarlet Envy Jacob James[14] 26 New York, New York TBD
Shuga Cain Jesus Martinez Jr.[15] 40 New York, New York TBD
Silky Nutmeg Ganache Reginald Steele[16] 28 Chicago, Illinois TBD
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Jose Cancel[17] 26 Los Angeles, California TBD
Yvie Oddly Jovan Bridges[18] 24 Denver, Colorado TBD
Kahanna Montrese Tyrone Hardiman 25 Las Vegas, Nevada 14th Place
Soju Hyunsoo “Tony” Ha[19][20] 27 Los Angeles, California 15th Place


The Umbrella Academy





  • Other games


  • 7DTD
      • My favorite activity in this game besides digging holes is asking Rent, my neighbor, if he has any food or repair kits he can spare. I have food and I can probably make repair kits but Rent2Pwn expects a certain amount of cruelty and I don’t want to disappoint him.
      • Did you know zombie bears can jump really high?
      • I built a motorcycle in my single player game!
  • Tom Clancy Division 2
    • I played again and they did fix/add most of our complaints from the first time we played. So that’s good. My biggest issue is with the quartermaster and the skill tree but maybe that is something that will change in the future. It will be out next week and if we buy it through uplay before Friday we can get a free game with it.
    • I am considering taking the 15th off for the launch of this game.
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
    • I really love playing this game. Why aren’t there more games where we get to just hop into random cars and helicopters and take them to get where we are going? Oh, and shoot people in the head if they don’t like it.
    • I love Wildlands! I especially love it when I accidentally kill someone we are supposed to interrogate. 😛


  • Subnautica Below Zero
    • They are adding things every day. I made a Sea Truck and nice base.


Anniversary 2019!!________________________________________________________

We finally got Lessah the shard for her full plate of the ringleader. OK, that’s a lie. But we did try and then we did the anniversary event and that was fun! Cordovan, Severlin, and Steelstar (and stringtable error) are all still there but this year we also have Lichabelle and ?? that really cool black kitty cat seal thingy. Then we went and kicked Jack Jibbers butt. He, in turn did not give us any presents. And finally we killed a big mean dragon who also managed to keep all the good stuff for himself. That’s okay, we got our revenge and it was sweet and chocolaty.


All things Mythery!

  • Thank you for twitching!

Time is the weirdest thing.




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