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Damsels of DDO Episode 88, Save the Wine!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Ravenloft just keeps getting weirder. If people aren’t turning into birds or throwing awkward tea parties, they are keeping the pride and carelessness of wayward adventurers in amber. Seriously, we fought our own flaws in this quest! The best thing that happened this week was when the Damsels saved an entire winery! I mean, where would Barovia be if they couldn’t wash down Soylent Green Pot Pie with wine instead of boring old water? Thanks so much for listening!  


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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, April 15th 2AM Eastern. This is our 88th show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

    • My barbarian spent 40k plat on a +10 intelligence cloak and it was then I was intelligent enough to realize I didn’t need any intelligence. I needed charisma!
      • Choices…
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: I am really enjoying the Ravenloft storyline. Well done SSG!
      • Myth: I learned that Lessah’s job sux.
      • Sahba: Carbonated water is terrible!


Rumors, News, and Lies


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!!
    • Go see Ready Player One. It’s enjoyable.
    • RuPaul’s drag race, Season ten!
      • Only 2 contestants are a real stand out for me.
        • Ms Craker and Asia Ohara, I like Blair, she reminds me of Chris Colfer when he was like 12.
      • I’m sorry but I just don’t like Eureka. She doesn’t present as a nice person. Vixen doesn’t seem very nice either. I like Blair. I’m sorry Blair, this probably means you are going home. I also like Asia and Monet.
    • Riverdale
      • I did not watch! No time!
    • AP Bio – Random comments about this show. DNA, underground railroad, sleepwalking, unattended murdered body. Should he leave her or do they deserve each other?
      • My thoughts
    • The Crossing
    • Shadowhunters
      • Did not watch, not time!

RuPaul cheat sheet


Contestant Name Age Hometown Outcome
Aquaria Giovanni Palandrani[6] 21 Brooklyn, New York TBA
Asia O’Hara[a] Antwan Lee[7] 35 Dallas, Texas TBA
Blair St. Clair Andrew Bryson[8] 22 Indianapolis, Indiana TBA
Dusty Ray Bottoms Dustin Rayburn[9] 29 New York, New York TBA
Eureka[b] David Huggard[10] 27 Johnson City, Tennessee TBA
Kameron Michaels Dane Young[11][12] 31 Nashville, Tennessee TBA
Mayhem Miller Dequan Johnson[13] 35 Riverside, California TBA
Miz Cracker Maxwell Heller[14] 33 New York, New York TBA
Monét X Change Kevin Bertin[15] 27 The Bronx, New York TBA
Monique Heart Kevin Richardson[16] 31 Kansas City, Missouri TBA
The Vixen Anthony Taylor[17][18] 26 Chicago, Illinois TBA
Yuhua Hamasaki Yuhua Ou[19] 27 New York, New York 12th Plce
Kalorie Karbdashian Williams Daniel Hernandez[20] 27 Albuquerque, New Mexico 13th Place
Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Jose Cancel[18] 25 Tampa, Florida 14th Place


Sealed in Amber

Quite frankly, I don’t know what the hell is going on in here. 🙂 But it was fun.

Dark Gifts received from Amber Sarcophagi

The buffs generally grant profane bonuses, last for one hour and are not removed on leaving adventure.

  1. Dark Gift of: Dahlver-Nar, He of the Many Teeth: You’ll be able to resurrect when you die, it said. (Resurrect on death)
  2. Dark Gift of: Delban, the Star of Ice and Hate: Ice and Hate will be your allies, it said. (+15 Cold Spell Power, Hate-magnet like effect)
  3. Dark Gift of: Drizlash, the Nine-Eyed Spider: You’ll be as nimble as a spider, it said. (+4 Dexterity)
  4. Dark Gift of: Ferke, Queen of Poxes: Your wrath will make your foes envy the dead, it said. (+15 Acid spell power, ??? other effects)
  5. Dark Gift of: Great Taar Haak, the Five-Headed Destroyer: Everyone will know their weakness and inferiority to you, it said. (+4 Strength, +3% Doublestrike, +10 Intimidate)
  6. Dark Gift of: Khirad, the Star of Secrets: You’ll see traps and opportunities where others see nothing, it said. (+5 Spot, +10 Search, +10 Disable Device)
  7. Dark Gift of: Norganas, the Finger of Oblivion: The force of your spells will match your personality, it said. (+15 Force Spell Power)
  8. Dark Gift of: Savnok the Inscrutible: Your brilliance will only be matched by your capacity for evil, it said. (+4 Intelligence, +10 Bluff)
  9. Dark Gift of: Seriach, the Hell Hound Whisperer: A pair of contractually obligated Hell Hounds will follow you into battle, it said. (Bug: Reaper spawned a pair of CR: 11 Hell Hounds, if actively fighting or have offensive AOE in place the hounds will die instantly)
  10. Dark Gift of: Shami-Amourae, the Lady of Delights: You will know what’s good for you, it said. (+4 Wisdom)
  11. Dark Gift of: Sykane, the Soul Hungerer: Your ferocity in battle will feast on the souls of the slain, it said. (Vampirism on melee attacks)
  12. Dark Gift of: Tarakamedes, the Grave Wyrm: You will leap over deep chasms in a single bound, it said. (+15 Jump)
  13. Dark Gift of: the Vampyr: You will know how to turn into a vampire lord, it said. – (Unknown ???)
  14. Dark Gift of: Vaund the Evasive: You’ll be better at something rather vague, it said. (+10 Tumble, +10 Bluff, +?? Dodge)
  15. Dark Gift of: Yog the Invincible: You will be invincible, it said. – (+4 Constitution, -?? Movement Speed)
  16. Dark Gift of: Yrrga, the Eye of Shadows: You will know how meaningless existence is, it said. (True Seeing  ???)
  17. Dark Gift of: Zantras, the Kingmaker: You won’t take no for an answer, it said. (+4 Charisma, +10 Intimidate, +10 Diplomacy)
  18. Dark Gift of: Zrin-Hala, the Howling Storm: Your fury will lash out at your foes with lightning and thunder, it said. (+15 Electrical Spell Power))
  • Please help us update: (Gifts; wording, descriptions and effects, many more are still required!)


Loot – BTA. mL 29


Legendary Twisthallow Cloak Cloak
Legendary Shadow’s Footsteps Boots
Legendary Coat of the Traveler Medium Armor
Legendary Deathwarden Ring
Legendary Shadowhail Cloak Cloak


The Final Vintage

This was a short but really fun one. How can you go wrong with so much wine?? Not even brown mold will ruin your buzz!




Legendary Suppressive Fire Rune Arm
Legendary Mirrorplate Tower Tower shield
Legendary Braided Cutcord Belt
Legendary vKnifepalm Gloves
Legendary Scarlet Scale Cloak Cloak


  • Other games (this week other games is kind of combined with All things Mythery!)
    • Ark Survival Evolved
      • I suck at life and other things.
      • New server, new map?
    • Tom Clancy’s The Division
      • Mission with Mythery. Lessons in failure.
        • I love this game.
    • Bermuda
    • Subnautica
      • I LOVE THIS GAME! I made a Sea Moth!
    • Rust…
      • I (still) really like the game, I can’t help it. I just played for a bit, gathered things and then gave them away to random people.  
    • Subsistance
      • This game…
    • Minecraft!!!
      • The Damsels are back in action! Traveling to the Nether on day 1? Whynot




  • All things Mythery


    • Mythery says the Best one liners during Minecraft. I propose she twitches Minecraft when we play!



  • I’m in my last two weeks of school. My schedule will get better but quite a bit more chaotic because my job isn’t exactly stable. This next show should be ok but I can’t promise anything. Not until after May 12th.
  • Mythery – I learned that soon we won’t be getting a birthday present at all. Seriously, we used to get a choice of something really nice and useful for each and every character we owned. Then two or three years ago we got something nice but for only one of our people. This year we got a cosmetic item. Granted, each of our guys got one but come on… I don’t mean to be rude to whoever designed these but don’t go into fashion design. Blech! How about a choice. Or how about making it awesome looking. I know you know how to do it because the cosmetics for sale in the store vary in price and the nice looking stuff is the most expensive. My point is that you know if it looks good and this “present” would not sell in the store. Honestly though, I don’t understand at all why we have gone from getting something useful for each character to this. It isn’t like DDO is putting money in my bank account by doing this. Or a better point, they aren’t taking it out of theirs. If I am the type to spend my money in the store, a gift is not going to stop me from spending and if I am not, getting a taste of something I could purchase might actually get me to buy something. And even if it didn’t it would change nothing as far as what DDO is putting in their pockets. They wouldn’t be losing anything and would be making people happy. So I don’t get it! And yes I know complaining about a present isn’t cool and isn’t really something I have ever done but THEY started it not me and I happen to have a strong opinion about it.
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – Apr 28, 2am EST
    • Podcast – Apr 29, 2am EST


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