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Damsels of DDO Episode 81, Free Stuff

Free Stuff from Challenges!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. It’s a new year and a new week! So we decided to help Sahba get some free tokens via the challenges in House Cannith. I think Sahba was short in the end. She was short in the beginning if you ask me. (Halfling!) Thanks so much for listening!  


Here is the show, just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download!  

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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, January 7th 2AM Eastern. This is our 81st show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps [zzzzz]:

    • So much has happened!  
      • Happy New Year!
        • Late Christmas Card from the Damsels!
      • Festivault Note
        • Save a twig and a stack of coal!
      • Challenges, to max colossal crystal, you need to have a minute of time and three players who can operate independently.
      • Are you against buying coins?
        • Work the Auction House mid week. That’s how I won coins on the cheap!
    • Lessah tells an embarrassing personal story…
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: Mythery is planning to kill me.
      • Myth: I learned how much I really hate going to the post office, New Yorkers need my help to clean up their cities, and Lessah is harder to kill than I thought.
      • Sahba: Mythery is dead to Lessah


Rumors, News, and Lies


  • Before we start!  
    • Star Wars?
    • Justice League
    • Confessions of an Anime addict:
      • Recovery of an MMO Junkie
      • Ancient Magus Bride
      • Chihayafuru
        • Sports amine? Card game.
      • Convenience Store Boyfriends
      • First Love Monster



We did some epic challenges last night. The most fun one was where the kobold gets the really big crystal and takes it back to the beginning. I liked it best, except the part where Sahba was mean to me, because there was more things for me to do besides stand in the middle and kill stuff (and they wonder why I don’t know the maps, sheesh!). The reason we did these epic challenges is because apparently you can trade 300 of the end rewards, whatever they are as long as they are the same thing, in for a token of the twelve and of course you can trade those for hearts of wood. Cool huh?


Festivault is almost over so we may as well talk about cakes and cookies. But before we start that I have to say how much I love love love sun flasks!!!! Someone sent me a bunch in the mail and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Thank you so much Zazo!!! OK, on to cakes and cookies. I got a cake that casts firewall!! Is that new? I didn’t know we had one of those. I think that is one of my new favs. My other favs are azure sky jumping cake, fairy court good hope cake, and the blade barrier cookie. There are a lot of great ones, plus you need to save your sticks and coal to build your snowman when the Risa Games roll around.


Lessah and I played our reaper babies some this week. We did several quests but I want to talk about the pit. That was so much fun! I didn’t think to look at the time but i know it didn’t take us very long either. I’m not sure why people complain about this quest so much. It’s fun, has good xp, and vents that blast you into the air. What more do you want? We were at level and there were only the two of us so we didn’t have any power advantage. The only room that took a while was the one where you have to pull all of those levers to turn of the security system, I think. At the end we went for Muck Doom. We did not get it. That is the most elusive weapon ever! I think I have 2. 2! After all of these years!!



Item Enhancements ML Bind   Quests
Robe of Acid Armor Bonus +5

Conjuration Focus +1

Corrosion +48

Green Augment Slot – Topaz of Acid Resistance +10

6 Bound to Character on Equip End Chest
Muck’s Doom +3 Enhancement Bonus

Red Augment Slot

Ooze Bane

6 Bound to Character on Equip Avatar of Juiblex‘s Chest
Enlightened Robes Armor Bonus +5

Green Augment Slot – Topaz of Acid Resistance +10

Wisdom +3

Fortification +75%

6 Unbound End Chest
Docent of Acid +4 Enhancement Bonus

Conjuration Focus +1

Corrosion +48

Green Augment Slot – Topaz of Acid Resistance +10

6 Bound to Character on Equip End Chest


  • Other games
    • 7DTD
      • Permadeath! RIP Cadimere
      • New game with new rules! THE REAL WORLD
        • Me and Mythery found each other right away!


    • Ark Survival
      • Ark Aberration
        • Ravagers and Otters!
        • We built a houseboat and we live on it.
      • Ark Survival Evolved, The Island
        • Wolves!
    • Rust
      • Rust is a very intense game that you can’t simply log on, play five minutes and log off. You have to commit for the day. Days. String of days. Whole week…or three.
        • I haven’t been playing because of a certain sale that sucked me into other games…
    • The Forest
      • Really challenging game!
      • I want to try and tame the cannibals.
    • Tom Clancy’s The Division
      • We have to save Manhattan!





  • All Things Mythery:   (thanks, Bonnie Bew for the kick-butt theme song!)


      • How many robes did you have to sift through in order to find three that were cute?
      • Southern: I tell you what….
        • I am so proud of Mythery , she is never afraid to learn something new.
          • Mythry came to play.


  • Mythery (Sahba) Says:  


    • Oh. That’s what makes us so loveable.
      • Myth is never shocked or surprised by anything. When she is looking for something in game, even if she’s in danger, she says “oh” when that thing is found.



  • Coffee is coming!
    • This is not a money-making venture. It’s a way to be able to drink out of a mug with the damsels on it. We would have to sell a thousand coffee mugs in order to make a living. That’s never going to happen.
  • Mythery – Fix the cold spells. And read our book….
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – Jan 20, 2am EST
    • Podcast – Jan 21, 2am EST


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show!


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