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Damsels of DDO Episode 29, Epic High Road

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The Damsels went back for an Epic Elite run of the High Road and good times were had by all!  There were casters, shadows, and even a medusa!  Sahba Jade doesn’t like it when we fight right next to her while she’s petrified for some reason.  Find out what happens when a rogue can’t jump!  Thanks so much for listening!



Here is the episode, just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download.

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Here is the quest for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!




  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on November 25th at 11:00 PST. This is our 29th show.
    • Who wants PIE?!
     photo star wars pie.jpg

    May the fork be with you


  • Sahba Jade is not my friend.  😛
    • She doesn’t like it when we fight next to her while she’s turned to stone.
      • “Could you move the fight?”
      • “Where?”
      • “Away from me.”
  • We made it!  Level 28!  I will TR in the Divine Sphere (again!)
    • Sahba
    • Myth
  • Solo questing plan worked out great.
  • Epic TR experiment change up!
    • Permadeath Lessah is 200k from 28 and will epic TR and then heroic TR before the next update.
    • Holding out for 5000 favor.  I am currently at 4150 favor.  No Epic favor has been garnered yet, missing two big raids…
      • Which leads me to…. um…. a favor?  Pppppppplllleeeasse! Halp meh!
  • Rumors and News
    • Night Revels – came back for the weekend and I used up my chocolates on PD character.  Thanks, Turbine 🙂
    • Cordovan – Movember – through Dec 1 – over $4,000 – raiding on Argo
    • Buddy weekend
      • 10% extra xp for each additional member in regular quests – 50% total
      • 5% for raids – 55% total
    • Holiday Sales
      • Expansion packs and bundles in the DDO Marketplace – 85% off through Nov 30th
      • Turbine point sale – double bonus points through Nov 30
      • 50% off Iconics and +6 Tome of Supreme Ability – through Nov 30
      • Otto’s Boxes – through Nov 30
      • 20% off Augments, Select Cosmetics and More – through Dec 3
    • DDO Players talk with Severlin (executive producer)
    • Forum topics
      • The Epic Reincarnation grind in off-destinies is not fun. Actually, the grind for EDs in general for Fate Points is not fun (for off-destinies). Do you have any plans in the works to improve the situation? Such as, perhaps, gaining half ED XP in a designated off-ED while in your primary (i.e. fun) ED?
      • What is going to happen to Mortal Fear?
      • When will raid counters persist through TR?
    • Update 29 Feats: Overview
      • New XP Curve
        • level 30 at 8.25M XP
        • Changing lower levels (level 21 tentatively at 600K XP)
      • At level 29, third epic destiny
      • At level 30, standard feat and a Legendary feat
      • Every epic level will grant (+3 MP and RP; +1 to all skills)
        • +6 Universal Spell Power
        • 1% discount to the SP cost of spells
        • to hirelings, pets, and summoned creatures
          • +5 MP, RP
          • +10 universal spell power
          • +5 prr
          • +5 mrr
  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Who
        • Matt Smith
          • River Song.  All River all the time.
    • Heroes Reborn.  I have to wait until January..WHAT?!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
      • So happy to have Katana Girl back in the story line!
      • What was with that scene with the deer?! Really?  “You are butchering it.”
      • Dark girl and her brother.  So EMO.
      • Wishy/ washy brother.  “Okay, I’ll help you!”
        • Why didn’t he lose his ability when he touched that fire guy.
    • ANIME
      • If you are not watching Gangsta, what are you doing with your life?


More Highroad

Rest Stop

We were roaming around in a broken down old building when we found out it was a castle…or used to be. There was a lot of people around and most of them seemed oblivious to everything going on around them. We spent most of our time chasing a mage around the place and every time we would catch up he would stick a stave into the ground and poof out. Also, this guy was poofing around with a big chest. We destroyed his staves, killed him and looted his chest. I don’t know why he was toting that thing around, there wasn’t anything very interesting in it. We grabbed the piece of Nether scroll we found and took off. Oh, and everywhere we went I seemed to be getting eaten by rats!


Forgotten LightHeavy MaceBound to Character on Equip

ML25: 2.50 [1d8], Spellcasting Implement +21, +7 Enhancement Bonus, 19-20×2, STR or WIS Attack/Damage Mod, Supreme Good, Devotion +120, Radiance +120

Roadwatch BowLong BowBound to Character on Equip

ML25: 2.50 [1d8], +7 Enhancement Bonus, Supreme Law, Aligned, Heartseeker VI

Stay at the Inn

I guess Oriphuan was handing out bits of Nether scroll to everyone because he gave a piece to the bartender at the Old Man’s Face Inn. Which, by the way, has a picture of a draught beer on it and not the face of an old man. Go figure. We went to the inn where we found the innkeeper, surprise! I think he gave us a key and then told us not to look at anything. We went out to the barn and… Did we look? Lessah? Really, is he stupid or what? Finally we went to the bar, which has a big shiny chest behind it. Above the chest was a cork board. Pretty sure that’s where the barkeeper put the scrap of scroll. I didn’t get anything cool out of that chest either.


BastionTower ShieldBound to Character on Equip

ML25: +7 Enhancement Bonus, Improved Bashing, Shield Bashing – 20%, DR 15/Piercing, Sheltering +12

Bracers of Twisting ShadeBracersBound to Character on Equip

ML25: Disable Device +20, Search +20, Exceptional Seeker +5, Blurry, Resistance +7

Lost in the Swamp

Last of all we went to a swamp and in the swamp we met Kyle or we looked for Kyle and then met Kyle’s ghost. A person can do a lot of swimming in there for absolutely no reason or at least no profit. I kind of liked the swamp better than you would think. The thing I liked the least was the amount of nasty wisps in there. Waaaay in the back we found a medusa and chopped her head off. Have you ever noticed that all medusas are female? How do they reproduce? Maybe they are like paramecium? Then we had to make Sahba jump up on some posts and undo traps so we could loot another chest. She was being ornery though because she fell off and I had to step in the traps anyway. Bad rogue! On the way out there was another chest and someone said there was some good loot to get out of here. I just want to know… where? Where? Where?


Ironwood KhopeshKhopesh – Wooden Khopesh (bypass Adamantine DR)

ML25: 2.50 [1d8], +7 Enhancement Bonus, Greater Stone Prison, Cosmic

WhisperchainLight ArmorBound to Character on Equip

ML25: (AB: 16, MDB: 13), +7 Enhancement Bonus, Blurry, Ghostly, Superior False Life, Insightful Sneak Attack Bonus +5, Heightened Awareness (5)

FUN FUN FUN!  I love this chain!  WIll be looking forward to the Epic Elite run of The End of The Road when we get back to 26!



  • All Things Mythery:   
    • Mythery Says:  “I am helping!”
      • Myth stands at the top of the rocks in VON 3 while Sahba Jade cries for help like the Rakshasa in the giant hold!
  • Ask Mythery:
    • Which DDO raid boss would you go out on a date with?
    • Which DDO NPC is the hottest?


  • POLL!!!  I will add a shield fashion “poll” at the end of the show notes.  Please look at them and vote in the comments on what shield you think Lessah should glamor!  SO IMPORTANT!  (Scroll to the bottom of the show for the pics!)
  • Mythery – Website.  Why can’t I see all the shows?  Well, that will be fixed by me, Mythery Inferno, right away!  I will be working tirelessly to add a links page so no past episodes will be missed.  And you can trust me on this because I AM Mythery Inferno and not some imposter typing words just to make me read them during the cast until I realize …what…I’m… saying…. HEY!
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Dec 8, 11 PST, Inspired Quarter with baby epic TRs
    • Podcast – Dec 9, 11 PST

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 Which one of these shields needs to be immortalized with a mirror of glamouring? 

 photo shield skyvault.jpg

Skyvault Shield aka, some destroyed tavern’s door

 photo shield silver flame.jpg

Silver Flame Shield (From Necro Tier 3 Scarab Powder)

 photo shield PD knight.jpg

Purple Dragon Shield

 photo shield of the morning.jpg

Shield of the Morning

 photo shield epic demon slab.jpg

Demon Slab

 photo shield admirals tiller.jpg

Kobold Admiral’s Tiller

 photo shield barnacle buckler.jpg

Barnacle Buckler

  Put your vote in the comments!