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Damsels of DDO Episode 25, Devil’s Gambit

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The Damsels went to the theatre and watched as Arraetrikos made his big acting debut all over Stormreach!  Find out what happens when someone tells Lessah and Mythery that there is a designer shoe store in the Epic Three Barrel Cove Explorer area!  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the show! Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download.  Thanks so much for listening!

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Here is the quest for your viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!


  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on September 30th at 11:00 PDT. This is our 25th show.
    • Clankenbeard game bonus content!  (Listen on the website or iTunes!) Riiiight now.
    • Let’s ship our names!!!
      • Lessah + Sahba = Lesba or Sabessah
      • Mythery + Lessah = Lythery or Messah
      • Sahba + Mythery = Sythery or Mahba
      • All three!  SML or  Lessmahba
    • I pulled a Guild Amenity!  Danger!
      • Plat vs Astral shards. What to do?
    • Epic Progress Report!
      • Sahba Jade needs to be registered with the Coin Lords of Stormreach as a lethal weapon.
      • Mythery is on the enemy’s side!  HEALS WITH FIRE!
      • Lessah the hero!  Intims are going off nicely and I am no longer getting chopped to bits when I do that thing I was told not to do.


  • Rumors and News
    • DDO Cast turns 400 and will have a special show this weekend (not live).  Lessah put together a segment for it.  Check it out – well, check out the entire show.  Should be great!
    • Update 28 went live! We’ll talk about the quests later but..
      • Anyone check out changes to Deepwood Stalker and Tempest Enhancement trees?
      • New Monster Manual – woohoo
      • Hireling changes – Did Brec, Garrett, and Andaro behave?
      • Spellwards still blocked
    • No challenge left in the game?  We did the new quests on EH, six and seven levels below the quest level.
      • My level 24 rogue could not find traps in the level 31 quest, with all buffs and gear.
    • Night Revels, new Halloween event, is on Lamannia


  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Who
        • Turn Left Episode
          • “It’s a Christmas Star!”  Right fore the star starts shooting at everyone. lols.
            • Sorry not sorry about being a Donna Fangirl.
        • The Stolen Earth
          • All the companions!  So cool!
          • Best Scene ever “We are confiscating your Tardis,” the Doctor says, “okay let me get you the key.” And then takes off.
          • I love how Donna didn’t waste even a second before hitting on Jack Harkness.
          • Also when Donna grows a new doctor and then absorbs part of his personality and vice versa…and then they have an Oy-off.  Oy!
            • My theory, Rose really hooked up with Donna in the end who just happened to look like the Doctor…
    • Heroes Reborn?  Anyone?  The first episode was pretty cool.  They better not screw this up this time.
    • ANIME!!!
      • Nana – It’s on Netflix.  Add this to your queue.  If you are a lady or a guy who likes shows with a more romantic element, WATCH THIS.  The English Voice acting is FIRST RATE.  This is easily going to end up being in the top favorite Animes I’ve watched this summer.  (And I counted my Anime’s, I have completed 24 series with 5 more ip)
        • WARNING!  Do not watch this unless you are prepared to cry.  This Anime made me feel an incredible amount of joy in addition to ripping my heart out, setting it on fire, stomping on it, and then shooting it into space while I watched.


More Gatekeeper patron quests – Devil’s Gambit

Tavern Brawl

ALERT ALERT! Those horrible awful green devils are trying to destroy the pocket dimension in which the Portable Hole resides and I can’t have that!! It’s the place where I can get some peace and quiet, a place where the mood is serene and positive, where the anvils and boulders of life float weightless and sparkle with stardust, a place where I can get away from all of the non magical aggressive jerks around here. Well, for the most part. Some sneak in here and more than a few of those book toting wizards are suspect but for the most part, a little oasis of peace and joy and the devils can’t have it!

That’s what I said anyway, so we immediately went to save my precious little tavern. When we got there we found that they were searching for something called the Transfinite Compass and even though managed to kick all of their butts out of there we didn’t come across any compass.

Grimm and Barret

Apparently the devils are on the prowl in several places, tearing apart things looking for some pieces of equipment, for what? The devils were in the harbor tearing apart the Gatekeeper’s Hostel looking for the Planer Awl. We began our little investigation of the place, with help from some of the hostel’s residents – Grimm, a cute fat rat and Barret, a giant but cuddly dire bear, and Volf the wolf. We wiped the place clean of undesirables and never did come across the Awl. We have to assume that they absconded with it.


  • Docent of Insight: +5 Enhancement Bonus, Insightful Intelligence +2 Insightful Intelligence +2: This item focuses the power of the wearer’s mind granting a +2 insight bonus to Intelligence., Quality Armor Bonus +2, Quality Wizardry II (25 SP), Insightful Potency +5, Green Augment Slot
  • Ivy Helix (Ring): Enchantment Save +3, Illusion Save +3, Spell Save +3, Green Augment Slot
  • Laurel Helix (Ring): Sheltering +6, Fortification 100%,Protection +6, Green Augment Slot

Multitude of Menace

Next, we heard that the Devils had swarmed into the House Cannith Enclave searching for something called a Planar Containment Generator. We were on a mission now so off we went to House C. Once we got there we were told to enter the magewright’s hall where we began our search.      For the most part it seemed that we spent our time chasing a tiefling guy named Carver and we killed him over and over and over. OK, not really, but he was able to make multiple copies of himself and the more we killed the more he made. Ultimately we got the best of him but we didn’t even see a hint of any generator. They must have found it and taken it away before we arrived.


The Twelve have a super special, super secret warehouse where they store super scary magic items too dangerous to be exposed to the public so of course the Devils broke into this warehouse in their search for an item called the Eldritch Attractor. First, I would like to point out that every place we went tonight, we were just in time to see Harry on his way out and the Twelve was no exception. We fought a little bit of everything in here, abshi, warforged titans, orthons, and crazed cultists to name a few, but the oddest thing we saw were some really weird aberrations called Slaad, that look like big toads. Weird. We killed them too.



Aretrekos is a rock star. Seriously, Stormreach cannot get enough of him!

HA, they were all great! 🙂




  • All Things Mythery:


    • Mythery Says:  “There’s a shoe store in Three Barrel Cove?  Cool!”
      • “I’m back here!”  She says as she is running around the corner from a dozen mobs.  LIES!
      • “I have cat face.”
      • I lied to myth today.  “Ouran HS Host club” is NOT an all boys school.


  • Ask Mythery:
    • On a scale of Whatever to Unicorn, how much do you love your current fire savant?
    • What is the square root of glitter?



  • Clankenbeard name game!  Look for this week’s show to be about 15 minutes longer than usual!
  • I am putting together a blog post for my Anime adventures (is it a wrap up?? I have no idea.) I’ll be posing that on DDOCocktailHour.com as soon as I’m done!
  • Mythery –  I need more things to do!  GALLUP POLL!
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Oct 13, 11 PDT, Druid’s Deep
    • Podcast – Oct 14, 11 PDT

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