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Damsels of DDO Episode 22, Microwaving the Vale of Twilight

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This time around, the Damsels did a fast and dirty shroud flag for the wolf pack, pre-vacation for Mythery! Find out what happens when we go off book with no show notes!  Thanks so much for listening!

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Here is the episode!  Just left click and play or right click and “save as” to download.  You could do what all the cool people are doing and be an iTunes subscriber (check out the Podcast Garden link!).  Then you get our episodes even if you don’t want them!  (But seriously, listen to us, because this show is great!) 


Here is the quest we did!  Enjoy!




  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on August 4 at 12:05 PDT. This is our 22nd show.
    • Back from the con!
    • Uploaded three new challenge tutorials today ala Eveningstar
    • 60,000 ingredients and counting, glitch in the matrix, karma


  • Rumors and News
    • Emails
    • Draculetta stood Lessah up at GenCon
    • How much boat paint did Lessah buy during the recent sale?
    • New quests and raid – initial thoughts


  • Before we start!  
    • Dr. Who
        • NOPE


    • OITNB, Chang and Norma’s stories are pretty awesome.  Suzanne/ Crazy Eyes Fan Fiction is making my life.
    • Sense8, Netflix, one season.  Two words: Sun Bak “Call me a Bitch one more time.”


Shroud Flagging

We did quests and made a pie!!


Ritual Sacrifice – stone of might, lily petals, bitterscrub fungus

Running with the Devil’s – stone of battle, bitterscrub fungus, glistening pebbles



All Things Mythery:

  •  Mythery Says:  “Wonka Wonka, Everything is a home run!”


  • Ask Mythery:
    • Did you miss me?



  • Mythery –
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Aug 18, 11 PDT, U27 quests
    • Podcast – Aug 19, 11 PDT

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