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Damsels of DDO Episode 9, Harbinger of Madness

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  The wolf druid pack is back at it and we talk all things animal behavior and fashion! Listen to find out what happens when Sahba Jade accuses us all of foul play!  Thanks so much for listening!


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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on February 25th 2015 11pm pst. This is our 9th show.  It was fashion week here at the Damsels of DDO!
    • You know how when you are in bed and trying to sleep and you think about crafting weapons…and you open your cannith crafting app… Crafting app? While in bed?
    • Sahba Jade is storing track balls in my attic.  How did they get there?  I also resent the fact that I would purposefully get Sahba killed just for the sake of a few points! I resent it as well!!!  (Tell Myth thanks for the help in killing Sahba!)  
    • Lent, week one progress report!
        • Sahba – diet coke at home and get all collectibles and turn in
        • Lessah – coffee; no wearing cosmetic armor
        • Mythery – phone games; no Garrett
  • Rumors and  (or) News  (and whatever I want to talk about) by Sahba Jade:
    • It is against a paladin’s religion to bathe regularly.
    • Mimics are out tomorrow!
    • Mythery is going out on her own – she was on the DDO Players News this week
      • Lessah is a halfling

Trivia Question for 500 TB – three-parter –

  •     Lessah has homework – what is it?
  •     Who was the best Doctor, according to Sahba and Mythery?
  •     What is the Best episode of Doctor Who?

Before we start!  

  • Dr. Who talk! (Aliens, maybe you should plan your invasions better.  Like the Fifth Wave!)
  • The Fifth Wave, 2nd book, Legend.
  • What movies or shows has Sahba and Myth watched?

The care and feeding of Winter Wolves.  The Harbinger of Madness, the madness continues!    

  • Sinister Storage – into a warehouse fighting waves of taken, and thaarask hounds while Mahlurst stands up on a platform hurling insults and whining about us killing his minions.
    • Staff of fleshslapping –  devotion 72, healing lore V, nullification 72, void lore V, Efficient metamagic –  empower healing II, spellcasting implement 15 (ML 15)
  • Fear Factory – Morley Blode has been bonking stormreach residents over the head and using their bodies to perform experiments which result in making them crazy with a final result of making a taken. Taken are these bipedal drippy grey monsters that make a liquidy squishy sound when they walk and true to their sound they are pretty squishy as in “easy to kill”. So we went through the door to a warehouse and found ourselves in room after room that had about 4 inches of people juice on the floor and something that looks like large vines with pods on them. Smashing the pods results in having either a half baked crazy human trying to kill you or a completely baked taken trying to kill you. I swear, where is the appreciation? We also ran into some Kobolds and more T hounds. Geeze, kobolds just think they have to be involved in everything! Finally we got to the lowest level of this goop factory to find ole Morley himself, I’m pretty sure he was experimenting on himself too. But we put him out of his misery, I’m sure he wasn’t grateful either.
    • Infused Chaosrobe – great item! ML, spell turmoil- when casting any offensive elemental spell (fire, cold, etc) there is a chance to gain a +20 alchemical bonus to spell power for 30 seconds, lesser evocation augmentation ix (increases caster level by 1), trace of madness (will tell more after second chain), power drain – lost 30/60 sp)
  • In the Flesh- find Yaulthoon.First the underwater chest. We went into a third warehouse, this one was decked out! Lovely statues of taken everywhere, which came to life, broke out of the glass and tried to kill us. Up the ramp met Pixel killed Pixel. Then undead Pixel. Got a crest, watched the fashion show. Found Yaulthoon. Killed him.

Other named loot


We liked this quest chain even though we died a lot!  There are some surprises that you will like (buyer beware of Permadeath pitfalls!)

  •  Mythery Says:  I DO get everything. 



  • New shows will go up on ITunes by Friday the You Tube version will not be posted until Saturday to give me more time.  Staying up all night and working to get the show out by Friday is killing me and I’m often too tired to participate in other groups.  Definitely Maybe.  Sahba is always strict with my deadline.
  • Mythery needs to be supported in the manner in which she has become accustomed!  Pay pal for the Damsels?
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?  Wolfpack in GH
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch Tuesday – Mar 3, 11 PST
    • Podcast Live Broadcast – Mar 4, 11 PST
    • FYI, March 10th broadcast will begin one half hour later because of the time zone of our guest!

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Shhhhh! You will not find this outtake from Episode 9 anywhere else!  Enjoy!

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