The Fanservice Experiment

Mission Statement:  Fanservice is a multiverse role playing guild in the Dungeons and Dragons Online Universe with a specific set of rules that combines Roleplay with Permadeath elements.

Vision Statement: To have fun while at the same time challenging the player to follow a specific ruleset in order to make the game more roleplay friendly and closer to a tabletop session of D&D.


  • Who: The Damsels of DDO, Lessah, Sahba Jade, and Mythery
  • What: This will be a static group at first that will run for about a month so we can work any bugs out of the Guidelines.  After that, it will be open to anyone who wants to join and try it out!
  • When: Sundays at 9pm Pacific Time, that’s 11pm Central.  We will run for about two hours each session.
  • Where: The Cannith Server. The “Fanservice RP PD” Guild already exists!
  • Why: Whynot?


Here is what we are looking for!  Three players who are willing to try this experiment out for about a month as a static group to help work a few bugs out of the rules.  After that, it’s an open forum!

If you are thinking of putting a character in the “FanService” guild, read the guidelines and rules so you know what you are getting into!  Send Lessah an email,, and volunteer!  We need three people to fill the group and then we can get the ball rolling!
 photo guidelines.gif

  • Stay true to your character and alignment. 
    • Example: Lawful good rogues should not go around picking pockets.  Instead those rogues should simply tell the other player that the money would be better with them, or something similar, and then have a “roll-off”.
  • Origins – Your character does not have to come from Eberron or even the D&D Universe.  He, she or it, can come from your favorite television series or book.  Want to play as a warforged and role play your character as a Cyborg, one of the Borg, or even Ironman? Do it!  Want to play a drow as a ferengue from Star Trek? Want to play as one of the Gilmore Girls? Go for it! As long as the other players can reference where your character is coming from (like on YouTube), it’s all good! Just make sure you are able to play out your character’s reactions to being teleported into another universe.
  • Personal Goals – Every character has their own (tangible) agenda. Work it into your back story somehow and be able to take a screenshot of your goal when you have achieved it!  Some good examples of back stories and goals are down in the random back story section!  Feel free to roll for one or make up your own!
  • Roll-off – Any time there is a dispute, it should be settled via roll-off.  A roll-off is always a D100.  (No extra stats should be added, it is simply dice vs dice.)
    • Example: the Paladin wants to free the little dwarf that is about to be cooked, the necromancer does not care about life and just wants the key.  The two should have an immediate roll-off to see who is right.
  • Talking and typing in character!  Everyone can communicate via the guild chat at any time.  Our guild has no ship to congregate on, so please feel free to choose a favorite tavern or place to call home.  In guild chat, always consider your character to be in the guild hall…even though you are out questing.  In a group, guess what, your character is there too! This way you can interact with guild members all the time!
    • When you need to talk Out of Character, use the OOC Channel.  If you need to say something out of character in the guild/ party chat window, use double brackets.
      • Example: ((going afk for a bit)).  You can also type or say “OOC” for “Out of character”.  Anything you say out of double brackets that ends up in the role play windows will be considered in-character talk.  You can also use your mic, just know that it’s much harder to tell when you are talking in character!
    • When you want your character to DO or think something that people can react to, put it in ::these:: or *these*.  Example: *Ginafay sits at the table*  or this works too, ::Ginafay rolls her eyes:: This is appropriate for guild chat and works for party chat as well.  However, let’s take it to the next level.
    • When in a party, use the in-game emotes to express your character’s thoughts or feelings.  (Always make sure to filter /say and /emote through your party chat window so you don’t miss these important things!)
    • In game, just “right click” on the party-chat window tab, and another menu pops up, mouse over “set incoming text types” and another menu pops up, make sure “emote” and “say”  have a check mark by them.  You can create a new chat window that you use specifically for roleplay if you like!
      • You can also use the emotes to help your character express things that are not inherently built into the game.
        • Example:  typing /wait will make your character appear to wait and whomever you have highlighted will the be the subject of the wait emote.  As in, “Ginafay waits on Sahba”.
    • Instead of doing the above, try making it more specific to your character:
      • Example: Type /wait Ginafay seems irritated.  Now your character will do the “wait” emote and the words “Ginafay seems irritated” will be displayed instead of the regular emote text!
  • Out of Character Chat Channel
    • Type /joinchannel fanserviceocc, this way you won’t clog up the guild and party chat windows!  Please try to keep all OOC chat in this chat channel!
  • Character traits and quirks – your character should have at least one quirk or thing they do all the time that helps define them.  You are allowed to have more than one and we have created a random chart to help anyone who wishes to let the dice decide!
    • Example: A character might love mushrooms and constantly pick them up saying they are going to make soup out of them. Later they might offer someone in guild chat a bowl of mushroom stew they just made.  If you are having trouble picking a quirk, why not try a random quirk at the bottom by rolling a D20!
      • You do not have to list your quirk or your backstory in your bio unless you want to.  Other players should have the courtesy to ask you where you are from or why you keep doing those strange things.
  • Avoid forceplay statements – This means, when you are role-playing something your character cannot directly get away with in game (like stabbing someone), always put a qualifier on the statement.
    • Example of what NOT to do:  *Sahba Jade stabs Lessah and removes her kidneys*  This is nine kinds of wrong.  It is up to the recipient of the action whether or not the action goes through.
    • Example of the CORRECT way to phrase that statement:  *Sahba Jade tries to stab Lessah and remove her kidneys*  See the difference?  Now Lessah has an opportunity to react and counter with something like: *Lessah jumps to the side getting nicked a little, and glares at Sahba Jade*  “Owe! What do you think you’re doing?!” Forceplay (like God-moding) is very violating to a roleplayer.
  • God-modding – This is when your character has no limits to physical/ mental abilities. They can do anything, never need a concentration check, they always succeed.  This can also be called God-modding when you take control of someone else’s character during roleplay.  This is one of the rudest things you can ever do, so don’t do it.
  • Avoid Meta-gaming statements – Your character is not all-knowing and all-seeing.  We have all been in Water Works, everyone knows where the traps are etc etc.  If it is your character’s first time in the quest.  Act like it.  Also, don’t read someone’s bio and assume your character already knows all the information about them.  Let that other character tell you about themselves.
    • Example:  Let’s say your character is colorblind.  Other players shouldn’t be able to tell that just by looking at you.
  • Other things we don’t want:  
    • Characters that have suicide, extreme depression, character mutilation, and an otherwise harming storyline.  Remember, think “light and fluffy” tabletop role playing, not “World of Darkness”.
    • Romance – As a side note, it would be best to avoid heavy romantic storylines as these normally break up guilds, even when they are obviously in character and sometimes even when the roleplayers are a couple in real life! This is always dangerous ground. Don’t just tread lightly, take my advice and don’t tread at all.   A cool way to avoid this is to make your character involved with an NPC in Stormreach, one of your alternative characters, or even the significant other of a hireling.  Bottom line, we are here to kill things and take their stuff, not hook up.  Use your best judgement.

     photo now kiss.gif

    • DDO does not have Evil alignments. Therefore, there are no true bad guys.  Leave that to the mobs.
      • Example: Let’s say you want to play as Lord Voldemort.  Know that his alignment stops at True Neutral.
 photo voldemort.jpg

Lord Voldemort is now Neutral Good?




 1.)  Death – Your character is directly connected to your base constitution, plus tomes. For every death that occurs, you are allowed to rez at the shrine or use a spirit cake. Do not use store bought cakes, they are a waste of money.  Every death that occurs counts against your base constitution, plus tomes (see the exception below). Keep track of your deaths via your character bio in game.  If you run out of constitution, you must delete that character or remove it from the guild.

  • Exceptions to this rule:  
  1. If you receive a raise from a party member who has the spell memorized, it will not count against your constitution.  If a hireling with the Raise Dead spell raises you, it will not count against your constitution.
  2. Your “death counter” will reset both when you TR and Epic TR, in order to encourage the maximum amount of character life and gameplay!
  3. There is no death counter or rule regarding the raising of pets.
  4. As you can see, we have made next to impossible for a player to permanently lose a character.  However, it is not a guarantee if your play-style is reckless.

2.) Deleting your character – You don’t have to delete your character, simply remove your character from the guild.  If you are going to remake the character, there are no will items or things to be passed down.  That character is gone forever.  Bury them and send flowers to the gravesite.  Also, joining the guild means any money or property you had when you died for good belongs to the guild bank per your last will and testament.  Appropriately named: “Fanservice”. Mail it all to her and she will find it a good home!

    • Let’s talk about death in-depth!  
      1. Lag.  It happens.  Sometimes you die because of it.  We are very sorry for your loss.  We will miss you and think of you often.  Next time make sure your virus scan isn’t set to run when you are playing.
      2. City deaths.  Falling from a high place can kill you.  Why did you do that?  Go reroll!  If you fall from a high place and you are over level 14, you deserve to die.
      3. Instant deaths.  There are places where you will die and not come back.  Examples are: The Restless Isles, House Kundarak over the big bridge, Sschindylryn has a deep cavern that will kill you instantly if you fall into it, and Sorrowdusk has a lovely lava pit with a bridge over it.  This is a controversial ruling, but if you die in one of these places, you are not dead. Just recall and join your group like nothing happened.  In these cases, other players cannot attempt to get to your stone and recover your body.  That would not happen in a tabletop game.  Even the most heartless DM would not make you reroll due to a weird mechanic.
      4. Scrolls or cakes! If the person who is dead has the scrolls in their backpack, you can sift through the pack and use it on them.  Simply make a D20 roll plus your UMD and have the player destroy the scroll or cake.  (You do not have to make a UMD roll for the cake.)
      5. Do not leave and reenter a quest (say to pick up a scroll to save someone or jump on your alt who is a cleric to raise a dead player).  Use your common sense.  Death is supposed to be uncomfortable, otherwise everyone would do it.

3.) Free stuff!  Everything that you can get for free, get it.  i.e. Daily dice, challenge tokens, free sample of the week, etc etc.

    1. If something is not free and you still want it, you are allowed to get it as long as it does not affect game play.  Keep in mind, you are risking losing what you paid for if your death counter exceeds your base constitution plus tomes!
      1. Example of things you might like to buy!
        1. Bags (all kinds), Cosmetics, Mirror of Glamoring, Teleport Rod, Ice Skates, Hot Cocoa, Buttons of Winning, storage bank/ inventory space, bracelet of friends, hair dye
      2. Examples of things you cannot buy, ever, for any reason under pain of death!  
        1. DDO Store tomes, crafting ingredients/ items (all of them, up to and including Marks of Cannith or the Silver Flame), Slayer pots, XP pots (if you want these things, just roll them in daily dice!), Augments, Jewelers tool kits (those will come as free samples and in dice), health pots, spirit cakes (again, all these things will get rolled and end up with you for free)

4.) Shopping – You are only allowed to buy the potions, wands, and scrolls that your character can memorize and cast as a spell.

Example: If you are a Paladin, you will be allowed to buy cure light wounds potions starting at level four.  You obviously took the time to bottle them up yourself!  On the other hand, if you are a rogue or some other class that doesn’t cast spells, no pots or scrolls for you.  Look under “Trading” to see how you can get them.

    1. Other things you are allowed to buy from vendors include:
      • Components, missile weapons, quivers, tools, collectible and ingredient bags.
    2. You are allowed to shop any NPC Pawn Broker.  As in, Atraxia’s Haven, House Dennith, or Amarath since these vendors will charge you over fair market value for their goods.  Additionally, you are allowed to shop the Favor Rewards vendors (like House Cannith or The Silver Flame) after you have earned that privilege.

5.) Trading! In order to encourage interactive role playing, there is no auction house or shard exchange use in this guild.  You are allowed to sell whatever you don’t want to any vendor or guildie that will take your stuff.

    1. In order to encourage interaction, please do not trade with people outside the guild, (as in the forums, the trade channel, or PUGS).  They are not Fanservice roll players.  Instead, every single guild member is allowed to have their own “store” of sorts.
      1. Example: If the fighter wants to buy some remove curse potions from the cleric, they can do this, but the cleric is allowed to set the price as far above fair market value as he/she pleases.  After all, parts and labor do not come cheap!
    2. If you want to trade between your own characters, please don’t.  In fact, it’s better if all your character hate each other’s guts and never want to share anything ever.

6.) Grouping: You are allowed to join pick up groups and group outside the guild so long as you do not accept any special favors (like loot or money) from these non-guild characters and give any guildies priority for grouping before you join a pickup group.  The same rules for death apply.  If you die, and cannot be raised by someone who legitimately has the spell memorized, it will count against your constitution.  In other words, if you PUG, only take your own loot and leave the group as quietly as you came in.

One caveat to this, keep in character while pugging! Don’t let the odd looks deter you!

    1. Once every three months, we will go out in pairs and pug at least once while role playing!  Don’t be shy!  Just do it!
    2. If you want to group together and you are outside of reasonable level range..who cares.  One of you isn’t getting XP. That’s your problem for being weird and questing with people who aren’t getting you XP.

7.) Questing – Do it. Do it on whatever difficulty you like. Do it as often as you like. Those darn kobolds will never ever leave the sewer!  They always come back!

8.) Ship Buffs – Well, if we had a ship, you could buff on it.  If another player invites you to their ship, for now the answer is no. Ship buffs will make our roleplayers a little more powerful than they need to be right now.

    1. Exception: if you are in a high-level raid (over level 20), feel free to use the ship buffs of some stranger’s ship.  Just know who you are dealing with, because some ships are just giant windowless vans and you might not come back!  Use your best judgement in all situations.

9.) Starting out – You do not have to start at level one.  If you have earned Vet status or want to role an iconic character, then do it!  If you are already on the Cannith Server and want to True Reincarnate a character into the Fanservice Guild, do it.  You do not have to give up your gear from your previous life.  You simply need to be willing to play by the Fanservice rules!

  1. Otto’s boxes – No. Just no. Too much of that defeats the purpose of role play.  Give ME the fifty bucks you were going to spend and I’ll buy us a ship or maybe ten tall latte’s from Starbucks. In fact, give me fifty bucks anyway, I need it more than you do if you are thinking about an Otto’s Box.
  2. General character building – You are allowed to build your character however you like. If you prefer to roll for stats, rather than min/ max, do it.  Want to test out a build? That’s ok too, but remember, if your Int is only 6 or your strength is only 8, that needs to be reflected in your character’s personality somehow.

If you are so inclined, and want to roll a truly random character, Sahba Jade has figured out a system for this below:

For your build, the difference between the high and low ability score can not be more than 8 – if lowest is 8, for example, highest can only be 16.

  • 28 and 32 pt builds
    • roll a d8, add those points to any ability; repeat five more times – you must choose which ability to add the points to on each die roll.  If you are left with an extra point, as in you need two points to raise the ability one but only have one point, add that point to the ability with the lowest score.
    • You may run out of points before rolling 6d8 or you may have extra points after rolling 6d8
    • If you still have points, repeat.
  • 34 and 36 pt builds
    • roll a d10, add those points to any ability; repeat five more times – you must choose which ability to add the points to on each die roll.  If you are left with an extra point, as in you need two points to raise the ability one but only have one point, add that point to the ability with the lowest score.
    • You may run out of points before rolling 6d10 or you may have extra points after rolling 6d10
    • If you still have points, repeat.


 photo taking over the ship.gif

Role-play personality quirks, random table!  (roll a D-20 to see what your quirk is!)

  1. Say it phonetically – You hate being called by a shortened version of your name. People must always use your entire name or risk your ire.
  2. The Drinker – You are addicted to drinking dirty Kobolds and must always carry them/ drink them in the bar even if you don’t need to.
  3. The Grumpy Old Person – You kids get off my lawn!  Back in my day, we didn’t have sewers! The kobolds just ran around the city like they owned it!  You’re all spoiled!  (Must say things like “you’re too young to understand” or “kids today..”
  4. Wood golems are real – Boxes are your favored enemy.  you would rather put a knife in your eye than sit on breakable furniture.  Smash it all!
  5. The conspiracy theorist – Everyone is against you.  The Coin Lords, the Host, The Silver Flame, and everyone else.  They all have an agenda and you will figure it out!  (Paranoid personality disorder)
  6. Arachnophobia.  Spiders? What?! Where??
  7. OCD.  Everything in it’s place and everything needs to be organized.  Also, you will not get any good loot out of a chest unless you do your “ritual”.
  8. The germaphobe – You always worry about the health of your guildmates.  What if they catch too many germs in the sewers?  Has everyone washed their hands?  Everyone needs to take the vitamins you laid out for them!
  9. The Liar – You are a compulsive liar. (exclude this if the character has a lawful good alignment) Any time an enemy casts a spell, you claim it as your own regardless of class.  Example: “I cast that hold person spell, it must have backfired and hit you.”
  10. Yalthoon – You are obsessed with hats.  You have one for every occasion.
  11. No Personal space – You are a “close talker” and tend to crowd others.
  12. Identity crisis – Due to a freak accident, you were permanently polymorphed into a <insert your race here> , but the truth is, you are a gnome.  (An alternative to this is: You are a Kobold.  Why doesn’t anyone believe you?)
  13. The Coward – You are a coward at heart and always try to talk the party out of actually going into a dungeon.  Cause it’s so dangerous.
  14. The Miser – You are cheap.  You never want to buy the round at the bar.  You don’t want to pay a fair price for goods when purchasing from guildies.  You complain loudly at the cost of components, scrolls, etc.
  15. The Kleptomaniac – Any loot that falls out of a crate or box is “yours”.  You left it there, you were looking for that….
  16. The Hungry Hippo – Your character is always hungry.  Every time you stop (like at a rest shrine), you must emote eating something.
  17. The hypochondriac. You are always sick or getting sick from anything and everything. These “bugs” only affect you because you are much more susceptible than everyone `else and of course everyone around you needs to be strong and hearty in order to take care of you and listen to your whining. You always want to go to a doctor but never do because they are useless and can’t cure you.
  18. The Fashionista – Your character is a fashion hound and always changing clothes and trying to get everyone else’s because face it, it will probably look better on you. If you hear of something new in an area you will try to talk the group into going after it no matter the danger. You also try to dress other people because if they are going to travel with you they need to look good, but only with items you have decided don’t go with your outfit.
  19. The Know-it-all – You “think” you are a specialist in everything. You tell everyone how to do their job, what weapon to use, where to stand, etc. If things go bad, even if they have done exactly what you said they should, you will say they have done it wrong and didn’t listen to you as they should have.
  20. Mr. Magoo – You can’t remember anyone’s name and are always calling them some mangled version of their name.


 photo you heard of me.gif

Roleplay Back Story and Individual Character Missions, Random Table (roll a D-20):

  1. You were a Vegas lounge singer until one day, you fell into a hole in time and space. You ended up on the shores of Korthos Island looking at a little person named Jeets Shimis.   (You must make up a song in every single tavern you walk into “lounge-singer-style”. Additionally, this build must have at least one level of bard and can never skip the Korthos Island storyline.)  ←–rolling a 1 is never good!
  2. You are a spy for the Underdark Drow of the Forgotten Realms.  The pay is lousy, but they have a dental plan, so you send regular reports to them and try to collect dragon shards when you can.  (Collect 50,000 dragon shards to accomplish this goal.)
  3. You are the son or daughter of a farmer in the Cerulean Hills. Your parents kicked you out because you were eating them out of house and home and had no aptitude for farming.  (Must always max out slayer/ rares/ explorers in the Cerulean Hills)
  4. You came to Stormreach to fulfill your dream of becoming a wizard.  The only problem is, you are much better at healing than wizardry.  (must have at least one level each of cleric and wizard in this build)
  5. You came from a very rich family, the night you got to Stormreach, you lost all of your money in a poker game. Now you have to earn it all back or risk shaming your family’s name.  (Must reach the plat cap to accomplish this goal)
  6. You are a refugee from Korthos Island, but no way are you ever going back there!  What if that dragon comes back? (This character cannot do any quests on Korthos Island)
  7. You trained so hard as a bard in Khorvaire, but you just can’t get it right. You failed out of bard training.  Now it’s time to try something different. (This character must never play songs but must have at least one level of bard.)
  8. You are the love-child of one of the Coin Lords of Stormreach.  One day your father will acknowledge you.  (must always do Lordsmarch quest chain up to or on elite.)
  9. Your parents were paladins, your aunts and uncles were all paladins. Being lawful good is in your DNA, but you are a <insert non-paladin class here>, (this build must be Lawful Good and reluctantly do the right thing.)
  10. Your mother and father were both very tall.  So why were you born so short?  Sometimes you fail your save vs DNA.  (This character must be a dwarf, but roleplay as a short human)
  11. The Silver Flame ruined your families gambling establishment.  How dare they!  The Silver Flame makes you sick.  You complain loudly and often about any quest where you are required to work for them.  (This character can run Silver Flame quests, but must never talk to the Silver Flame Patron to turn in favor. Additionally, you must always run “The Gambler’s Den” and pretend that you are one of the patrons.)
  12. You were raised in the Giant Hold by Hob-Goblins.  When you reached adulthood, they sent you to Stormreach to find your way in the world. Unfortunately, that means you might run into them later and be required to kill them. (This character must do every gianthold quest and collect 100 Dragon, Elven, and Giant Relics in total.)
  13. As an infant, you were abandoned because you were very small and then adopted by Dragonborn. Collecting dragonscales makes you feel closer to your adopted parents.  (This character must be a halfling, dwarf, or gnome, and collect 50 dragon scales, any color!)
  14. Growing up, you were very poor.  You lived in the woods with your family and never took anything for granted. Mushroom stew was the main staple in your diet. (This character must collect a total of 100 mushrooms, can mix and match.  This character must be a druid or ranger.)
  15. All you ever wanted to be was an accountant, but you didn’t have an aptitude for math. However, this does not stop you from trying to improve and practice by studying the old purchase orders from the Phoenix Tavern.  (This character must be a barbarian and collect thirty Phoenix Tavern Purchase orders)
  16. The only good minion is a dead one.  Souls are your thing.  You want to make a necklace out of them.  They are so pretty after all.  (This character must be a Necromancer and trap at least ten high-level souls.)
  17. Science. Isn’t it great? Mentau the Fleshmaker was your idol.  You probably could have done a better job making golems.  Unfortunately, your parents made you train as a healer.  Now you have to study in secret.  (this character must be a Cleric or Favored Soul and collect Powdered blood, moonstones, and cryptmoss worm larva, combined total of 50)
  18. The Lightening Rail would be a great addition to Stormreach.  If only you could get the Coin Lords to listen to you!  Perhaps if you had enough sway with House Cannith, you could get your way!  (This character must be an artificer and do all house Cannith quests including challenges.  Raids will count as a bonus!)
  19. You are a smooth operator and a collector of the finest things in Eberron. You were high born and brought up having anything and everything you wanted. Your life is truly blessed. Even with everything you have, you feel that you should never have to pay for the fine things you acquire and that they should be bestowed on you for, well, just being you. Since they are not, you have decided to obtain the objects you desire by other means. (this character must be a rogue and obtain the most beautiful of all flowers the lily, petal by petal. 40 of them to be exact.)
  20. You stand tall and always lead the way into battle. Your swords are sharp and if there is a damsel in distress anywhere in your vicinity she would surely be saved. You can hear the roar of a cheering crowd each time you rush into battle. The world is safe when you are around. There is only one thing that can distract you from the quest at hand, dust. You say you abhore filth and that only someone with a truly black heart would allow the stuff just to lie around but in truth you just can’t keep your hands off of it. The way it sparkles and glitters, the luminescence of it, just makes your eyes water and your palms sweat, You must have it, have it all! (this character is a fighter and must collect 100 dust of any kind, mix and match).


Note about favor and quest completions** If a player needs the favor for DDO Points or to complete 1750 favor for a tome, it’s fine to do this, but you must role play the character as if you have not done these quests.  Also you will need to take a screenshot of your personal goal completion before you do this if your character is not allowed to complete certain quests.



Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What does Fanservice mean?

    • Fanservice: This means you are so into a character that you want to pretend to “be” them for a while.

2.) Can I use more than one hireling? Can I carry an emergency hireling to call up and raise a party member if they go down? Can I leave the quest and come back with a hireling if someone dies?  

    • This is a controversial rule and We are willing to discuss it further because it is massively exploitive. We will not tell players not to purchase gold seal hirelings,  when to call a hireling, or how many hirelings to call for that matter.  This is all very ridiculous to me (Lessah).  If it gets to be too much, and players are abusing the hireling privilege, we can simply ban the use of hirelings.
      • Think about what you are doing before you do it.  If something feels as though you are violating the spirit of the guidelines, then you are.  Use your best judgement and don’t be a jerk.

3.) Can I join Fanservice with my current <insert level> character?

      • We really don’t want you to do that, but we are willing to talk about it.  As long as you are willing to use the death-counter rule-set and leave when you run out of constitution.

4.) Why can I shop the Pawn Brokers but not the Auction House?

  • At first, Lessah didn’t want any shopping at all.  Thank Sahba Jade for talking her into Pawn Shops because those characters are NPC’s in the game that are there to interact with you the way they would be in a roleplay setting. The Auction House is a cold dark place with outsourced customer service.
 photo angry panda.gif

Ask me one more time…keep bugging me about this. I will ban Pawn Brokers and and happiness along with it! No more happiness!


5.) Why can’t I spend my shards?

    • Go buy a gold seal hireling, roll extra dice, or spend your shards somewhere else.  In fact, give them to me (Lessah).  You don’t need them.

6.) Why can’t I buy tomes or Ottos Boxes from the DDO Store?  What if I already did and I joined the guild after my TR?  What if I get to 20, buy the stuff, then TR and join? Can I do that? Can I, Can I? 
 photo facepalm.gif

    • These things make already overpowered characters massively overpowered.  You are free to build your money-twinked character in another group.  If you are joining as a TR, there is nothing we can do about existing tomes.  Just roll with it.

7.) Can I give the bank loot?  Can the bank use shards on the exchange in order to make money and buy us a ship?

    1. You can give the bank whatever you want, but all money will go towards buying a ship.  All loot will be sold off to the brokers anyway.
    2. We will let our financial planner know and revisit this later when we actually have something of value.


Lessah’s final thoughts:  There are always ways to get around every rule, I have seen everything in many years of playing different styles of Permadeath and Roleplay.  Frankly, trying to keep up with too many rules is exhausting.  If you are thinking of ways to get around the guidelines/ rules, this really isn’t the place for you to be.  Seriously, these rules are as lax as I can make them.  If they get anymore lax, we will have to uninstall the game from embarrassment.  If you are still looking to get around a rule, then you should find a different guild. However, if you think this might be your cup of tea and a fun change of pace from the regular game, then come on board and join us!  Welcome travelers, to the Fanservice Roleplay Guild!
 photo tacklehug.gif