The Damsels Game Episode 159, Wyvern Milk

Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We’ve been busy gamers and we are ready to talk about it all over again. Oh wait…Mythery and Lessah can barely get our of Ark long enough for the show. Why? WYVERNS! Stick around because we talk about them in depth! Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by Wyvern Milk. Need milk to feed your growing baby wyvern? No problem, just get some wyvern milk in the creepiest way possible from the lady wyverns out in the wild. Just trap them, shoot them, milk them before they wake up (you gotta be fast!) steal all that milk and spirit it away as fast as you can to your nearest preserving bin. Don’t forget to add salt…Mythery!


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, January 2nd. This is our 159th show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, other podcast media, Our Website,, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. More on this later 

Our Latest Episode  Raptor Clause 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • Email 

Sahba Jade restraining order: 

Sahba, The Giants of Threnal have asked me to issue you an order to stay away from their caves. Quote: “We are just trying to live our lives here. Those missing adventurers? We haven’t seen them. Get out!” 

  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • DDO 
      • A Quest a Day – Ep 123 came out yesterday
        • In the past two weeks, Sahbajade has finished up Threnal, done the Pit with some friends, and started on the walk-ups in the Desert.  
      • Selected Comment
        • Most of the comments came from The Pit video but my favorite was from Brian Stevens quoting “Do we all have FF?”  
        • Thanks for all the comments.  I do read them all.
    • Lessah’s YouTube Channel
    • Lessah’s TikTok 
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah:Masks Work, Vaccines Work. 
      • Hubs got Covid from a non-mask wearing co-worker, he tested positive and I was in close quarters with him for 2 days before that and then in the same house with him/ under quarantine all week. I had one day where I thought I had a sore throat and a very light headache, it turned out to be Cedar-related/ allergies. I tested negative for Covid-19. 
        • Here’s why: Both of us were masked and he was isolated in another room from the onset of his symptoms. 
          • Side note: Daughter was like, “Mom, you don’t have to wear your mask, only he does.” I was like: “Shut up and put your mask on.” Five days later, she thanked me, because her test was negative too. 
        • I had a booster 3 months ago, so I am at peak antibodies right now. 
    • Myth:    Since I am editing the podcast now, people should probably listen live AND download it to listen again.
    • Sahba: I CAN get too cold.  

NEWS (maybe a rumor or three) and LET’S TALK (more in depth about some games we played than what we cover in our two-weeks in gaming) 

  1. Tidbits of News
    1. NFTs and PC Gaming
      1. From PC Gamer – (From “lows” section of “highs and lows”) NFT Rush: EA, Epic, and Ubisoft are among the big hitters declaring their interest in NFTs.
      2. And, from PC Gamer “Square Enix president knows people who ‘play to have fun’ dislike NFTs, but he wants them anyway”
    2. BioWare said there will be another Mass Effect, since the Legendary Edition was a hit.
    3. From PC Gamer – “A 17-year-old was hacked-off about the Oculus Quest 2’s requirement for a Facebook account, so he coded a workaround called Oculess.”
  2. PC Gamer Best Games of the Year – 2021
    1. Ongoing: Apex Legends
    2. Co-op: Back 4 Blood
    3. MP: Chivalry 2
    4. Horror: Resident Evil Village
    5. Strategy: Old World
    6. Characters: Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy
    7. RPG: Wildermyth
    8. Shooter: Halo Infinite
    9. Open World: Forza Horizon 5
    10. Action: Deathloop
    11. Stealth: Hitman 3
    12. GOTY: Valheim
  3. GAMEiNFORMER’s Top Ten of the Year (From 10-1)
    1. Psychonauts 2
    2. Inscryption
    3. It Takes Two
    4. Forza Horizon 5
    5. Life is Strange: True Colors
    6. Metroid Dread
    7. Returnal
    8. Resident Evil Village
    9. Deathloop
    10. Halo Infinite
  1. Let’s Talk – We are going to try Conan tonight.
  1. Games I think we should give a go 
    1. Halo: The Master Chief Collection or Halo: Infinite (Dec 8)
    2. Conan Exiles – Drac wants us to let him know when we do this.
    3. Deep Rock Galactic – FPS with mining dwarves ($29.99 Steam) 
    4. Path of Exile or POE2 (Free to Play)
    5. Destiny 2 (Free to Play)
    6. STO???
    7. Runescape (Free to Play)
  2. Games we’ve tried and what we thought (SP means still playing, # means number of us SP)
    1. 7 Days to Die – three thumbs up (SP2)
    2. Creativerse – one thumb up (SP1)
    3. DDO – three thumbs up (SP1)
    4. ESO – three thumbs up (SP3)
    5. Grounded – three thumbs up (SP3)
    6. Guild Wars 2 – three thumbs up (SP3)
    7. Minecraft – three thumbs up (SP3)
    8. Neverwinter – three thumbs down
    9. Neverwinter Nights – three thumbs down
    10. Remnant from the Ashes – three thumbs up (SP3)
    11. Satisfactory – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    12. Scrap Mechanic – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    13. Subnautica – three thumbs up (SP3)
    14. Tom Clancy’s The Division – three thumbs up (SP1)
    15. Valheim – three thumbs down
    16. WoW – L thumbs up 
  1. Games We Play News
    1. ARK – Raptor Clause has come and gone, here is what we got out of it: 
      1. Sweaters, Hats, cosmetics, buffs that helped with wyvern wrangling (let’s get into that!)
      2. We have learned so much about Wyvern hatching/ raising/ milking. Here are some things to make your life easier (assuming there are 2 of you):
        1. Build a cage with a solid foundation so you can close your roof, we didn’t and it got a little sketch sometimes. Build that cage out of stone, not wood.  
        2. When you find your chosen lady, make sure whatever bait bird you are riding is on passive and following you. We had a Little bird and a pteranodon kill a low-level wyvern (each) because they were not on passive. 
        3. When you catch your female, milk it FAST once it falls down, she won’t stay down long. Let her get up, stick around and watch her from a safe distance for 2 hours… and milk her again. This way you will have 10 milks that will last for at least two iterations of care, sometimes 3 depending on what the Wyvern asks for. 
          1. About Milk:
            1. Make sure you have salt both in your inventory and at the destination and already in the preserving bin. Salts stack up to 6 and they go bad faster than you think. (I have 20 minutes for each salt…you might think…until they are gone and your milk is ruined. 
    2. Also in ARK – the New Years Event
      1. Gifts will contain a collection of of skins from past events
      2. Drop rates of rare, very rare, and legendary chibis will be dialled to over 9000.
      3. Follow the link to add command lines for unofficial servers.
  1. DDO
    1. The 5th season of hardcore league is underway – 1 Dec 21 – 1 Feb 22
    2. Festivult has arrived – Festivult coins are now in game (for those not on the hardcore server) and the Jester has arrived to give you cookies for the coins, with new cookies and new benefits.
  2. ESO – 
    1. New Life Festival (holiday event) began 16 Dec and continues through 4 Jan.  
  1. GW2 – Wintersday Celebration 14 Dec – 3 Jan
  2. Satisfactory – FICS-MAS runs from 1 Dec – 18 Jan
  1. Question of the show: Best new game you played in 2021?  Best game you played in 2021?
  • Before we start!  
    •  The Wheel of Time (I just started it. It’s pretty good. Episode 3) 
      • I feel like saying: Ok, roll for initiative or roll a search check, every five minutes. 
      • :whines: But I wanted to talk about it 🙂
    • Lost in Space (Finally watched season 3)
    • Watership Down

Ark: Survival Evolved

See the above pro-tips for how to milk and raise Wyverns. 

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • Minecraft – No
  • Satisfactory
    • Just the event
  • Ark, Ark, Ark
    • We have an Argy that needs 10k food to get full
      • Finally, a mutation! So naturally, we bred the bird with all our available females. 
  • Grounded
    • No
  • DDO
    • Iconic TR’d Sahba back to another Iconic Shifter, this time a 1 Barb, 11 Druid, the rest fighter.  One more fighter life to go and I’ll do her last Iconic Shifter life later.  


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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