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Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We are talking about lots of games today and one new one that might surprise you. Remnant. I mean what? It was on sale. Stick around, because tonight we are playing this one and diving deeper. Thanks so much for listening! 

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Episode 153

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This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by scraps of Iron. So useful. In every single game we play, we can never escape iron. Get used it, etc etc.  


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, Aug 29th. This is our 153rd show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Podcast Addict, Our Website,, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • 7DTD, Cadimere Left us with the Horde?
    • Walts Worker
      •  Hey!! Wasn’t me!  It was like 7AM horde day when I briefly logged on 🙂
    • Breetai Beerloaf
      • You need to re-think about who you depend on.
  • 7DTD Very Vanilla Second Scoop!
    • Episode 10, Force Protection – In where Mythery helps me make the new place look awesome! 
      • Let’s Play con Beetho – “Turning that house into a home :)”
    • Episode 11, Meeting the Neighbors – this is a solo episode for me where I get to know my neighborhood. 
      • WaltsWorker – “Shooting a chicken with an AK …”
        • Lessah – “I sense judgment”
          • WaltsWorker – ::Waits for Sahba::
    • Episode 12, Chickens and Steel – where I finally build a motorcycle. I am still really cheap though, I didn’t buy all the steel.
      • Breetai Beerloaf – “Such a Mellow Lessah, must be the new bike.  Looks great!”
    • Episode 13, Shamway Foods, Part 1 – Mythery went with me to clean out the Shamway Foods Manufacturing company. Spoiler: The secret to a can of Sham is soy. The bean, not the sauce. This is a two-part episode and it’s very good, GO WATCH IT! 
  • Minecraft, The Damsels Game and DDO Players News
  • DDO 
    • Sahba becomes Premium
      • Breetai Beerloaf – (after seeing all my characters names) “Someone is a Star Wars fan! Also clearly you need to get the Gnome race, they are superior to all the others.”
      • Thazara of Orien – “Thank you for this.  My VIP expires next week and it’s a bit scary and exciting all at the same time.”
      • Eiahn Matthews – “What are the differences between VIP and Premium? (I am a complete noob. :)”
    • VIP vs Premium vs Free-to-Play
      • Thazara of Orien – “According to ddowiki, shared bank base is 30 slots (free to VIP), while all upgrades are +10 each.”  Thanks Thazara for that info.
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: I learned how valuable iron really is. 
    • Myth:  Voice acting is really important.
    • Sahba: Lessah doesn’t own an alarm clock..and her male dates matter more to her than her female dates.

NEWS (maybe a rumor or three)


  • Fallout TV series in production at Amazon (rumor because all the info I could find is this story – so it may happen, it may not)


  • Online mag news
    • Game Reviews from Game mags
      • Remnant from the Ashes
        • PC Gamer – 77; “This looter-shooter starts drab but goes to unexpected places.”
        • IGN – 8/10; Combat is absolutely fantastic.
        • GameInformer – 8.5/10; Strong systems and a satisfying gameplay loop give Remnant: From The Ashes a powerful foundation, even if the experience is mired by repetitive and uninteresting bosses and environments.
      • Grounded
        • IGN – 6/10 (from 13 Jan 21); “Grounded has a lot of potential as a great survival RPG, but it’s early-access offering comes up a little short.”
        • GameSpot – 6/10 (from 4 Aug 20); “Grounded plants the seeds of a good survival game in its miniaturist world, but it’ll definitely take some time for them to grow.”
      • 12 Minutes Reviews
        • PC Gamer – 53; “Turns out being stuck in a time loop where you do the same thing over and over is as frustrating as it sounds.”
      • D&D Dark Alliance Reviews
        • PC Gamer – 82; some bugs but a blast; brings the world of D&D to life brilliantly; made for co-op.
        • IGN – 4/10; I badly wanted Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance to be an awesome co-op version of the pencil-and-paper tabletop RPGs I’ve loved for decades, but it just isn’t. It’s a bland, boring trek through repetitive encounters that’s filled with bugs and annoying design choices, and though it allows you to play alone you absolutely should not do that because it’s an imbalanced nightmare. I can praise its faithful look and feel, which captures much of what makes Forgotten Realms a great setting, but there’s very little else to recommend about this unpolished mess of a hack-and-slash RPG.
      • 10 best modern RPGs (according to IGN)
        • 10 – Dragon Quest 11: Echoes of an Elusive Age (4 yrs)
        • 9 – Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (8 yrs)
        • 8 – Dragon Age: Origins (12 yrs)
        • 7 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (10 yrs)
        • 6 – Disco Elysium (2 yrs)
        • 5 – Persona 5 Royal (2 yrs)
        • 4 – Divinity: Original Sin 2 (4 yrs)
        • 3 – Mass Effect 2 (11 yrs)
        • 2 – Fallout: New Vegas (11 yrs)
        • 1 – The Witcher 3 (6 yrs)
  • GW2 is having beta events for End of Dragons, the expansion coming Feb 2022.  Not important.  OK, to some, sure, but for me – this!!!  Siege Turtle Mounts!!!
  • Satisfactory Update 5
    • 6 Aug 21: considered final changes up leading up to 1.0
      • Northern forest – new lighting, new foliage
      • Dune desert – some landscape changes
      • Caves – visual look upgrade
    • 20 Aug 21: Ramp railings!!!
    • 27 Aug 21: New cosmetic buildings – new walls, walkways, new buildable types, including roofs

Question of the show (from Lessah)

  1. Would you rather play in third or first person? Is it important to have an option for both? For those watching Twitch streams or videos, would you rather watch first or third person?? 
  • Before we start!  
    • Future man. This show…. Wolf is the best part. 


We played Grounded again last time and we went to see Burgle to get some quests and we were greeted by some spiders that had decided they wanted to take up residence in the research station with Burgle. I don’t think we actually killed any of them but we had a good time screaming and running from them. After that we went over to where this pile of paint cans live and there is a big tree that has berries that look a lot like blueberries and we gathered a bunch of those. There is also a big pond there with a ton of clay! So, we got a bunch of clay too. While we were poking around the pond I found a door. It was locked, so we are hoping to find the key soon. I can’t wait to see what is in there!! Our house is shaping up nicely. This game is so much fun but we are going to give it a little rest tonight and play another game that we found and like a whole lot too! It’s called Remnant; From the Ashes.

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • Minecraft with DDO Players
    • Watch the video! 
  • 7Days to Die 
    • POV Series
      • We will be filming our last episode after Sahba moves, I hope. 
        • OK 🙂
        • Are you bored with 7 Days to Die?
    • Vanilla Series will be ramped up in September. I am releasing an episode every 3 days until it’s all done. At the end of September (date TBA) I will be filming the live episode finale where we will be seeking buried treasure and letting people send us zombies…or supplies…or zombies. 
  • Satisfactory
    • In Rent and my game we have found oil, ran an impossibly long hypertube to it, and are about to make gas generators. 
    • I’m searching for bauxite and also realized I laid my train track wrong.  My car can’t get over the tracks.  Grrr.  
  • Frigid
    • Some of the animations for this game are dodgy. Drinking, for example. I don’t like that I can’t Shift and left click on an item I want to pick up, say…in a backpack or from a road kill or from a campfire and it doesn’t automatically stack with the same item I have in my inventory. That is very easy stuff. 
    • The beginning is supposed to be an engaging and necessary tool for teaching me game basics. I still don’t feel engaged at all in the beginning when I am trying to learn. Right now, they are still working. 
      • I look at games like Subsistence and think: “This game is not given enough credit for it’s elegance. 
  • Remnant
    • This game is like Fallout, Division 1, and GTFO had a baby. The respawns are a bit problematic but they do make you rich. 
    • It reminds me a little of Hellgate: London, some Division.  
  • Grounded
  • DDO
  • Scrap Mechanic


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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