The Damsels Game, Episode 151, Grounded

Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. What do you tell your friends when a game you don’t really like is on sale and you don’t want to be rude? Sometimes honesty is the best policy, even at 75% off. And then sometimes, a free weekend of something might surprise you! Thanks so much for listening! 

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This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by Last-Minute Horde Night incorporated. No Spikes? No bullets? No time? No Problem! Just climb to the top of your favorite building and hope it doesn’t fall down before sunrise! Exit strategy and personal safety not included. Our motto is: “80% of the time, it works, all the time.” 

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The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, Aug 1. This is our 151st show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Our Website, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • Yes
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • Our 7DTD POV Series
    • 7DTD Very Vanilla Second Scoop!
      • Episode 6 
        • Let ́s Play con Beetho That was a traveling horde, they are a thing now, from time to time one will pass nearby and can be attracted by your presence. In a modded game I was on a mission in one of the big buildings and suddenly I hear zombies, 2 small hordes hear me and they were trying to get to me from quite a bit, later they become a problem because some hordes have screamers and if they can get yo they will scream again and again summoning more and more zombies. It was challenging and horribly fun
      • In the most recent episode, “Thank you for your Service”, Mythery helps me look at real estate in a new town. Seeing as how I finally found a trader that I like, I can move. 
        • Here is how my VV Season 2 series works: I put out an episode every 5th day. 1, 5, 10 etc, all the way to the 30th of the month. It rolls right back over to eh 1st, so on those days, you get an extra episode within my 5-day timeline. 
      • Vanilla ain’t easy. It has taken me a while to claw my way into the gaming sweet spot. 
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: If you are going to hide in a roof for a horde, make sure you knock all the rungs off the ladder leading to where you are. 
    • Myth: Just be ready. If you’re ready then you don’t have to waste time getting ready.
    • Sahba: Thoughts for the week – The Olympics

Rumors, News, and Lies 

  • 7DTD Alpha 19.6 stable is out. 
  • ARK Lost Island (not yet available but will be a free, official DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved) – A second creature (voted by fans) to be added to ARK Lost Island will be the Dinopithecus:
  • According to the wiki, this guy will be tameable and rideable, not sure about breedable
  • Creativerse – Are you a morning person or a night person? contest
  • DDO – 
    • Summer Sails – It’s the last week of the Sails sales and guess what’s on sale now, that I will need in a few weeks but can’t buy now because I’m still VIP?? Monster manuals – 30% off.  Some other things, but for those listening (through 1 Aug 21) that don’t already have them, head to the store now and get some +8 Tomes of Supreme Ability.  They are 75% off.  
    • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh is scheduled to be released 4 Aug 21.
      • Three editions, as usual – Standard, Collector’s, Ultimate Fan
      • VIPs also get 10% off the cost  
  • Horizon Forbidden West (Aloy’s continued story from Horizon Zero Dawn) delayed until the first quarter 2022 (Sony).
  • Medieval Dynasty sets a release date – 23 Sep 21 – and a price – USD 34.99 starting 15 Aug 21.
  • .
  • Question of the show – So, GenCon, would you go this year??
  • Before we start!  
    • Republic of Sara
    • Anne with an E 
      • Aren’t sassy/ scrappy red-headed orphans fun? 


We started a new map with Lessah hosting. I really like this game a lot so I pretty much always have fun playing it. Just about the time we were finally setting up our initial iron/copper/limestone  lines someone (Demon some numbers 117?) let us know that while we were standing at the workbench we did NOT have to constantly have to hold the left mouse button. LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION!!! We can’t thank him enough.

So, we are just getting our 1st lines set up and Sahba said she found coal. That puts us ahead or at least we won’t be behind. Coal is the most important thing in the 2nd part of the game. Maybe even the 3rd, although I wouldn’t know since I haven’t gotten that far yet. Lessah found a puppy, now Sahba and I need to find puppies. Puppies are helpful since they bring you gifts like power slugs. We are nicely set up for a great start now. Maybe I’ll finally see what comes after coal generators.

Lessah: Satisfactory was more fun than I first thought. I like exploration. I can see the appeal of the building mechanic. It’s very clean. You get your materials back when you dismantle something. It’s very satisfying…pun. I wouldn’t not recommend this game. I will play it if I am coerced by my friends to do so. Kinda like Valheim, except I like it more. This game, honestly, is mythery’s jam. (That reminds me, for husband swap, you need to play Borderlands 3 with him. He’s bananas at that game.) Nooooo he’s too experienced at that :P~~~

We are starting a Minecraft project next week with the DDO Players and today Lessah taught Draculetta how to play!! I was so surprised when I found out that he was a Minecraft virgin.

Tonight we will be playing Grounded. This game has been free to play all weekend (still good through Sunday). All I know is, you play one of 4 teeny tiny children lost in the backyard and have to brave the dangers of ferocious insects, hunger, and thirst. We played for a short time last night to get our characters and things set up and from what I can tell, it’s going to be really fun!

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • 7Days to Die 
    • POV Series
      • Sahba is BACK! YAY! 
        • Are you bored with 7 Days to Die?
    • I played 7DTD with Friendly Necromancer and it was a laugh a minute. 
      • I have some video footage of that on my YouTube channel. I think I have him addicted to 7 Days. 
    • Vanilla Series is almost done wrapping up. After episode 30 is filmed, I will take a break until alpha 20 drops. Then season 3 will take things…to the desert or the winter. Maybe both. 
  • Ark Survival Evolved, Ragnarok 
    • Mythery and I went looking for a giga. She finally fixed my plumbing. (The nerve!) Ark is just such a demanding game, if I am playing something else, I can’t really commit. So it’s like…Ark or nothing or other games and no Ark. 
  • GW2
    • Staying in the desert for a while!
    • Please can we play this? I have gone in a few times just to clear out low level maps. 
  • Satisfactory
    • Demon117 in twitch changed my life. (He told me how to craft without constantly clicking!) 
  • Grounded
    • Confession time! 
    • This game has a very good crafting system, easy to learn controls, and an engaging/ challenging progression. (Don’t go to the Acorns alone.) 


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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