The Damsels Game, Episode 150, Summer Sale

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We did a little of everything this time around. Our favorites are still our favorites but this time we folded in some new stuff. New for me, at least. Thanks so much for listening!

This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by Damsel’s Plumbing and Electrical Incorporated. When you need water from weird places or electricity to light up the darkest night,  just call our expert technician.  She will be there in a flash to make your pipes or wiring out of stone or metal and then bend them to her will. Our technician also does house painting and roofing. Call today for a free quote! 


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, July 18th. This is our 150th show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Our Website, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • Are we influencers?  NO
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • Our 7DTD POV Series
    • 7DTD Very Vanilla Second Scoop!
      • Episodes 1-16 are up and there will be a quiz later so go watch! I need a Sahba Jade to come to my Vanilla Game now since I have a place that is not embarrassing to live in. (The previous versions were not good enough.) 
        • Here is how my VV Season 2 series works: I put out an episode every 5th day. 1, 5, 10 etc, all the way to the 30th of the month. It rolls right back over to eh 1st, so on those days, you get an extra episode within my 5-day timeline. 
      • It’s like I haven’t learned anything. Still falling, screaming, running, having low level loot and acting like it’s cool. The difference is, I have a mini bike now! 
      • I will say that when you get something nice on Vanilla, you really feel like you earned it. 
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: The Cure for Zombie Fever is a new PC. 
      • Myth: I learned how much happiness a walk-in closet can cause.
      • Sahba: We’ve played games how long and we are still overconfident (“we are overprepared, it’s only horde night 14” followed by “we weren’t ready” as horde night 14 progressed), which leads to very exciting horde nights.  To be fair, it Looked like you were ready.  Those defences looked really good :).  The birds.  Alfred Hitchcock would be happy.
        • I will build two more sets of stairs so the zombies get to choose which line to get in and who gets to kill them. Spoiler alert…everyone chooses Mythery. 

    Rumors, News, and Lies 

    • DDO – 
      • Summer Sails – through July 22nd (new sale each week – this is week 2)
      • When do your DDO VIPs end?  Are you preparing for the downgrade to Premium?
    • GW2 – sign in to unlock episode 3 of Living World Season 3 (through July 20th).
    • Have you heard of the Steam Deck?
    • Question of the show – Steam Summer Sale – What did everyone get??? Have you played the games??? Have you returned them yet :)? What would you have returned but couldn’t because your hour was up??
      • Sahba
        • Bought – Creativerse Pro, Volcanoids, Out of the Park Baseball 22, Tabletop Simulator, Death Stranding, It Takes Two
        • Played – Creativerse Pro, Volcanoids, Out of the Park Baseball 22, It Takes Two
        • Returned – Out of the Park Baseball 22
        • Would have returned – Volcanoids
      • Mythery
        • Creativerse, Volcanoids, Stellaris, The Witness, Plague Inc., Lightmatter
        • Returned Volcanoids
      • Lessah 
        • Bought: Creativerse, Stronghold 2
          • Played both but will go back to Creativerse only. 
          • Creativerse 
            • This game is like Minecraft with cuter NPCs
              • Prettier than MC. 
            • It’s kinda cool. I couldn’t figure out what to do to get started, so I went into Fred’s game and he helped a little bit and I got the hang of things. 
            • It is fun but it makes me want to play Minecraft badly. 
          • Stronghold 2 
            • Being a lord SUCKS. Those stupid peasants just want everything. They poop all over the place and whine when you don’t overfeed them or tax them. 
            • What’s the point of being in power if you have to actually do stuff? 
    • Before we start!  
      • Sweet Tooth
          • This is The Island of Dr Moreau meets Rudolph’s Shiny New Year (60’s Stop motion stuff), with a dash of Oh Brother Where Art Thou and… it’s actually pretty good. 
          • Get you a man like…get you a man who will go on one date and then raise your hybrid lab baby. 
          • I feel so sorry for all the kids…some of them can’t even talk. You can’t tell me that there isn’t a government facility out there studying these kids. 
      • No Season 2 for Lovecraft Country?!?!?!!!
      • Loki on Disney Plus. Go watch. SO GOOD. 
        • What happened in the theatre during Avengers End Game… 

    Guild Wars 2

    Back in the desert again! Woo hoo!!

    The thing I noticed is that Sahba is a true gamer. What took me and Mythery multiple tries and lots of death took her one go. 

    • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
    • 7Days to Die 
      • POV Series
        • Sahba Got Zombie Fever
          • Dr Fred is trying to help, but the cure sounds dodgy. 
      • I played 7DTD with Friendly Necromancer and it was a laugh a minute. 
        • So much fun!
      • Ark Survival Evolved, Ragnarok 
        • My friend Beyonder started playing right after we moved to the desert. 
          • I found a red bird and now I am raising genetically enhanced red birds. 
          • I haven’t explored a thing yet. But…my eyes are open for a Giga. 
      • GW2
        • Staying in the desert for a while!
        • We did the dragon Bash!!!!
      • Satisfactory
        • The landscape is amazing. We have a great base and I just ran coal down the side of a mountain to the base. Not so easy but doable!
        • I played this…you guys are definitely slaves and maybe robots. (Ala Von-Neumann Probe sp?) I liked it better than Valheim and Scrap Mechanic. 
      • Valheim
        • I played this under protest with Taeranos because he played a game with me. Gaming Quid Pro Quo…

      Demon117 in twitch changed my life 


      Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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