The Damsels Game Episode 149, Survival Crafting

Hello! We are the Damsels Game! 

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. Today we are covering our favorite Survival Crafting games. Find out why they made the list! We do more than talk though, we also make videos that we post on our YouTube Channel! The Damsels Game posts gameplay content there as well as podcasts! Thanks so much for listening.

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This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by Mythery Automotive!

Welcome to Mythery’s Automotive! You scavenge the parts and we duct tape them together. Best vehicles in the apocalypse, just ask some of our satisfied customers (if you can catch them). We can make motorcycles in all colors, pink jeeps to make your Barbie dreams come true, and even a selection of helicopters. So, come on in at your earliest convenience.   


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, June 20th. This is our 149th show.  We put shows out whenever we can, you can listen via iTunes, Our Website, or our home at Podcast Among other sources. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • None
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • Ark 
    • Mass Effect Legendary
      • First Fight with Saren
        • Breetai Beerloaf: “Just wonderful, you’re so intense.  Glad to see you re-enjoying the game. I hope to see more of these.”
    • Our 7DTD POV Series
      • Sahba POV 14
      • Lessah POV 14
      • Mythery POV 14
      • Sahba POV 15
        • Breetai Beerloaf: Lessah “You know, you do something one time …” Sahba “One time?”  Lessah “ahhhh ummmm….”  I can’t believe it.  Lessah at a loss for words.
      • Lessah POV 15
        • Breetai Beerloaf: “I love how the first mission was too easy.  Lessah,the thrill seeker – always trying one up the danger.  Also, the second failed because you broke the “Damsel Code.”
        • Mystery “OMG Fun with Flags! What?”
      • Mythery POV 15
        • Lessah: “Good girls bring home their batteries.”
        • Breetai Beerloaf: “There are no winners in house jenga.”
      • Sahba POV 16
        • Lessah: “I like the vanishing cornfield.”
          • Sahba did editing! Loved it. Now you see a cornfield, now you don’t. And The bit with the bunny in the front was very good! 
      • Lessah POV 16
      • Mythery POV 16
        • Lessah: “Parking in the Apocalypse is very important.” -Mythery Inferno
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah: WHen you go out to find something, it won’t be there until you give up. The next day…dolphins galore!
      • Myth:I didn’t know I wanted a shark until now!!!
      • Sahba: …  

    Rumors, News, and Lies 

    • GW2
      • Dragon Bash 2021 – Jun 22-Jul 13 – travel to the norn city of Hoelbrak to celebrate your victories against Jormag and Primordus, remember those lost in battle, and look ahead to the future.  
    • Question of the show – What are your favorite (and one least favorite) crafting/survival games?

    Here is the metric, each category gets a 1-10 score: 

    1. How enjoyable is it? (as in, Do you keep going back? Do you think and plan for it when you aren’t playing?) 
    2. Crafting Mechanics. (How easy/intuitive/fun is it?)
    3. Building. (Does it allow for creativity? Can you terraform?) 
    4. Survivability. (How challenging is it to stay alive? Factor in food/weather and how enjoyable it is to master these things.) 
    5. Playability. (Is this a game you can play for >6months or will you play it a few times and leave forever?) 

    You can rate up to 5 games of your choice. 

    Lessah: (In order from least points to most.) 

    • 5. Subsistence – 40
    • 4. Ark – 41
    • 3. Subnautica – 43
    • 2. Minecraft – 43
    • 1. 7DTD – 44

    Sahba: Favs – 

    1. Minecraft: 38
    2. 7DTD: 37
    3. ScrapMechanic/Raft: 30
    4. Satisfactory: 35
    5. Frostpunk: 23


    • 1.7DTD: 45
    • 2.Satisfactory/Scrap Mechanic: 35
    • 3. Ark: 45
    • 4. Minecraft: 36
    • 5. Subnautica/Raft: 30

    Bonus question: which game do you like the least out of all the survival games you have ever played? 

    Lessah: Green Hell CENSORED! (Spoiler, it’s a picture of a penis, cause F#%& that game.)

    Sahba – Never play again – hated, hated, hated -gets neg score Green Hell 

    Mythery – The Forest/Green Hell I’m pretty sure they are the same game.

    • Before we start!  
      • Sweet Tooth
      • Solos

    7DTD POV

    We wrapped up our time on the road, collected the loot from our random loot boxes strewn about the land and came back home. I made Lessah a pink jeep, Sahba a Quad, me a Buggy and the 3 of us a van. A Hostess delivery van to be specific! Sahba is building a garage in the alien field next door and I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.

    • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
    • 7Days to Die 
      • POV Series
        • I GOT A JEEP! 
        • I got a steel club! 
          • I AM AWESOME! 
        • Sahba Jade is making a parking garage. 
      • So much fun!
    • Ark Survival Evolved, Ragnarok 
      • Babies first day out
        • We were raising babies and pulled a Sacajawea 
      • We went out to find dolphins and adopted two sharks. 
        • Baby Shark! 
      • We found a pink dolphin the day after we stopped looking for them and now…baby dolphin! 
      • We are preparing to move to the desert. 
    • Valheim???!!!! 
      • I played this game… it wasn’t awful. I will not play w/o friends because F*$# that! 
    • GW2
      • Where are we going next? 
    • Satisfactory
      • The landscape is amazing. We have a great base and I just ran coal down the side of a mountain to the base. Not so easy but doable!
      • I got lost and logged off, lost like 30 minutes worth of progress. 


    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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