The Damsels Game Cast Episode 161, Civilization V vs VI

Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. Mythery and Lessah have finally cured their Ark Survival Evolved addiction by getting addicted to Conan Exiles. There is a lot more than we thought to unpack here. Hopefully, Sahba can shed some light on what is happening in the real gaming world. Thanks so much for listening! 

HERE is the Episode!

This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by severed limbs. There are endless uses for these things. All you have to do is well… you know. Loved by many animals in Conan Exiles, severed limbs are a fresh, nutritious treat. Get yours…theirs… today!


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, 20 February CST. This is our 161st show. What to listen to more shows? We have on our YouTube Channel, The Damsels Game, or our Website, More on that in Housekeeping. And you can listen to the show live if you follow us on Twitch. 

Our Latest Episode of Conan Exiles is up on YouTube and easily downloadable on the website. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • We have mail! From Kerkos, with a video:
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • DDO 
      • A Quest a Day – Ep 172 came out yesterday
        • Since our last episode, Sahbajade has completed the Assault and Attack on Stormreach chains, the Desert Caravan, Mired in Kobolds, Necro III with Zazo, the Harbinger of Madness Chain (with help from Zazo for the finale), and started on the road to Eveningstar.  
      • Selected Comment
        • Thanks for all the comments.  I do read them all and respond, where appropriate :).
    • Lessah’s YouTube Channel
    • Lessah’s TikTok 
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week:
    • Lessah
      • Baby turtles do not eat shredded animal roast. 
    • Myth: There are 9 types of kitties in Conan (lynx, jaguar, jungleclaw, lion, mountain lion, panther, sabertooth, tiger, white tiger) and I want them all!!
    • Sahba: Usually, I find it difficult to remember what I’ve learned and this week, three, but as I type this I realize I only remember two.  Oh, well!!
      • Gaming news – DDO Commendations of Heroism can be converted into Greater Tokens of the Twelve at Lahar, in the Twelve. Collect to eventually make “The Master’s Gift.”
      • Non-gaming news (for those non-adults, sensitive to adult language, skip ahead a few minutes) – Rent wins Battle of the Balls.

NEWS (maybe a rumor or three) and LET’S TALK (more in depth about some games we played than what we cover in our two-weeks in gaming) 

  1. Since we are going to have an in-depth discussion in our question of the show, we are skipping this section this week.  Onto gaming news.
  1. Games I think we should give a go 
    1. Path of Exile or POE2 (Free to Play)
    2. Destiny 2 (Free to Play)
    3. No Man’s Sky
    4. STO???
    5. Runescape (Free to Play)
  2. Games we’ve tried and what we thought (SP means still playing, # means number of us SP)
    1. 7 Days to Die – three thumbs up (SP2)
    2. Conan Exiles – three thumbs up (SP3)
    3. Creativerse – one thumb up (SP1)
    4. DDO – three thumbs up (SP1)
    5. ESO – three thumbs up (SP3)
    6. Grounded – three thumbs up (SP3)
    7. Guild Wars 2 – three thumbs up (SP3)
    8. Minecraft – three thumbs up (SP3)
    9. Neverwinter – three thumbs down
    10. Neverwinter Nights – three thumbs down
    11. Remnant from the Ashes – three thumbs up (SP3)
    12. Satisfactory – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    13. Scrap Mechanic – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    14. Subnautica – three thumbs up (SP3)
    15. Tom Clancy’s The Division – three thumbs up (SP1)
    16. Valheim – three thumbs down
    17. WoW – L thumbs up 
  1. Games We Play News – Just a couple so, we can get onto the question of the show.
    1. DDO
      1. Snowpeaks Festival ends tomorrow. 
      2. Producer’s letter came out, from new Producer, Tolero – Congrats Tolero!!! 
    2. ESO – 
      1. ESO: High Isle available for pre-purchase (available 6 Jun)
        1. Get a palefrost elf fawn pet with pre-purchase until 4 apr 22.
    3. GW2 – End of Dragons arrives 28 Feb 22! Lots of giveaways – go here.
  1. Question of the show: A little preface.  (wait while Sahba jibbers and jabbers) Why, after buying Civ VI, do you more often than not, play Civ V?
  • Before we start!  
    • .

 I got nuthin

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • .conan  
  • DDO
    • Sahba is 30, about to iconic TR, at 45 reaper pts (2,066,334 xp)
    • Sahbajade is about to do Necro III.
    • Caaryn (shortsword build) is 9 (was 5).
  • Pedestrian 
  • Outer Worlds


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  • Our Podcast is at Buzzsprout for the moment. There are direct links to download on our website and I have requested to have us listed on Spotify. 
    • We are only doing 2 episodes a month right now. Why? Because that’s what we get for free from this hosting service. I am not ready to pay them money yet. I don’t even know if I like them yet. This is where we are at for the time being. 
  • Mythery – Figure out how to get our podcast back on Apple. (look at our Itunes reviews!) 
  • When is Next time?  
    • Mar 5

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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