The Damsels Game Cast Episode 143, Points of View

Hello! We are the Damsels Game! 

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We played a lot of games this week; Dungeons and Dragons Online, Scrap Mechanic, Valheim, 7 Days to Die, Ark Survival Evolved, Valheim. We went there again and we will be talking about it. Thanks so much for listening. Let’s get into it…but first.

This week, the Damsels Game is sponsored by the Bear-y Good Real Estate Company. Our top agent, Bear-y, will come to the house you’re interested in and show you around!   

Also, Racoon and Foot. That’s right, we here at the local Navzgane Coffee shop have learned the secret of combining Racoons with feet and stewing them into a delicious meal. Back for a limited time while supplies last.”   


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, March 2nd. This is our 143rd show.  We put shows out every 2 weeks, you can listen via iTunes, Our Website, or our home at Podcast  

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • No email.
  • Let’s talk videos! 
    • Our POV series though… 
      • Sahba’s pet video was adorable! 
        • Episode 2 was all about the bear. 
      • Episode 3 was our best POV episode yet. 
        • Episode 3 was all about making mistakes:
          • Mythery wanted to raid a trader POI instead of digging for treasure. 
          • Lessah didn’t want to do anything but hunt treasure. 
          • Sahba just wants to shoot zombies and have a nice time doing it. 
  • Comments to Videos
  • What we learned:
    • Lessah: Bears can fit through doors. And they are terrifying.  
    • Myth: I like playing with video editing software (and I will make it bend to my will).
    • Sahba: I learned what Lessah and Myth are doing during battles with zombies.

Rumors, News, and Lies 

  • PC Gamer
    • Pacifist Panda – WoW player DoubleAgent reached the new level cap of 60 purely by picking millions of flowers.
    • 8 PC Gaming Legends
      • Half-Life 2
      • Lemmings
      • Eve Online
      • SimCity 2000
      • Left 4 Dead
      • Civilization
      • 3d Movie Maker
      • Conquests of Camelot
    • 6 PC Gaming Flops
      • Defiance
      • Paragon
      • Project Copernicus
      • Battleborn
      • Crucible
      • Daikatana
  • GameInformer
    • 50 Games We Can’t Wait For
      • Horizon Forbidden West (Maybe, if we finish Horizon Zero Dawn)
      • Dying Light 2 (Did we play Dying Light???)
      • Dragon Age 4
        • !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Far Cry 6
      • Rainbow Six Quarantine
      • Diablo Immortal (Wait, no, this is a mobile game)
    • Can’t Wait (For Real Info)
      • Ark II – Coming to Xbox exclusively in 2022
    • Early Access Games (you should play right now)
      • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • DDO – 
    • DDO is celebrating 15 years with gifts.  Plus, the Anniversary Event is live through March 23.  This year, the rewards list includes a new Red Crystal Crown, a new Dretch Creature Companion, and the 13 Eberron House Cloaks given away in a prior anniversary.  
    • Producer’s Letter for 2021
      • Spring brings HC Season 4; later in the year there will be a HC Season 5
      • Spring will have Update 49 – four dungeons, hunting down lost relics in a series of adventures that feel somewhat “Indiana Jones-like.”  The update will also include an revamp to the bow combat style, with new animations.
      • Summer – a mini-expansion of the Classic Adventure: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh! (AD&D module, U1, Greyhawk campaign, levels 1-3, 1981, Dave Browne with Don Turnbull).  Also, another Universal Enhancement Tree – the Horizon Walker, which focuses on marking and neutralizing extra-planar and other enemies with a bow.
      • Fall – restructuring the Epic Destiny system, making it more versatile, allowing players to have multiple Destinies active at the same time, modernizing some trees, redesigning others.
      • Misc – new Monster Manual, free dungeon, updates to various festivals, more.
    • Forum – New player and got my wings
    • Forum – New VIP Subscriber Benefits
  • GW2 
    • Icebrood Saga: Champions Chapter 3 March 9 
    • Win one of five SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Headset and QcK Large Mousepad – From March 9 – 22, you’ll be entered to win once for each day you log in GW2
  • Subnautica Below Zero (Seaworthy Update Feb 25)
    • Uncover the mysteries of the all-new, fully voiced Crashed Ship story
    • Enjoy the finalized soundtrack as you travel biome-to-biome
    • Utilize the improved Prawn Suit controls throughout your adventuring
    • Experience our most stable version of the game to-date with even more bug fixes
    • Check out the added gamepad and rumble support
  • 7DTD 
    • Forum: Too much wood and grass
    • Forum: Best place to buy a server
      • Mythery knows more about this than anyone. 
  • Ark Survival Evolved
    • Final DLC release date will be May 26th (Community crunch 256)
    • Forum: What drops the most keratin?
  • Scrap Mechanic
    • Quests are coming – quests will guide you through the story while letting you continue playing at your own pace  (Devblog 21)
  • Questions of the show – What old games (published before 2011, so over 10 years ago) have you played in the last six months?  A variant of the PC Gamer forum question “What old games hold their own against modern games?” 
  • Before we start!  
  1. It’s time to talk about emergency preparedness (Texas is a summer place with summer emergencies like floods and hurricanes… things people along the Gulf Coast are used to dealing with. When I say we weren’t ready for this winter storm, I mean WE HAD NO IDEA.) 
    1. If you think you are ready…you are not. Here’s my Cold Snap report card
      1. If your gas tank is half full, it’s empty, fill it up. A+
      2. If you bought batteries for last year’s emergency, your batteries might be leaking acid. When was the last time you looked at them? C-
      3. Did you know that when the power supply gets cut off to the cell towers, you also lose internet on your phone? Fun, right? C (had radio from the car)
      4. Did you know that when propane tanks get really cold, the seals on them don’t behave well…our propane tanks for our TEN YEAR OLD camp stove were all empty. You don’t know low morale until you know you aren’t getting a hot meal during a winter storm when it’s 35 degrees in your house. F– 
      5. MVP of our cold snap was the gas fireplace. We were able to heat up leftover chilli and then make water for tea/ oatmeal. A
      6. Before a storm, do yourself a favor and fill up a 5 gallon bucket with water and have a big cup next to it to flush your toilets when you lose water. D-
  2. This whole thing was like…apocalypse darts. 
    1. Day 0: You have power and water. 
    2. Day 1: You have no power, but you have water. (Oh and it’s 14 degrees outside.) 
    3. Day 2: You have no power and no water. Also, the power company has asked all residents to limit their power even less. (Less than what????) What’s that? You want to go to a hotel? Well….. They don’t have power either, and the ones that do are all full of families trying to get warm. It’s not like you can drive away, there is no escape. The entire state is going through the same thing. 
    4. Day 3: You have power for 2 hours every 10 hours. But we aren’t going to tell you when that is. Oh, and no water. 
    5. Day 4: You have some power and your water is back at a very low flow, so if you still have pipes that didn’t burst, you can use it but you need to boil the water because it’s contaminated. Oh, and if you still don’t have power to do that, you need to use bottled water. What’s that? You used the majority of it over the last three days? Well, bad news, the stores are all empty! So, you can’t buy any water, but if you listen to the radio you might find a FEMA line somewhere in the city that will give you a pack of water but you are going to be waiting in line for it a long time. If you need more gas because you warmed up in your car over the last three days, you can’t get that either! The gas stations are empty as well. 
    6. Day 5: You have power, it’s pretty much on all the time! YAY! You have water… more or less. Just don’t drink it. Stores are still empty. Aaaaaannnndddd. Here comes another hard freeze! 
  3. My Coworker who listened to our last show says I am banned from rapping. 
    1. Blah blah blah everyones a critic. 🙂

7DTD POV episodes 5 and 6

We did episodes 5 and 6 on our last “official” stream. This is so much fun! Anyone remember what we did? Hee hee We are moving right along and even though episode 3 was just released Friday we have already recorded episode 8!! Well, most of us. Next time, horde night!!

  • Our two weeks in gaming
  • 7Days to Die 
    • Mythery came to visit me in the My Very Vanilla Series and a bear decided to loot the same house we were looting…only the loot was us. 
    • In our POV series, I love the idea of leaving for a new town after horde. We can always shuttle back and forth to drop off whatever we need. It’s really all about the adventure. 
    • Me too!
  • Ark Survival Evolved, Ragnarok 
    • The Bird Army is coming along! 
      • 5 Dimorphs, 2 argys, 2 really aggressive dodos, and one Watch-Raptor. 
    • We want Moths!
    • Mythery wants something she can’t have. 
      • Phoenix. 
    • Who me?
      • Hmm otter, moth, pink or white female argy, ….phoenix?
  • GW2 –
    • We are getting so close to level 80!!
      • YAY! I will get even more excited when we hit 70, we can go to the Fort. We will end up  working with the Kitty Kat. 
  • Valheim
    • I gave it another chance and this time I found everything I needed to make an axe and build things. I see how lots of people like this game. It’s not easy. It’s just not for me. It’s early access and still a bit rough around the edges. I normally don’t mind that sort of thing but the graphics are not what I gravitate towards. 
    • I know why you didn’t like trying to pick things up. You have to have the cursor right on the thing you are trying to pick up and then sometimes it will jump and you will have to click on it a second time to get it into your inventory. I was told that it is a known bug.
    • Having to click the mouse every time you swing your arm to do something, like chop a tree, seems tedious. This same motion made fighting seem stilted.
    • The graphics are…. bad. They are not what I would call cartoony, or pixelated, or pretty. They are just bad. It’s like they didn’t have the expertise they needed to make them good so instead of hiring someone that could do elegant or going a different way (cartoon/pixel) they sort of tried to make things look sorta kinda like what they should look like and then blurred everything so maybe we wouldn’t notice. The female character is the male character with a couple of lines implying breasts. Whatever.
    • I found the bird tutor to be only moderately useful but he wasn’t annoying. 
    • With that said, I did not hate the game. I realize it’s an early release. I just think it can do better. I played long enough to have killed the first boss so I did get to do some crafting but not a lot. What I did do was nice. Recipes were easy to find and follow. Pieces snapped together if I wanted them to do so or I could place them pretty much where I wanted. Rotating them was super easy too. Also, I could raise or lower the ground by using a hoe to help with placing my foundations. 
    • I had fun playing but I think it was mostly because of the person I was playing with and less about the game. Like I said, I didn’t hate it and I will play with my friend again. It just seems to me to play and look more like a game that was written maybe a decade or more ago. I haven’t read anything about this game so maybe that’s what they are going for. If so then they nailed it!
  • Scrap Mechanic
    • I’m pretty sure this game was designed by a bunch of engineers who aren’t actually gamers. I know, now I just sound like I’m bitching about everything. I’m not. Really! I like this game a lot! I’ve played it 123 hours so I must like it a little. I got it because a lot of the time I feel like I want more from the crafting part of these games I am playing. I put it in my wish list and left it there for a very long time. I didn’t buy it until survival mode came out because I don’t want to just craft but when I’m crafting I want options! And this looked like it was going to give me lots of options. Plus it was going to let me tinker with more than just slapping together buildings and the like. Wheeeeeeeeeee! But now I’m not satisfied with the other part of the game. I don’t think it is laid out right. Our 1st hour in the game we wound in in an area we should have never seen, much less been allowed in. Scared Lessah so bad she won’t come back and play with us. The weapons are meh, no point system of any kind, no armor, and so far I can’t figure out how to make a light that actually gives off some light at night!! But for some reason I really like this game. I love the cows, I mean wocs and feeding them corn. Building the stuff is awesome and I don’t think we have scratched the surface of that. The surroundings are pretty, resource gathering is fun, the graphics are nice and I really like the sounds that go with things. The crunch of stone is quite satisfying.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play 7 Days to Die, here on this channel.

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