The Damsels Game Cast 162, The Ascent

Hello! We are the Damsels Game!

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. We played a couple new game *cough* new to us, anyway. Listen along as we talk about The Ascent and Star Trek Online. Also, Sahba knows gaming news. We just nod and smile along. Thanks so much for listening! 

HERE is the episode!

This week, the Damsels Game is not sponsored. Sad times. 


The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, 5 March CST. This is our 162nd show. What to listen to more shows? We have on our YouTube Channel, The Damsels Game or our Website, More on that in Housekeeping. And you can listen to the show live if you follow us on Twitch. 

Our Latest Episode  Conan Exiles,  is up on YouTube and easily downloadable on the website. 

Jibber Jabber Time! 

  • Emails
    • We have mail! From Kerkos
      • Instead of trashing cosmetics you don’t like, I think you can turn to a vendor in the hall of heroes in a lot of things for bits that you can accumulate for cosmetics of your choice.
  • Let’s talk videos and comments to videos! 
    • DDO 
      • A Quest a Day – Ep 184 came out today
        • Since our last episode, Sahbajade made it to Eveningstar and did the Disciples of Shar chain, then went back to Stormreach and did the Devil’s Gambit series and has just started the Disciples of Rage chain.
        • Selected Comment
          • Moss Hive Network – “I want to hug the drow but I know that I’ll die if I do.”
    • Lessah’s YouTube Channel
      • I started a video mini series with one of my real life friends that I work with. Vanilla Sprinkles will go on for an undetermined amount of time or until we build bikes and ride off into the sunset. 
    • Lessah’s TikTok 
  • What we learned/ thoughts for the week: (SKIP) 
    • Lessah
    • Myth:
    • Sahba: .

NEWS (maybe a rumor or three) and LET’S TALK (more in depth about some games we played than what we cover in our two-weeks in gaming) 

  1. Let’s Talk STO and The Ascent
    1. Ascent – 
      1. awesome game, weird on PC. Looks great, sounds great, great voices. Not for me. 
      2. Agreed.  I like the story but hate, hate, hate the moving around and combat.  It’s Diablo-like but not Diablo.  They made it worse with the movement.  Why? It could have been so much better if they had kept the Diablo way of doing it.
    2. STO
      1. Combat is… special. This game feels ok until you step onto the holodeck for phaser training and realize the whole academy should be dead if . I’m ok with the hot bar, the key-bindings, the instructions. The combat tutorial made my soul hurt. Aiming, crouching, and shooting are not intuitive the way they should be. And unlike Conan Exiles, this learning curve isn’t fixable for me. 
      2. This reminds me of Mass Effect if Mass Effect also had Autism and special needs. 
      3. I like that you could tab target but the cool down between firing and the lack of tactics really took me back a step. The klingons appeared in the transporter room and by all rights, they should have charged and batliffed me while I was standing there with no place to hide. 
      4. How’d the Klingons get on our ship with the shields raised in the tutorial??? hand-to-hand is a mess; right-clicking to shoot doesn’t work; sometimes it shoots; sometimes it doesn’t. Tab targeting works and then it stops. My target goes away even though the target is still alive.  Why?  I keep having to tab target the same target.  Space combat is even worse.  Don’t like it.  Don’t like moving in space.  Just don’t like it.
  2. Games we should give a go 
    1. Path of Exile or POE2 (Free to Play)
    2. Destiny 2 (Free to Play)
    3. No Man’s Sky
    4. Runescape (Free to Play)
  1. Games we’ve tried and what we thought (SP means still playing, # means number of us SP)
    1. 7 Days to Die – three thumbs up (SP2)
    2. (The) Ascent – three sideways thumbs
    3. Conan Exiles – three thumbs up (SP3)
    4. Creativerse – one thumb up (SP1)
    5. DDO – three thumbs up (SP1)
    6. ESO – three thumbs up (SP3)
    7. Grounded – three thumbs up (SP3)
    8. Guild Wars 2 – three thumbs up (SP3)
    9. Minecraft – three thumbs up (SP3)
    10. Neverwinter – three thumbs down
    11. Neverwinter Nights – three thumbs down
    12. Remnant from the Ashes – three thumbs up (SP3)
    13. Satisfactory – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    14. Scrap Mechanic – M/S thumbs up (SP2)
    15. STO – three thumbs down
    16. Subnautica – three thumbs up (SP3)
    17. Tom Clancy’s The Division – three thumbs up (SP1)
    18. Valheim – three thumbs down
    19. WoW – L thumbs up 
  1. Games We Play News – Just a couple so.
    1. DDO
      1. To get your Greater Elixirs of Discovery (for owning races and classes prior to the Anniversary event), talk to Jubilee on the bottom floor of the Eberron Hall of Heroes.  Click on each race and class.  She’ll let you know if you should get it or not.  Make sure you are on the server you want the elixir, as it’s one per race/class gamewide.
      2. There’s a nice cookie from the event that will give you +1 Festive bonus to all stats for 10 party favors, if you don’t have the +2 augments.
    2. ESO – 
      1. ESO: High Isle available for pre-purchase (available 6 Jun)
        1. Get a palefrost elf fawn pet with pre-purchase until 4 apr 22.
    3. GW2 – End of Dragons expansion arrived!  
  1. Question of the show: This is from my twitter: You and some gaming friends are stranded on a desert island (like desert island discs <G>), with a game table and dice.  You can take one RPG rule set, one board game, and one deck of cards (for playing, not as a resource).  What do you take?
  1. Myth
    1. Rule set:
    2. Board game:
    3. Cards:
  1. Lessah
    1. Rule set:
    2. Board Game:
    3. Cards:
  1. Sahba
    1. Rule set: 2nd Edition
    2. Board Game: Axis and Allies
    3. Cards: Magic the Gathering
  • Before we start!  
    • Ask me about target bags.
      • Conan Exiles
      • Package is waiting to be mailed in AM. 
    • ST: Picard is back <G>

 I got nuthin

  • Our two weeks in gaming copycat
  • conan  
  • DDO
    • Sahba iconic TR’d, now 30, at 46 reaper pts (2,163,675; +97,341)
    • Sahbajade is 18.
    • Caaryn is 10.
  • I spent a lot of this time redoing my hard drives :).
  • Pedestrian 
  • Outer Worlds


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  • When is Next time?  
    • Mar 13

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show! Come join us in a few min as we play, here on this channel.

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