1/21/15 – The Cursed Crypt PD Style

Last night, my static PD group, The Red Eye, level 15, entered the Cursed Crypt in search of the Accursed Ascension altar so we could upgrade our Silver Flame trinkets. I know, I know, even on elite our group was over level. Once you know the history of our group, you might find it reasonable – or you may just call us cowering wimps.

My character is Sahba V. Yes, you read that correctly – V. Sahba I, III, and IV all met horrible, horrible deaths and took the express train to Korthos Island.

Sahba I died swimming in an at-level elite Crucible. There were not enough pieces left of her for Mythery, the one surviving member of the quest, to take back to Sahba’s hometown for burial, even if she would have gone into the water to get them. The last Sahba I heard as she was getting chopped to pieces was Mythery saying “I’m not going in there.”

Sahba II, a TR (my only one in PD so far), didn’t die but one of our group fell to the optional necromancer in part one of Shan-To-Kor. We still don’t know how the door to his area opened but we all agreed to roll new characters and Sahba III was born.

Sahba III died in an at-level elite Reaver’s Fate. We ran this with one other member of our PD guild, so seven in the group for this raid. Things didn’t go well almost from the start. Our guildie died and no one able to get the switch without dying could get fly, except for Sahba III – the puzzle solver. Needless to say, we ran out of time and whoosh, back to Korthos.

Sahba IV died in an at-level elite Ghosts of Perdition. I feel guilty about this one. We could have left the quest without finishing but Doomsphere was almost defeated and we had d-doored back to the beginning to regroup. Three of us wanted to continue, three wanted to leave. I guess we should have listened to the ones that wanted to leave 🙂 .

As you can see, all elite quests, at level.  Up to this point we’ve done almost all the quests at level elite but some in our group are now a bit leery of doing at-level elite quests, especially since we are almost 16. Maybe they can hear the express train closing in from behind.  Woo woooo – Korthos is coming, Korthos is coming.

So, we did The Cursed Crypt over level. I don’t think we needed to worry. Except for Beerdyface, our bardificer, and Kenny, his pet, not realizing we were trying to Save the Silver Flame members, not slaughter them, the quest went well. There was a little worry that time would run out but we finished with plenty to spare.

My only question is what happened to my bard songs. Sahba V is the trapper. Since it’s difficult to find good trapping gear, Sahba V can use all the songs and buffs she can get. However, Lesadd, the singing bard, just didn’t want to sing for me. I don’t mean playing her instrument. I want an original song and no, Lessah, saying “Don’t blow the trap, Sahba, don’t blow the trap” is NOT an original song. Anyway, Mythery says she heard Lesadd singing but I have my doubts. Those two are thick as thieves, as those of you who follow the Damsels will attest.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll come back often. Please leave comments.



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