1/20/15 – Introduction

Hi. Welcome to The Adventures of Sahba Jade. Seems a bit pompous, eh, but if memory serves the idea was Lessah’s, my fellow Damsel. I guess she thought I needed a job, since she does the recording, editing, and posting of our Damsel twitch streams and podcasts and Mythery takes care of the Damsel’s website. Thanks, Lessah!!! I owe you one…or a thousand. Just remember who the trapper is in our PD static group. Yeah, the trap is disabled. Sure it is. Take point, Lessah, I’ll just stay waaaay back here. 😛

My thoughts for this blog will just be to talk about any questing for my characters, of which I have many, as well as discuss their builds, and maybe talk about what’s happening in the world of DDO. Please come back often, as I hope to post on a fairly regular schedule.



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  1. ReplyGrandapah Deddagaen

    Hey, ladies ;-] I finally found your podcast again! I've told the guys about you. I'm an officer of the Silver Circle Guild on the Cannith server. I have 3 more toons there, 4 in Ghallanda, and 2 in Arghonnessen. I have 2 photo stream sites, one of which is a DDO fan site. I'm trying to get them both listed. Anyway, my mundane life is dry, but that's not why I enjoy listening to you, but because I'm old school AD&D who misses roll play, and the rare damsel with an adventurous spirit & great imagination. And, ok, I like the ladies..... the ones with depth of character. =] I even once played Amptguard in Austin , TX and miss it much. So, girls, I'll chase you when I can, and invite you to enjoy my site as well. Keep up the great work! o o o, x x x https://www.flickr.com/photos/32716464@N08/sets/72157648619580139

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