2/12/15 – Chains of Flames PD Style

Tonight, the Red Eye did Chains of Flame, the last quest we needed to flag for The Demon Queen raid. Chains of Flame isn’t a difficult quest. It’s fairly long, and you go back and forth across bridges, through hallways and tunnels, but the fights aren’t too arduous. For a PD group, the main dangers are the traps. My rogue, Sahba V, doesn’t have a very good search item, which means she has to get fairly close to a box to be able to see it. Sometimes, that means putting Sahba’s face into the trap before finding the box – which led to deaths. Several deaths. Beerdyface, our bardificer, had the same problems, with the same results. Death. Since I choose which quests we do, I may have to bypass all trappy ones. That’ll make my questing time easier. The piking song is going through my head right now <G>.

Some thoughts and observations:

Beerdy, bridges in this quest do not have safety railings. When on a bridge, shooting gnolls on bridges and landings above you, don’t back up before determining there is more bridge behind you. Otherwise, as you learned to our amusement, you back right over the edge of the bridge.

Lessah, it’s NOT nice to purposely get Sahba killed so you can get a picture of her soulstone for the DDO Cast. Patrick, if you read this, she and Mythery are in cohoots so Lessah can get Turbine points. As Sahba was held, getting pierced with arrows and scorched by flames, Mythery watched Sahba’s life slowly slip away. She even admitted seeing it happen but she did NOTHING! Did it have anything to do with the note Lessah passed to her, saying let Sahba die? I’ll let you decide.

Is it possible to rescue all the prisoners? We had one left, even after Lessah valiantly jumped to outcroppings to rescue a prisoner here and there.

I think Chains of Flames is the easiest of the flagging quests. It doesn’t have the frenetic pace of An Offering of Blood, which has constant respawns, and it doesn’t have any fight as potentially deadly, if you fail a save, as the Wizard King.

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