6/23/15 – Changing Guilds

Changing guilds is tough for me. I’ve been in six since I started the game (not counting the PD guild) and some I liked more than others. One year, I switched guilds three times, looking for the right fit. Until tonight, all my characters were in a small guild – The Guardians of the Flame – with a modified guild size of nine. It seemed to be the right fit – small, I know and like all nine members, no ‘loud’ or ‘offensive’ types, no overly talkative types. Everyone is nice and polite. In fact, there were times it took a while to decide what to do because we didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. The problem is most don’t play and the two that are on the most play at times I don’t.

So, I accepted an invitation to join another guild. I took four characters over there, leaving quite a few in The Guardians. I’ve been raiding with my new guild – Bringers of Darkness – for quite a while now and, although the memebers are a bit more talkative than I’m used to, all seem very nice. I also knew three of the Bringers from other guilds – two were in The Guardians and the third was in the same guild as me years ago and we occasionally played together, but not often enough. Hopefully, being in her guild will change that.

I’m glad I’m in the new guild, as there will most likely be someone to party with whenever I play, should I be in a social mood. But I still feel bad about moving those characters from The Guardians. It was like home – safe and secure.

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  1. ReplyLessah

    Oh we are talking about this young lady.

  2. Replyerdrique

    I can definitely see how switching guilds would be tough. I have only been in the Crypt Crawlers and somehow I "granted" leadership. I have seen a number of our players switch over to different guild but for the most part I have tried to stay in touch with them. Leaving the guild was never personal but was more to fit their playstyle and sometimes it is just something you have to do. I hope the new guild works out for you!!

  3. ReplyBelvynh

    I've only switched guilds once...and I took my guild lead with me, lol. Switching wasn't about not liking my guildmates; it was about their inactivity and the relatively large size and activity level of the guild to which I went (it didn't hurt that I frequently ran EE quests and raided with several of its members). I still keep several alts in my old guild, and they see frequent (though not intensive) play. My main is almost to his 18th life (and last fighter life). I'm happy to be in an active guild with mates that can run with me. I often bring them in just for chatting while I'm soloing content for challenge or pull them into my xp zergs or EE questing (duoing Belly of the Beast on a pair of Barbarians was memorable :p). I miss my old guildmates, but the Gypsys are the place to be for me. Regards, and in appreciation of your show, Belvynh of Khyber

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