6/14/15 – Challenges and the DDOCast

Last night, I ran some House C challenges on Syd, my level 17 Paladin. I wanted to get some XP and have some company, and Lessah wanted to run a few challenges before her guest stint on the DDOCast today, since the topic of the cast was Challenges. Lessah knows more about challenges than anyone I know. She appears to be a savant with them, just like with collectibles. If you have a question, ask her. She’ll know the answer. It’s amazing.

I like the challenges in all iterations – Crystal Cove, House C, Eveningstar. Some I like more than others but that’s to be expected. I don’t think I have a favorite but there are quite a few I really like to run so I usually hit them up for some nice XP either in heroic, if I’m going to TR at 20, or epics if I’m going to 28 and then TR. Challenges are easily soloed (some are easier than others) and can be very profitable (either in XP when six starring or in ingredients obtained) when in a group.

If you have time, listen to the DDOCast. Patrick and guests Lessah, Geoff, and Cordovan give a very good overview of the challenges, as well as some tips on having successful runs, getting the ingredients you need, what you can do with the ingredients besides turn them in for gear, etc. Listening to their discussion made me realize again why I like this game so much. There’s something for everyone, even in the challenges.

Geoff mentioned his favorites are the arena challenges in Eveningstar. Of all the challenges, not just those in Eveningstar, those are probably my least favorite. Lessah mentioned Dr Rushmore’s Mansion challenges are her favorite (at least I think she said that – I could have sworn she said ‘it’s my favorite thing’ just about everything smile). For the House C challenges, those are my least favorite. By saying my least favorite, I don’t mean to imply I don’t like them or won’t run them. I do and do but if someone gave me a choice of Moving Targets or Short Cuts, I’d choose Short Cuts smile.

Are challenges for everyone? No. One member of the Red Eye doesn’t like them at all so we try to run them when he can’t make a gaming session, although we can sometimes convince him to run them, since there is some great loot to be gained. I can understand his point. The challenges aren’t really quests. They kind of take you out of the immersion of the magical land of over here – errr, fantasy land we inhabit when we play DDO.

Even so, if you haven’t tried the Challenges, I suggest you head over to House C or Eveningstar and give them a go. Try each one, see what you like and don’t like, and then check out the loot (or maybe the other way around), listen to the tips from the DDOCast, check out the wiki, and you may find another set of ‘quests’ to run, with some very nice, somewhat easily attainable gear.


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