4/13/15 – The Month of Elemental Evil: Fire Week!

To celebrate The Reign of Elemental Evil, Turbine is going to have The Month of Elemental Evil. During the first week, Fire Week, adventurers will receive an extra 20% Heroic XP, 20% Epic XP, and 5% VIP XP. I played several characters over the weekend, to take advantage of the extra XP.

I was able to get Sahba, newly back to epics after her heroic TR, to 22. I went adventuring with Lessah and Mythery for this. First, since Lessah wanted to do some Greensteel crafting, we flagged for the Shroud and then ran the Shroud. Yep, over level but we still received a fair amount of XP for it. Lessah still needs a supreme shard so I have a feeling we will be doing that for 0 XP soon.

We also finished up the trip to Eveningstar. The Spinner of Shadows was her usual tricky self. I had the easy job, of collecting the shards for the pillars. Lessah and Myth had to get all the trash and keep the Spinner of Shadows off me. I think I heard quite a few exclamations from them <G>. The Rift Between Worlds was straight forward and no real problems. I was even able to get the traps without too much trouble. I still need to get better gear for Sahba.

To get some nice XP for the bonus, we ran a quick Bette Midler House and Von 3. These few quests took me from 20 to 22. Pretty nice.

I finally got Maarajaade, my quarterstaff user, to 18. It seems like forever ago that I TR’d her. I think things should go faster now that she’s 18. Well, I hope so.

Lastly, I played Marabarb (guess what she is <G>), level 25, with some former guildies – Martel and Zazo. It had been a while since I had been able to quest with them and it was great fun. We ran epic Orchard. Just on hard, so Zazo could get flagged. Even so, I thought Marabarb wasn’t doing much. Martel, on a build that he and I had theory-crafted together, didn’t really need me and Zazo. He just stormed through things, raised us if we died, healed us when we bled, that kind of thing.

Afterward, I asked how I could improve Marabarb and they gave me some good suggestions. I adjusted Marabarb and ran her through EE Impossible Demands and an EH Von 3. Not too demanding of quests but enough to see if she was doing better. It was like night and day. Thanks, Martel! Thanks, Zazo!

There are still a few days left with extra XP. I hope to take advantage of it.

See you next time!

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