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Damsels of DDO Episode 27, In the Belly of the Beast

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Happy Mabar..er..Festival..um..Night Revels!  Whatever!  This session we finished up a saga for a sweet reward of delicious XP and ended up being devoured by a giant purple worm in the Underdark. I wonder if we tasted like failure on that first go-around?  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the podcast! Just left click to play or right click and “save as” to download.  Thanks so much for listening!

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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on October 28th at 11:00 PDT. This is our 27th show.
    • Catch the re-run of the best DDO Kerspalt Episode ever.
    • Epic Progress Report.  Feather fall is a thing.  At level 20..you need to be spanked for not having it.  Sahba Jade got her FF item at a half-price sale following the Day of Mourning.  It served her well in the last war.
      • U29, sched for dec, is expected to increase character levels to 30.  Think you’ll be able to TR before then, so you can TR at 28 instead of 30?
  • Rumors and News
    • U28.1
      • Affects on Lessah?
        • The new Lessah is still alive and kicking.  Changes smanges.
          • PRR went from 151 to 138 MRR went from 90’s to 54
            • Spoiler alert. I’m still kind of a big deal, only now I take more damage.
        • What about IC, Divine Grace changes?
          • Same same-ish. Didn’t notice much shift.  Pure Pally FTW
      • Affects on Myth?
      • Affects on Sahba?
        • 2WF animation faster
        • Strange, not criting more but overall doing more damage
        • My thrower, Caaryn, was doubleshot focused.  Used free +5 heart of wood to change her from rogue 13, ranger 4, monk 3 to rogue 8, ranger 6, monk 6 (her icon needs to be a rogue because she’s a rogue <G>).
          • Had thought of changing her classes before the update because she picked up the Visions of Precision (wis+12, insightful wis +4, enchanced ki +3, dazing, blue and green augs) from Defiler of the Just
          • Does more damage because before she was a sustained doubleshot build.  Now, for 30 seconds each min she’ll have an extra plus to her ranged power (= to wisdom) and add 30 to her doubleshot.
      • Ability Tome info now displays in Feats (can read at any level, will now show max level you’ve read and apply at appropriate levels)
    • New DDO Store
      • During maintenance downtime today fixed the problem with having to relog to get items in inventory
      • Coupon code for two free +5 hearts of wood – good through Nov 5th    ekBfC3lxNcB2B
    • Night Revels Halloween event went live today
      • Coupon code for four-free lasting keys (will not disappear at end of year) – good through Nov 8th    TpeKXaryH8QkL
      • Ingredients and keys collected during the event will disappear sometime before the end of the year
      • Anything in particular you want?
      • Check out seasonal items in the DDO Store. Buttons of Winning are there!
      • So far I’m not getting enough keys to keep me enticed.  Is this supposed to make me buy them from the store?  Basic marketing?
  • Before we start!  
    • Doctor Who
        • Goodbye David Tennant.
          • Checked out. 🙁
          • But Jack tho…
        • Matt Smith (zingers!) X3 flying thru the eps now that…
          • Companion close-ups. (thank you mascara gods!)
          • “You’re Scottish, fry something!”
          • When the doc borrow’s Jeff’s computer (and WOW is he gorgeous) “Oh Jeff…get a girlfriend already.” Delete your internet history.
          • “I’m about to save the world, I’m going to need a new shirt.”
          • Daleks. Now in fashion colors!
    • Heroes Reborn.
      • Don’t take Katana Girl away from me!  booooo!
      • But Hiro tho…
    • ANIME!!!
      • Psycho Pass.  Just watch it.
      • Ouran High School Host Club Myth?

In the Belly of the Beast

Yesterday we ran into an old friend wandering around in Eveningstar, Rent, and decided to drag him into the belly of the beast with us. He said he had just gotten back into town after being away for six months! When we asked what he had been doing with his time he told us that he had been kidnapped by a necromancer and held captive in an underground crypt. He was bound in the room by a chain fastened to the floor and cuffed to his ankle and was guarded by a dozen zombie pigmen. After 4 days of being fed a diet of bruised apples, moldy bread and stagnant water he heard a loud commotion and shrill horrific squeals coming from the outer chamber. Suddenly, the door burst open and in a whirlwind that smelled of fresh cut grass and the sweet morning dew, a dire tiger appeared and rushed towards him. The tiger stopped before him, their faces inches apart. His teeth were bared and claws extended (the tiger not Rent) and as Rent slowly tried to inch his way backward from the large cat he tripped over the hook that fastened the chain to the floor. He fell backwards onto his bum, wondering if this was to be how it all ended. With one swift swipe of his paw the tiger broke the chain and giving it a tug pulled Rent to his feet. Rent quickly jumped on his back and rode the tiger out of the crypt and into the fresh morning air. They had traveled for what seemed like hours when they heard someone calling for help nearby. Rent looked around and saw a beautiful girl calling from a tower rising out of the woods to his left. The tiger turned to the sound of the girl’s voice and as they got closer they saw…Oh, sorry this is supposed to be about what we did in the Belly of the Beast.

Some girl, I think her name was Sonja or Sorina, something like that, told Sahbajade that the drow have this gladiatorial pit thing out in the Underdark somewhere and they are kidnapping Purple Dragon Knights and making them fight to the death, for fun. So, we went to the Underdark looking for the place. Two things, Lessah and I were the only ones to bring our “see in the dark” glasses AND Lessah and I were the only ones to bring our feather fall items. Well, we thought Sahba didn’t have one because she kept jumping off of things and dropping like a rock. But after being out there for a while and literally two jumps from being at our destination she decided to plunder around in that crowded backpack of hers and sure enough she had one. I think she was just showing off because when she falls from high places she takes no damage. Are halflings made from rubber? It was at those last two jumps when we realized that Rent didn’t have feather fall and that’s when she dug it out. It was actually very cute since she only had one, they shared it. Sahba jumped, gave it to Lessah, Lessah took it to Rent and Rent jumped. Rinse and repeat.

We obviously had a lot of fun getting there but now it was time to get down to business. First we put on out rawwwrrr faces, especially Lessah, so she could get us in past the gatekeeper. She intimidated the heck out of him. He was so afraid of her he was stuttering and the rest of us just rawrred ourselves right by him too. After we got in there, we talked to some guy who wanted us to kill his cousin and said he would reward us. Since his cousin was a slave master and we were probably going to kill him anyway it was a win win for us. Another guy, well Illithlid, offered Sahba a reward to steal a necklace. Piece o cake. Then we were offered a reward to kill said Illithlid. We placed a bet, I don’t think we ever got our payoff for that but suffice it to say, there was  lot of wheeling and dealing going on in there. We finally made it to the actual arena where we made yet another deal and managed to save the Purple Dragon Knights that were set to be next to fight and die. After they were safely out of harm’s way we revealed to the arena boss that we weren’t leaving and that our plan was to shut the place down. That’s when all hell broke loose. The floor broke out from beneath our feet and we found ourselves right in the middle of the arena but we were ready to fight and fight we did. Wave after wave of adversaries came for us. Dire bears, Yuan-ti Abominations, Drow, Drider, Illithlid, and near the end purple worms! We fought them all and we thought we had them beat then the biggest purple worm of all showed up. It was huge! And as we fought, one by one it swallowed us up.

OK, for those of you that don’t know, the inside of a worm is pretty much one long digestive tract. Therefore, we landed in a stream of ickiness and if that wasn’t bad enough, there were things! Things living in there! I think this worm swallows everything it sees. Lessah found a sword or maybe a piece of a sword. As we went along our merry way we found bits and pieces of said sword and just about the time Lessah said she had found them all and was piecing it back together, POP! I think we were pooped out, ‘cause out we were. All of this must have been really hard on the worm because it was a little less purple and a little more green as he swayed in front of us, almost dead. So we finished him off. It was the nice thing to do, of course.


There is no loot to speak of but this quest rocks and I want to do it again!! Who knew getting swallowed up whole by a giant purple worm would be so much fun!!!



  • All Things Sahba Jade (Mythery):   


    • Mythery Says:  “Mythery is not a Call Girl”
    • Sahba Jade Says: “Mythery is the greatest sorcerer alive!”
  • Ask Sahba (Mythery):
    • How hard is it to be in a group with Lessah and Mythery?
    • Who is cooler, Lessah, Mythery, or Garret?
    • What does play-dough taste like?
    • How hard is it to make Lessah and Mythery finish a quest?


  • Apologies for mah tardiness.
  • Make sure you check damsels of ddo dot com.  Reasons.
  • Mythery –  I have been super busy lately doing things that make my head want to explode and when I stopped doing them for the day I couldn’t think about anything that required any type of attention to detail. So there!
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Nov 10, 11 PST, not sure which characters
    • Podcast – Nov 11, 11 PST

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