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Damsels of DDO Episode 77, Damsels on Ice

The Damsels on Ice

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. This week, Bachlagore from Friday’s on Ice joins us for some drow on dwarf action. Word to the wise, don’t let the dwarf lead the search party because they will fall into a large pool of acid and change the entire plotline of the story! Thanks so much for listening!  


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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, October 15th 2AM Eastern. This is our 77th show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps [zzzzz]:

    • The wait is over, Break over!
      • It’s time to get serious about fantasy!
        • If you are joining us in the chatroom, be sure to type your name in so we can enter you for the DDO Point drawing at the end of the show! (I found some points when I was cleaning out my email!)
      • I rolled a cleric for my third life in my Permadeath static group on Ghandalla and I took divine destiny, but I can’t remember what it is or why I took it. I am so ready to heal my party!


    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: Bachlagore is REALLY fun to quest with!
        • I also learned that racey D&D stories make me discombobulated and confused for the entire quest.
      • Myth: I learned how to give my cat, Chance, insulin shots.
      • Sahba: I learned Lessah only likes racey D&D stories if it’s her characters that are involved :P.  AND Lessah does not like commas.
      • Bachlagore: ?


Rumors, News, and Lies


  • Before we start!  
      • THANK YOU for emailing and explaining the photo’s on the Doctor’s desk! He said it was the first doctor’s companion and granddaughter.
      • On that note, I’m on Episode 5 of season ten, “Oxygen” and it looks like the Doctor doesn’t even know why Nardole is watching him, because the guy’s like: “I was given strict orders to keep you at the University” and the Doctor says: “Who gave you that order?” and Nardole says: “You did.” I’m thinking that will shake out down the road.
    • Bladerunner 2049 – if you are thinking about seeing it, you should go see it! I LOVED IT! It’s not for everyone but I thought it was great and there were a lot of things in the movie I didn’t see coming and lots of callbacks to the original Bladerunner.
    • OUTLANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (we can’t talk about all of it because Of HOUSE DIVIDED)
      • We have to talk… I have issues
        • Scottish Robinhood aka “Red Jaimie” Is he the only red-headed Scottish dude in the land? Like…could you mix him up with the 10,000 other redhaired hotties in the country or is he a genetic anomaly?
        • Gun safety in the 18th century is just as important as it is today…
          • Just goes to show that kids ruin EVERYTHING!
            • Jaimie: Don’t follow me! Kid: “Follows Jaimie to hideout and nearly gets Jaimie caught”
            • Jaimie: Stay away from this gun, Kid: takes the gun and shoots a bird right next to a british officer. On what planet is this a good idea?  
            • Also… WHY WON’T YOU AGE LITTLE FRENCH BOY?! WHY?????
        • I love that Frank was finally getting some sexy time but…
          • I have to take Claire’s side first. He’s having sex with her, and he’s like…open your eyes. She’s like… dude, I’m trying to concentrate here, leave me alone!
        • Now we have to fight…
          • Claire tells Frank he can have a lady on the side as long as he’s discrete. Then she gets irritated when he actually goes and does it. Granted, it was poor planning on his part to bring the other woman over so quickly when she and her friends hadn’t left for the restaurant yet, but I call foul on her feeling even a shred of jealousy.
    • Riverdale!
      • We can’t talk about it because of the aforementioned reasons…


The Mines of Tethyamar

A while back we did Third Times the Charm so last night we decided to attack a few more of these quests. We did, Graveyard Shift, Records of the Past, and Strike Back. There is one left that I imagine we will get around to at some point called Desire in the Dark but I think that needs to wait for a while.

So, this is what happened or pretty close to it as I recall. Lessah said that we were supposed to meet our friend Bachlagore over in Eveningstar and Sahba and I thought that was a cool idea so we went over on her airship as far as we could go and then teleported the rest of the way. When we got there Lessah and he were already there and in a place called the Tethyamar Mines Outpost aka the Jewels of Ardor. Actually they were in a bar located in the mine area and Bachlagore was chatting up one of his dwarven friends named Hagen. Did I mention he was a dwarf? Anyway, his buddy was going on about this other guy, Egil Hakon, who went bat crap crazy and went about killing everyone down in the mine with him. Everyone except for Hagen and a few of his friends anyway. After a few rounds of “kill them until they’re dead, rah!” we were somehow talked into going in mineshaft 214S to look for this Hakon dude and get justice for the fallen men. I have to point out that while the finding and slaying of Mr. Egil Hakon did not take very long at all, it would have been even quicker had it not been that the undead remains of the fallen comrades were impeding our progress at every turn whilst trying to kill us! They are a thankless bunch. Just thankless.

After finishing that little chore Lessah, Bach, and I ran off to the bar and when we came out Sahba was walking away from a man who appeared to have been standing alone. She was shaking her head from side to side and had an odd look on her face. I asked her who it was and she said his name was Freygar Plumbline. She still had the puzzled look on her face so I asked her what was wrong and she explained that several weeks ago she had been talking to someone who had told her that they had heard there was a big library out here, which she thought that sounded crazy. Why would there be a library in a mine? But since there are a lot of things out here besides of just some holes in the ground she thought she may as well ask someone about it. When she did she got an ear full about some artifact called the Master Manifest. Which is supposed to be located deep within one of Tethyamar’s abandoned libraries. So apparently there are libraries, just not ones that are actually in use. It seems that the dwarves think there is some remarkable treasure located here in the mines and this manifest will be the key to unlocking the secret of locating this treasure. Not knowing how to find the treasure is only part of the dwarves problem. The other part is that the Drow are after it as well. Sahba says the guy tells her this manifest is in a place called Ironvale Deep and she thinks we should go help try to find it before the Drow get to it. I think she just wanted to get a look at this big old library. I must admit, it was pretty cool looking it there and we had to solve a reasonably slick puzzle to enter the place where the manifest was hidden. I didn’t know dwarves made puzzles like that. Once we found it we also found a Drow there too. We had to battle a bebilith the drow summoned before we could kill him. Which we did.

When we got out of the place I heard a lot of laughing, hooting, and hollering. Dwarves are excitable aren’t they? I looked over and Bach was grinning from ear to ear and I could see he was mouthing the chant “kill them till their dead, rah!” He came trotting up, still grinning and slightly out of breath he said “That was great guys! What’s next? We need to get those drow the hell outta there.” I shrugged and looked at Lessah, who looked at Sahba, who had her little battlemaster face on so I guess if the drow gotta go they gotta go. To the drow outpost!!!

We arrived and immediately saw a host of guards posted around the outside. I was up, I’m a drow and believe it or not skilled in the art of diplomacy so it wasn’t that hard to get us in past the guards. After that what happened, well, I’m not going to take responsibility for most of it. Maybe just a tiny piece but I didn’t start any fights. We were told to go straight in and not to make any detours. It wasn’t hard since we didn’t see any. When we got to the end we were told to wait in a room for our meeting with the High Priestess. We did go in the room but then we saw a room across the hall with a woman lounging in front of a mirror. Of course we had to go in there! Mostly what I remember about this encounter is that the woman was very cordial and complementary and wanted me to look into the mirror with her. I don’t remember much after that but I think that mirror must have been enchanted and everyone must have been looking in it too because when I came to notice what was going on again, Sahba was saying that we all were over confident and Bach was running down the corridor back to the front where we came in. Lessah and Sahba took off after him and all hell broke loose. I was told that Bach had fallen into the tar and that had caused the fray that ensued but I don’t really know since it was a while before I saw Lessah and Sahba again and even longer before Bach showed up.



Graveyard shift – BTA, ML 28


The Legendary Arc Welder (long range) Rune Arm
Legendary Stonework Beam Quarterstaff
Legendary Chieftain Ring
Legendary Mantle of the Dwarven Commander Cloak


Records of the Past – BTA, ML 28


Legendary Slate-Scale Capelet Back
Legendary Heavy Boltslinger Repeating Heavy Crossbow
Legendary Amulet of the Makers Neck
Legendary Drowhunter Dwarven War Axe
Legendary Outpost Sniper’s Belt Belt
Legendary Shadow Embrace Belt


Strike Back – BTA, ML 28


Legendary Pendant of Hidden Tools

Search +22

Insightful Disable Device +11

Quality Open Lock +5

Quality Move Silently +5

Green Augment Slot

Legendary Forge War Hammer

+13 Enhancement Bonus

Fiery 8

Flaming 18

Jolting 18

Seeker 17

Red Augment Slot

Legendary Deep Arcanum Outfit

+13 Enhancement Bonus

Resistance +14

Quality Magical Sheltering +11

Insightful Physical Sheltering +22

Insightful Wizardry +185

Green Augment Slot

Legendary Light Boltslinger Repeating Light Crossbow

+13 Enhancement Bonus

Sovereign Vorpal

Weapon’s Critical Lightning Effect +18

Weapon’s Lightning Effect +8

Insightful Distant Diversion +13

Red Augment Slot


Get To know your Manzel!

  • Bachlagore!
    • How long have you been playing DDO?
    • Streaming?
      • Why Fridays on Ice?
    • Tabletop?
    • Other games?
  • Other games
    • 7DTD
      • Val Mod! We all started together one evening, picked a cool place to live and proceeded to live like kings in the apocalypse!
        • I made beer! The last time I logged off, my character was drunk.
      • Recommendation: Neebs Gaming is currently playing 7DTD
    • Ark Survival
      • Story 1: Horrible pack of dogs tore up our beach house, killed a sabertooth I was trying to tame and killed Mythery while she was gathering wood to fix it, AND killed her bird, Steve Trevor
        • Mythery: *comes back from being dead* Is Steve Trevor over there?
        • Me: Ummmmmm. *silence*
        • *awkward silence as we both realize he’s dead*
        • Mythery: *Ugly crying*
      • Story 2: Hatch a kitten, kill a kitten.
        • What happened was…the kitten wanted something we couldn’t provide.
          • Mythery: Where is my kitten? I can’t find it.
          • Me: Uhhhhhhh…. I think it’s gone.
          • Mythery: Gone? Like outside? Under the floor? *tears up the floor and wanders around the compound calling for a kitten*
          • Me: No I think it’s gone…to heaven.
          • Mythery: *continues to search in vain while crying*
    • Tales from Candlekeep Tomb of Annihilation – now out on Steam



  • All Things Mythery:   (thanks Bonnie Bew for the kick-butt theme song!)
    • Props to Mythery for boldly going where Kaland tried to go and couldn’t. (they call that a C*%kblock) She’s like…I’m going to fill you with confidence. And Kaland was like…uh…uh…ok…., then Myth pushes me out of the way and takes my woman!
    • So…what are Mythery points? How does one get those?
  • Mythery (Sahba) Says:  
    • I am going to go to the ship to get the Buff – this is from last show but Stinger DDO says: You never make fun of the size of a man’s ship.
    • “Are we going to say what we learned? I need to know what I learned.”
    • “I don’t know why we don’t have more comments. The three people who listen to the show never comment.”
    • If you would like to see other Mythery-ism’s, just go to the show notes and I’ll post the pic I made for Myth on the website!
  • DDO Points!!!!! Let’s give some away!



  • Thanks for all your patience and support! Six weeks left in this brutal semester!
  • I went to the website and tried the donate button and… I didn’t see it. For more on that…
  • Mythery – Fix the cold spells…our donate button is broken? “No wonder we aren’t getting donations!”
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