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The Damsels Game, Episode 134, Bookworm Errors and Other Obstacles to Fun

The Damsels are three lady gamers who like to play games and then talk about them. That is when we get to play them. That Skinner Box is a heck of a thing. We tried out Don’t Starve Together because it was on sale super cheap. And today, we are teaching Sahba Jade new tricks by making her play Among Us. She’s so Sus. Thanks so much for listening! 


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The Damsels Recorded Live on Sunday, October 24th. This is our 134th show.  

Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

  • Did we check the Damsels Email this week? 
  • Far Cry 5 this week.
    • Bookworm Errors are ruining my game! 
      •  Other Ubisoft titles just don’t have the same appeal as FC5
        • FC4, on an island, meh
        • Breakpoint (all ghost recon), same thing. A faraway place that I can’t connect to. 
        • Tom Clancy Division 1 & 2 are both in places that are closer to home so I connect with the story better. FC5 in rural Hope County Montana is a perfect place because it’s isolated enough to have a contained cultist uprising. 
  • internet 🙂
  • What we learned:
    • Lessah:  The Internet sucks. I want my redneck cultists back 🙁  I AM ADDICTED. But it’s a good pain. 
      • Confession 
    • Myth: All I learned is how hooked I am on Far Cry 5. I’m 3 and someone stole my lollipop!
    • Sahba: We’re going to play “Don’t Starve Together Return of Them”

Rumors, News, and Lies 


  1. Fables of the Feywild
  2. Von 6 not completable
  3. Night Revels – through Nov 3

GW 2

  1. Did you know GW2 had bat wings???
  1. What’s your favorite GW2 event and why?
    1. Lunar New Year (4%, 2 votes)
    2. Super adventure (11%, 5 votes)
    3. Dragon bash (4%, 2 votes)
    4. Festival of the Four Winds (17%, 8 votes)
    5. Halloween (28%, 13 votes)
    6. Wintersday (33%, 15 votes)

Outlaws of the Old West

  • Oct 15 – Server Notice – “Howdy Outlaws! Due to technical issues, it is necessary that we wipe the servers in order to properly address the problems they were causing.  All Official servers are set to wipe on 10/28 at 7:00PM PST.  We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.  Wandering Wizard Team

Computer Tech Talk

  1. Oculus Integrated
  2. Half of gamers are on PC
  3. Bandwidth during lockdown
  4. Question of the day – stealth mode engaged
  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!! 
  • Utopia (Are you kidding me?) 
    • Worthless violence for violence sake. Why would ANYONE listen to her after Jessica shot that girl? It would be like our game group meeting up IRL and someone kills Rent. I would murder that B#$% as soon as her back was turned. 
  • The Mandalorian Season 2 available Oct 30th.

7 Days to Die

We did a “it’s horde night and it’s no big deal so whatever, lets do this so we can  move on to more important things” horde night. More important things you say??? What could be more important than a bloody zombie infested night of killing?? Well, I’ll tell you. Lessah had a LOT of house painting to do and not only does she have to paint the house she has to make the paint! I am up to my earballs in wiring, lighting, turret projects, and then there is the enormous remodel of the patio and rec room (I honestly don’t know what Sahba is doing right now) and this is just stuff on the group server. In our Damsel game we are homeless and desperately going from trader to trader which seem to get farther and farther apart so we can finish our class quests. So I ask, who has time for horde nights??

  • Other games
  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint
    • Worthy opponents. The problem is… I don’t feel like I have ##### it. 
      • Shoot Em up fest aka, thinly veiled guy porn. 
    • The UI is crowded looking and not super intuitive. The things they changed from other games I don’t think should have been changed.
    • Among Us
      • Very fun/ fast-paced werewolf/ mafia type game, can play on phone or PC
      • App is free, most of my friends and family are already playing. 
      •  Don’t Starve Together
        • Hard game is hard. Death is so real.  
        • Visuals are stifling. I’m not sure I understand this game yet but I think it’s worth trying out.
      • 7dtd
        • Hoard night on the roof! 
        • We raided a Shot Messiah Headquarters with Sahba Jade. 


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