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Damsels of DDO Episode 20, Getting the Band Back Together!

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  This time around, the Damsels head into House Kundarak and try to get The Laughing Knives back together.  Find out what happens when Sahba Jade doesn’t censor Lessah enough!  Thanks so much for listening!


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Here is the questing we did!  IN case you missed it, VON 1-4 on Epic Elite, was great fun!

The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Jul 15, 2015, 11 PDT. This is our 20th show.

    • Guess who’s back?  LESSAH AND HER BARNACLED BUCKLER!!!  Level 24!!!  I tore the door off of a tavern and now I’m using that as a shield.
    • Sahba Jade’s blog gushes about Lessah, stop what you are doing and go read it!
    • Where have I been?  Welp…that challenge gear ain’t gonna get itself!  (PD Halls of Valhalla, ran Cove until dawn broke on the last day.  Thank you Narc for some amazing runs!)
    • Now running Epic challenges, but the same questions keep popping into my head…
      • How did Dr. Rushmore get Mistress Temptia to be his girlfriend?  She is a succubus, the concept of fidelity and relationships should be foreign to her.
      • About Crystal the Giant and Dr Rushmore…  they have some great damage reduction/ buffs/ dedicated healers in the form of elementals.  I am really growing concerned because when I try to fight them without Zeal or Holy Sword on, I can’t get the DPS high enough to do it.  (This is significant because before the paladin pass I was content to be an aggro magnet and have someone else kill the thing.  Now that I can actually contribute meaningfully to the kill count and handle things on my own, I don’t want that taken away from me.  Is this really such a game breaker that I deal damage?  (Jack Jibbers example)
        • Everyone is playing Warlocks anyway.  Turbine, please concentrate on other things and leave my paladin alone!  (What if this kinds ruins it for me?)


Rumors and News

  • Lessah on DDO Cast
  •  POV on PBS – web junkie
  • Internet addiction now a national health crisis in China
  • obsessive gamers who prefer the virtual world over the real one
  • Forum:
  • xp changes
  • The Flawless bonus to experience now only counts your character’s deaths instead of the entire party. This means if you invite someone less familiar with the content to your group and they die you won’t lose your XP bonus unless you also die.
  • Henchman deaths no longer reduce the flawless XP penalty.
  • There is now an NPC in the Hall of Heroes that will suppress your Bravery Streak and associated bonuses. While suppressed you can go off and do content on lower difficulties without ruining your streak. This allows you to group with friends, or join pick up groups, or even do new content on lower difficulty settings without ruining your bravery streak. Note that while suppressed bravery streaks are not ended, but you don’t get associated bravery bonuses.
  • We are working on an additional DDO bonus days event that will award a percentage bonus on completion XP for each additional person in your dungeon group. This will not affect raids.
  • We are working on an additional DDO bonus days event that will award a percentage bonus on completion XP for each additional person in your raid group. This will not affect dungeons.
  • add pd difficulty to quests
  • u27 on lammania – epic shavarath


  • Before we start!  
    • Dr. Who Talk.
    • The kids from Game of Thrones and Love Actually! Thomas Brodie-Sangster
      • I’m angry.
      • Blink was better the second time.
      • I’m not angry anymore.
      • JACK!  (Sahba Jade facepalm)
    • OITNB?  Anyone?


Getting the band back together.

(The Laughing Knives stages a comeback concert one night only in House Kundarak.)

One of their members is technically dead and one is totally bonkers, one is obsessed with violence, and the other is a madman trying to play God.

But this is all normal and this is how we got the band back together….

Lessah runs into Battlemaster Dirge of Karrnath hanging around outside Tharashk Arena and she says:

“Duuuude! Sup!”

and he starts whining about losing his sword. And Lessah is sort of nodding like she understands but I’m pretty sure she isn’t really listening to him. She starts asking him where the rest of the laughing knives are and how much she wants to see them again. He is still whining about his sword and is saying how he can’t think about anything else until he gets a replacement. He says he has found the perfect one but he can’t get into the arena to fight for it because he’s human. Lessah is patting him on the shoulder and telling him not to worry his pretty little head about it or something close to that when she turns around to Sahba and me and tells us that we should go and pick up this little sword for him. Go pick up a little sword!?!? What!? Apparently, it will easy (yes I said easy) for Sahba and I to get in and sneak Lessah in with us. So, we go in the building and as we are fighting our way to the actual arena we see this creepy dude off in a little alcove and he is calling to us trying to get us to come over and pay him for a password. He said it would be easier to get into the arena if we had the password. I was not interested in that and just started running down the hall. fortunately Sahba and Lessah followed me ‘cause I really didn’t want to tangle with that guy. When we finally did get to the door to get in it was pretty easy to bluff the kobold standing guard into letting us in. WOW! All I really have to say is, Battlemaster Dirge better enjoy this darn sword because I wasn’t sure we were going to make it out of that place in one piece.

Next we went to see about Mistress Orphne. What we found was horrifying! Someone had sent several assassins after her, their bodies were lying all around when we got there and Orphne was just sitting there with her eyes glazed over. Apparently someone had managed to lock her up inside her own head. We had to save her! So, into her head we went. Now, I bet if you walked into the place at that exact moment you would have seen our bodies lying on the floor amidst the assassins. Anyway, man, I thought my mind was a dangerous place. We had to battle beholders and charisma stealing spiders (I stayed away from them) all while we collected little things for her, like a dagger, a flower, a necklace, and a silver mirror. Then we had to fight a bunch of guys, including Mistress Orphne but in the end we freed her. That was so exhilarating we ran straight over to the jungle of Khyber to look for Veil.

It seems that Veil’s nemesis, the Inevitable, is searching for her and he is hot on her trail and she has no idea! We have to find her first and make sure she is safe. Here’s the thing, we are wandering around looking for Veil and we keep running into people from her tribe. Even though I tried to tell them that we were there to help those guys wouldn’t listen and there was a lot of them! So, even though we managed to kill the Inevitable and save Veil, we ended up having to kill all of her people too. Oh well.

Finally, we went looking for Haywire. So naturally we went to his foundry thinking he might be in his workshop, which he was but getting there proved to be quite a challenge. I just have two things to say about this… 1. Someone needs to call the Building and Safety Department on this guy and 2. What’s up with all of the FIREWALLS?!?? I’M THE CASTER! I THROW THE FIREWALLS. I’M NOT ACCUSTOMED TO FIGHTING IN SOMEONE ELSE’S FIREWALL AND I DON’T LIKE IT! That’s all. Thank you. 🙂


The best part of this, besides the great “come from behind win” feeling at the end of part 1, was having to loot the chest at the end and then run for our lives.

Out of the Laughing Knives, Dirge is the most do-able, I mean normal.



  • All Things Mythery:
    • Mythery Says:  Why are you writing my section?
    • Mythery sent me sweet treats!! THANK YOU!
    • Why doesn’t Lessah love me anymore?
  • Ask Mythery:
    • What’s it like as an Artificer vs a Sorcerer?  Is your survivability better or worse?
    • Okay!  We have a van, we have a plan.  We need 50 feet of silk rope and maybe chloroform because I don’t want to injure my Drider’s legs when we tie him up!



  • How do we sound?  Call 1-888-nothing.  Checking out new software now, per a professional sound guy!
  • I am working on some cannith tutorials while I farm many ingredients!
  • Gen con is coming fast!  I am ready and this show has to go up fast because next week we will be doing another show!
  • Mythery – New donate button sayings
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – July 21th, 11 PDT, epic completionist characters, special guest Damsel, Chai!
    • Podcast – July 22st, 11 PDT

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Damsels of DDO Episode 18, Menace of the Underwear

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Our Epic characters return to the Underdark this week…wait, that’s go to the Underdark this week in order to free the repressed and purge all things wicked!  Listen to find out what really happens when you talk to Sschindylryn guards too much while you are supposed to be in disguise.  Thanks so much for listening!


Here is the episode, just left click to play or right click to download and “save as”. You can also listen from our home at Podcast Garden

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  • The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Jun 17, 2015, 11 PDT. This is our 18th show.
    • I was on the DDO Cast!  Be jealous!
    • I made Sahba Jade’s blog!  You’re Welcome Stormreach!
    • Geoff’s Blog mentioned all the different social media pages we have.
      • 5 stars for Geoff’s blog.
    • FYI, in the Cannith Challenges, when your disguise yourself as a Kobold, you cannot actually turn any of those crystals in.
    • Did I hear someone say they wanted to get me a Mithral cloak of the bear?  No, me!
      • So… for 400/ 400/ 800/ 400 ingredients at level 15, then upgrade to 20 using the same amount), I can get +6 sheltering and +5 to combat mastery, and for all that, plus the cloak AGAIN.. (level 24…) I get 3 more points of sheltering and 1 combat mastery.  idek if this is worth the effort because Golden Lions (fire arena) comes very slowly.
  • Rumors and News
    • DDO Competitions
      • 10-week competition – round 8 – eveningstar challenges
      • DDOCast Summer Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza
    • Forums – 1st character?
    • Update 26
    • Lamannia preview of the Warlock class continues
    • 50% extra challenge ingredients Thurs-Sun (I think Lessah probably mentioned this)
    • Kickstarter for The Bard’s Tale
    • Damsels of DDO comments


  • Before we start!  
    • Dr. Who Talk.  New York, the city so nice they named it twice.
    • Manga?  Are you fraking kidding me?!
    • Rewatch Battlestar Galactica?  Cause reasons and Starbuck.


Menace of the Underwear! (aka, the X-Drow slaves who want to take over the world, the Driders who look really hot from the waist up and the women who love them.)

The House of Rusted Blades

Matron Jyr Dun’Robar is one mean beeatch. So, we decided we better come up with a good plan to take her down and Sahba said we should go in, pretend like we were going to fight, all die, and then we would have plenty of time in our incorporeal form to look around and devise a firm cohesive plan. We do this. It wasn’t until much later that she confessed to us that she was stoned. At any rate, the plan worked because when we went back in to do our “official” version of the fight we came out victorious! Of course. After this fight we were ready to take on our real goal which was to run around and put goop on all of the weapons. I’m not really sure what this accomplished but we did it anyway. Then we rang a bell, killed some guys, and got the heck out of there. *POP*



Impossible Demands

I think our heads were spinning a bit from the fight with Mama Dun’Robar because we decided to backtrack and run this again. At least this time we knew we wouldn’t find Bette Middler out there. Sneaky sneaky, kill kill kill, axe the traps, kill. Bu by.

Loot – Really? Hmm…. check out episode 15. What!?!?! Ok fine! Someone deleted them. I’m not going to mention any names. Here is the one piece of loot…



Grandapah Dedagaen


All Things Mythery:

  •  Mythery Says:  “Why do we need to run challenges?”
  • Also, I was told I need to talk about Mythery more, by Mythery of course, so I’m doing that.
  • Lessah, I was going to make you some turtles, but instead I ended up eating all the caramels.


  • Mythery has finally been mathematically proven to be the center of the Universe!  
    • Ask Mythery:
      • Why are you eating my caramels instead of making me goodies?  I thought I was special.



  • I have work to do.  Das Sound Machine is going to get an upgrade because Myth needs to be louder.
  • Mythery – Do something crazy.  Add Gramps to da website.
  • The Adventures of Sahba Jade!  What’s Next?
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch – Wolfpack with Draculetta

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Damsels of DDO Episode 6, Stormhorns

The Damsels of DDO are a group of girl gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. This time around the Damsels run around the Stormhorns with special guest Bonnie Bew! Thanks so much for listening!

Here is the Quest!


  • Bonnie Bew, president and founder of the Owl Bear Protection Society. No way. I saw her drown an owl bear!
  • How was everyone’s holiday? Playtime?
  • Rumors and (or) News by Sahba Jade:
    • Sahba Write or link something here!
      • Producer’s Letter – what’s happening in 2015
        • Temple of Elemental Evil
        • Warlock (“We are looking into adding a new class during the year and we are considering the Warlock class.”)
        • Epic Vale and new adventure pack in Shavarath
      • Turn in coins by Jan 18


Before we start!


  • Get to know your Damsels – this week, we get to know Bonnie Bew, honorary damsel!
    • Just a few questions:
      • Where were you when you first heard of Mythery?
      • When did you start playing DnD?
      • DDO?
      • How excited were you the first time you played with Mythery?
      • Shroudapalooza?
      • If a train goes 45 miles per hour north and another goes 30 miles per hour south, where is Mythery?

This time around, we ran the Stormhorns Quests!



  • Mythery Fan Club is up and running! You can join!


  • Show will go up Saturday at the latest due to technical issues that must be ironed out!
  • Website Update Mythery!
  • Next Time! Sahba Jade? Stormhorns (what goes up)
  • When is Next time?
    • Twitch Tuesday Jan 27th, 11PM pst
    • Podcast Live Broadcast Wednesday Jan 28th, 11PM pst

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