Some of Our Favorite Things

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  1. ReplyClankenbeard

    That donate button is awesome! A work of pure genius. But the lips movements do not match to the audio. And what happened to the print on Mythery's outfit? Aren't there supposed to be snowflakes or something? And why does Mythery's mouth move when audio from Lessah is playing? Hmmm. I change my mind--Donate button sucks. :)

  2. ReplySahbaJade

    Thanks, Clankenbeard. I agree, with your first assessment. The donate button is awesome. No, wait. You are right. Myth's lip movements don't match the audio. And her outfit IS messed up. Who made this thing?!?! Now I agree with your final assessment. The Donate button sucks! :) Thanks for making the button, Clankenbeard, as well as the rest of the artwork for the site. I think it is all awesome :).

  3. ReplyClankenbeard

    You are welcome for the art! I am always happy to help when I can chisel out a little time here and there. I fixed the animation so that the lips now DO match the audio. It looks much better. I still don't know why the pattern on the garb doesn't show. Mythery probably just lost it somewhere.

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