Happy Holidays XXOOXX, The Damsels

The Damsels Christmas. By Clankenbeard

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  1. ReplyLessah

    Based on the Damsels Tweets about what they would give each other for Christmas! Lessah got: Pure Good Cupcakes with Dark magic Sprinkles and a year's supply of Palidinners Mythery got: A window to close and what looks like a kegger of mana Sahba got: A stepladder and a neverending spreadsheet Awesome job by Clanky! Hope you guys like it!

  2. ReplyClankenbeard

    Hideous! Just hideous. (And at least three days too late.) You ladies should find yourself a proper artist. And why are all of the Paladinners just Salisbury steak? Couldn't be bothered to shop for a little variety? Inconsiderate and churlish. Happy holidays to all!

  3. ReplyMilos Gulan

    Very nice picture :) I mean just very good :D

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