Damsels of DDO Episode 99, Filigrees

The Damsels are three lady gamers who talk about things that are important to them in the world of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Night Revels is still running so of course the girls went and did White Plume Mountain. Because, why not? They went looking for loot in all the wrong places and now Lessah has to learn how to use a filigree. Thanks so much for listening!


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The Damsels of DDO Recorded Live on Sunday, October 27th 2AM Eastern. This is our 99th show!


Lessah jibberjabbers about things and Myth corrects and Sahba sleeps

    • To get the cloak or to get the cloak. That is the question!
      • My barbarian gnome needs a green cloak. But that Vampire gem tho…
    • Reaper babies, 5K Every other day!
      • I am capped, thank you Night revels. Waiting on Mythery.
    • What we learned this week:
      • Lessah: I learned that I am no help in a quest when I have more than 4 shots of alcohol.
      • Myth: I learned Lessah’s brain is broken. I may have contributed to this problem.
      • Sahba: You get more named items in the Baba Hut raid on Hard than on Reaper 1.


Rumors, News, and Lies

  • Reaper Babies??


  • Before we start!  Spoiler!!!


    • Dr. Who
      • (Still haven’t seen this episode so no spoilers please <G>)
      • Omg omg! I loved it! So good! It’s like David Tennant and Matt Smith had a baby.
        • LOVE THE SECOND EPISODE! Was great. More please! I like the companions too.
      • I really can’t believe how much I like the new doctor! I don’t think they could have picked a better person (male or female) this time. The way she looks at everything and the expressions on her face are just perfect. As much as I enjoyed the Rosa Parks episode I hope the shows aren’t going to be so serious and I’m looking forward to some of the usual zany dinos on spaceships type stuff.
    • Riverdale
      • OMG The parents in this show are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • I knew Betty’s mom and Jughead’s dad would end up together eventually. I think, for me, the most surprising crazy person is Betty’s sister. For some reason I thought she would be mostly normal and Betty would spend time trying to save her from this and that. I’m also a little surprised at how much of a hard time Veronica’s dad is giving her. Especially since he has taken her Archiekins away from her.
      • So…. Riverdale is Scooby Doo meets angsty teen drama and now they are folding in Dungeons and Dragons as “Satan’s Game” like that Tom Hanks movie from the 80’s.
      • I think I love the introduction of the game and “real” magic. And how nuts it has made Ethel. I think it also bears repeating what a badass Cheryl Blossom is with a bow and arrow. Speaking of the Blossoms, I wonder if her mom is still slutting it up?
    • New things I have watched; The Conners, I Feel Bad, Charmed, The Rookie, Legacies (vampire diaries then the originals),
    • Confessions of an Anime Addict.
        • I am so sad I have no one to talk about this…
          • I am caught up on Tokyo Ghoul Season Three and the show is still leeching the soul from my body. I love it.


Just fyi, it’s filigree


Let’s Talk Filigrees

What are filigrees? They are pretty little ornate things that go on your weapons. They are shiny and make everything look better than it did before. Isn’t that enough? No? Okay fine. They also add benefits, like some kind of power, skill, and/or stat bump.


Okay, first we need a sentient weapon. In order for a weapon to gain sentience it must be ML 20 or higher, and named. If you hover your cursor over its name it will say “accepts sentience” under it. Exceptions to the 20+, named rule are, Crafted / upgradeable weapons generally cannot accept sentience (most notably Temple of Elemental Evil, Legendary Green Steel and Thunder-Forged weapons). Pet collars do not accept sentience. Sentient hand wraps cannot be converted to collars.

* Sentient weapons cannot be placed in your off hand slot.


Next, we need a sentient jewel. Sentient jewels have intelligence and personality. You need to slot the jewel into the weapon to awaken its sentience. You can move the jewels from one weapon to another. Now we have a sentient weapon!


Onward to filigrees! So, apparently these little sentient jewels are hungry and what they want to eat are your old and unwanted named loot. On your weapon, under the place where you slotted the jewel there are going to be slots for the filigrees. The catch is that they aren’t all going to be there right away. Nom nom nom POP! Well, look at that. A filigree slot opened up. It is possible to get up to eight filigree slots. Although you will need a Spark of Memory from the end chest in White Plume Mountain plus another 40k XP to open it.

Slot 1 – Free

Slot 2 – 2,000

Slot 3 – 6,000

Slot 4 – 12,000

Slot 5 – 20,000

Slot 6 – 40,000

Slot 7 – 60,000

Slot 8 – 100,000

You can feed them jewels from other sentient weapons.

It is possible to get xp from daily rolls.

Cannot feed them sentient weapons with the jewels still in them or with augments in them.

Items that can’t be sold to a vendor.


Filigree Tips


A weapon can only have one of each Filigree. You cannot slot two of the same Filigree in one weapon.

Filigree sets have their own rarity; some sets will be less common than others. In addition, each Filigree has a rare chance to drop with an upgraded bonus, which has an additional effect on it.

Unless specifically noted, all bonuses listed are unique bonuses and stack with everything, including each other.

A single weapon can benefit from multiple Filigree Set Bonuses simultaneously.

Sentient Filigrees can be obtained from chests in Ravenloft, Disciples of Rage and White Plume Mountain for now, and could appear in more chests in the future. Higher difficulty settings have an increased chance to provide Filigrees. Filigrees are unbound, and can be traded and auctioned.

Eye of the Beholder –

+1 Charisma +2 MRR
  • 2 Pieces: +4 Concentration
  • 3 Pieces: +1 Spell Penetration
  • 4 Pieces: +2 to the DCs of all spells


Grandfather’s Shield –


Grandfather’s Shield: Healing Amp +10 Healing Amplification +2 PRR
  • 2 Pieces: +5 Physical Resistance Rating
  • 3 Pieces: +5% Armor Class
  • 4 Pieces: +2 Will saving throws

Melony’s Melody


Melony’s Melody: Charisma +1 Charisma +2 MRR
  • 2 Pieces: 50 Spell Points
  • 3 Pieces: +1 Charisma
  • 4 Pieces: +2 DC for Enchantment spells



  • Other games


  • Husband Swap!
    • In where Lessah spent an evening raiding a missile silo with Cadamier in 7DTD and Mythery spent a night playing Borderlands 2 with Clankenbeard!
  • Subnautica
    • Who built 4 spaceships, 2 cyclops submarines, and 2 prawn suits? THIS GIRL!
      • I am never leaving the planet. I no longer need human interaction.
  • Tom Clancy’s Division w/ Patrick!
    • The Underground!
      • Rave!
    • I don’t want to spoil the storyline but things are getting real.
      • The new villians Aaron Keener. I LOVE THIS GUY. He was one of us. He has so much potential as a villain.
    • I’m just gonna say, “Amazing!!” …….. and Lessah forgot to talk about cypher keys. <G>


All things Mythery!

    • A play, by Lessah!
      • Lessah: I am trading my chocolates for Greater Gargoyles! I have 20 of them so far!
      • Mythery: I was just going to get lots of death ward pots.
      • Lessah: … oh… *looks at her chocolates* I probably should have done that too.
    • We need to end the show now so we can go play Tom Clancy. BLACKOUT!



  • Our 100th show is coming. We have POINTS! So many points to give away! Please join us next time, it will be really awesome!
  • Mythery – Please make the cold spells work at least 50% of the time and design some pretty shoes. Thanks. 🙂 I said please AND thanks!
  • When is Next time?  
    • Twitch – Nov 10 , 2am EDT
    • Podcast – Nov 11, 2am EDT


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the live show!


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